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With all the traveling Wes and I do you'd think we were together all the time, but really that's not the case.

We love to travel, but it is also work for us and we consider it necessary because of the level of business we want to be at. And in that work we do a lot of networking, connecting, and masterminding with other business owners and entrepreneurs, but not a lot of connection and alone time with each other.

So we were planning on staying a few days after the events in Australia like we always do to hang with some peeps, but decided this time we would take those days for ourselves! Which is basically unheard of! 5 days alone with each other on a romantic getaway to just relax and connect. Let me tell you it's heaven and you should do it too! Try this blend to help you relax and connect with each other away from life's anxieties and stresses.



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