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I live a very healthy and balanced lifestyle while building a successful business. Watch this video to learn more about me, my business and how I can help you!

So let’s be straight up honest with each other right now…Did you ever think you had life all figured out only to get slapped around the head by the Universe at some stage and realize you really didn’t know too much?

Do you feel like there is more to life than what you have right now? Do you feel like you deserve more…more health, more wellness, more love, more joy, more abundance…more life?

Perhaps you pursued someone else’s dream for your life, like your parents or your partner?

Do you want to make change in your life and create a kick-a$$ life that has meaning, that is fulfilling, that is fun, that is rewarding, that feels like a dream, that is filled with wellness and is WHOLE?

Then you’re in the right place…And I am here to help you make that change.

You see I was the same way. I lived the dream my parents had for me. Straight A’s in college to get my degree in law. I practiced a legal profession in Los Angeles for a number of years, didn’t listen to my inner voice, ended up divorced, run down, tired, sick and sad.

Fortunately, I saw the light and made a decision to make change. I decided that it was time to listen to my inner voice and understand that the Universe had sent me a wonderful and timely message to say.

Hey girl, it’s time to wake up…literally…and follow you inner calling. And because you haven’t been listening, we’re going to lay you down low for a while so you get to see the light”

Well…I did listen after that! I had to release my stubbornness and old belief systems…lots of fun as you can imagine…

I embraced what I call the WHOLE approach to life. It’s about having balance in ALL areas of your life. In your career and work you do, your relationships, your exercising and nutritional habits, your daily life and your spirit.

The other big thing that changed was my belief systems around money. I unapologetically decided that I wanted to run a successful business helping other people transform their lives, empower them and for them to absolutely crush it! But I told myself right at the beginning that I was going to make amazing money in the process.

Their are so many negative belief systems around money and I wanted to tear those up and throw them away, not just for me but for everyone who was going to work with. It’s OK to make money and declare that you are worthy and earn as much as you want.

And that decision meant I went on to grow from zero to make multiple 7 figures per year. And I am here to tell you…you can do that too!

The biggest SHIFT came a number of years later (hey, remember our life is like an onion and has many layers, and we have to keep peeling away those layers) when I went within and finally realized that I can influence my life results!

Yes, I finally realized that if I simply went to my inner emotions and how I was feeling, I would know what I was attracting into my life. Let me explain.

If I was feeling overwhelmed, stressed, angry, anxious, frustrated or any other negative emotion I simply needed to acknowledge those feelings. I had to just stop and say..OK I am feeling this way.

Then I asked myself…”How do you want to feel?” When I went within and decided that I wanted to feel a certain way, such as feeling excited, happy, at peace, filled with joy, passion and wanting to laugh and love so friggin hard, then I knew I had to simply go to my thoughts and change them, so that they would get me the “feeling” that I wanted.

I finally realized that my thoughts affected the way I felt which impacted my actions which ultimately decided my results…

That is when my life absolutely started to shift and become amazing. I am not going to be shy about it…I love my life and you can too.

You can do this, all you have to do is want it.

If you want to find out how we can work together then please check out the below links and let’s see if we connect and are right for each other.

Here’s to a WHOLE you.



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