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Hey Guys!

I am just getting back from my leadership retreat and Woooooowza! I am jazzed! We brought in a high level success coach in the industry and it was a #gamechanger for my team.  

Let’s face it; we all have blocks. We all have fears. We all have obstacles that prevent us from moving forward, or keep us stuck where we are. 

But we dug in deep and learned some incredible tools to see through our own sh*t and propel forward in our businesses and work with those who also struggle.  

We had a million laughs.  Everyone shed a few tears.  I know it’s going to be life changing for everyone.  That’s what coaching does. Everyone needs a coach, don’t you think?

I then decided to stick around at my beach house for a few extra days in order to come down off this high. I actually made it a mommy and me weekend. Little Madeline flew down to spend a few days with me and play in the sand.


Hey! Did you catch my webinar last Thursday? I hope so. If not click here: Creating a Successful Online Business

I’ve connected with a ton of new peeps that want to know how I went from being a Pilates teacher to earning a 7-figure income at the rank of double presidential diamond in my business.

Check out the webinar to learn about what I did … and there are also a bunch of ideas about how you can do the same thing—or surpass me!

Save the Date!!!

My Next Webinar is February 22nd, Kick Start Your Business,  and I want to be sure you have a front row seat. 

I’ll share some juicy tips on how to Kick Start Your Business and if you’re already churning the crank, watch my webinar to be SURE you aren’t skipping any steps!

Oh, and last week was also the release of the first of three Marie Forleo’s business training videos. You won’t want to miss this one. It’s just the beginning of a gazillion bits and pieces of information you can use to super-charge your business over the next several months.

Look for announcements about the next Marie Forleo business training video! It is coming later TODAY!!!

By the way … have you signed up for B-School? Be sure to get on the interest list to be one of the first to hear insider tips and announcements. http://hayleyhobson.com/b-school-with-marie-forleo/

What great things do you have cooking this year? Let me know!






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