Meet Hayley

I live a very healthy and balanced lifestyle while building a successful business. Watch this video to learn more about me, my business and how I can help you!

I think it’s super important to get to know people before you interact with them. So I am introducing myself.

I am a mom-trepreneur who loves life and healthy living. I bounce between Boulder, CO and Cardiff By The Sea, CA with my husband of 10 years, Wes, and two beautiful daughters. My whole family uses essential oils for a balanced life, and wow, with everybody going in a million directions, it definitely helps keep our busy lives in balance.

A Little History

After college, I built a career as a lawyer. I made pretty good money but I wasn’t happy so I moved in another direction. After about 5 years, I decided to leave the practice of law. I know it might sound cray cray but I was interested in a balanced and holistic lifestyle – and driving through LA traffic to sit in a courtroom arguing with others didn’t feel aligned with my purpose.

As an athlete, I navigated toward where I could find balance in my sport. And yes, a year later, I was teaching yoga and Pilates. A COMPLETELY different path!

After 15 years fully submerged in those practices and along the way, diving deeper into natural and holistic alternatives to everything, I fell in love with essential oils. Next thing I knew, I had built a fabulous business educating others on how to use these simple gifts from the earth as well as a thriving coaching business geared toward entrepreneurs and specifically other mom-trepreneurs.

Each of these career choices taught me something. I’m so grateful for the choices I made and all the paths I walked along the way because I learned something from all of it. And today I am living the life I always dreamed of.

But you know what? Success is more meaningful if we share it with others. As a coach, my goal is to empower others to live their dreams, too. I want to help YOU become the best possible WHOLE version of yourself.

How do I do it? Through my online courses and trainings and also working IN my business daily.

Let’s get to know each other better. Please join me on Instagram (@HayleyHobson) and FACEBOOK.



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