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I know making an investment, whether it is simply for personal use or whether you are getting ready to start a business can be scary for some.  Because I am committed to you and want to show you my support, I have some amazing incentives for you.  The value of your investment just went up!  And everyone likes to get something for free right?

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What is your relationship with money? And what does it have to do with your success? Well, let’s talk about this for a minute.

Do you believe you deserve to prosper or are you afraid to earn what you’re worth? For many peeps, the only thing standing between them and prosperity is the belief that they don’t deserve more than what they have. And sometimes that’s not much.

Do you ever feel like you’re NOT living the LIFE YOU had envisioned for yourself?

Maybe…you can’t stand your job, you’re not pursuing the career you wished for. Perhaps you’re not spending enough time with the family. You may be living pay check to pay check and you feel trapped. Perhaps you’re looking for additional sources of income to supplement your existing job or Perhaps you are living out someone else’s dream?

This is serious business, guys! Let me tell you why.

You might have “the whole package….”

  • A Strong Business Idea
  • Potential to Succeed
  • Skills and Knowledge

But if your subconscious beliefs about money stem from false information or a belief system that could use an overhaul, you could be holding yourself (and your business) back from the wealth you deserve.

I Was Doing That Too!

And you know what? Examining my belief system around money friggin turned my life around. The day I decided I was going to clear out the cobwebs and create powerful shifts in my relationship with my financial success, changes began to happen.

As I went from ZERO to a multiple 7-figures annual income, I tracked my process. I wanted to help tear down the walls that stood between YOU and ME and PROSPERITY.

You see, even before I knew we would meet, I knew I wanted to take YOU along for the ride today because THIS WAS ME. And I told myself I could crush it! You could crush it! We were both going to CRUSH it!

How did I do it? I ripped up and threw away any evidence of a negative belief system and rebuilt around these beliefs:

“It’s okay to make money!”
“You are worthy of whatever you choose to earn!”

Friend, you NEVER have to apologize for wanting a higher quality of life or a successful business. It all rests in examining your belief system and declaring that NO MATTER where you are or how much money you have now, you are able to have what you want and worthy of both!!!

Where Did I Start?

May I tell you about how it happened for me? The biggest shift came when I decided to explore my inner world; my emotions.

I was feeling overwhelmed. I was stressed and frustrated with my life. I was anything but happy. So I asked myself, “How do you WANT to feel?”

It’s super important for me to say I was listening when the answer came because I got the most valuable guidance I’ve ever received. I learned that my thoughts and feelings were connected. My inner voice let me know if I wanted to feel differently, I had to change my thoughts.

Now, I’m asking you the same question. Better yet, ask yourself:

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**Please note: this mentoring program is for people who are NOT already working in a dōTERRA Essential Oil business.  Existing essential oil lovers who are already working with another team should scroll down to see my coaching programs...

“How do I WANT to feel?”

Now, I know you might be frustrated. You might be overwhelmed over money issues. You may be anything but happy. But you too, my friend, probably need help changing your thoughts.

If you want to feel LOVE and JOY, you need to think thoughts that lead to your emotions. If you want to feel passion – it’s the same. It may not happen overnight but the more you practice changing your thoughts, the easier it will be to feel the way you want in your life. Your thoughts will impact your actions … and your actions will create NEW results!

Move away from your self-sabotaging and disempowering belief system and step into an awesome new reality.

Where Do YOU Start?

I want to show you how to learn to love your life, just as I did. We may or may not want the same things. It doesn’t matter! Have what you want. Make it happen NOW.

Would you like to know more about working with me? I’d love to explore some ideas with you. You know why? Because I truly care about you and your happiness.

There’s a link on the page to set an appointment with me. Let’s talk.

Here’s to a WHOLE new you!!!



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