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Ready for a Break? Incorporate These Activities


Hey Guys!

We’re 10 days into April already. I love springtime—the flowers, the warm weather and the fresh air. But it looks like old man winter didn’t get the message. I got back to my home in Boulder after a week of fam-time at our beach house, and guess what???

It snowed last Tuesday night! Whaaaa????  


I LOVE meeting new peeps. You know that, right? During my vacay, on Thursday, March 30th Bliss101 invited me to present a class at their beautiful store … so what did I talk about?

Essential Oils of course! It was da bomb! I met a bunch of cool peeps. We had some great conversations and I learned a lot from them, too.

Last week, I was in New Hampshire along with hundreds of other essential oil junkies from the New England area.


An Education and Wellness Summit was sponsored by Your Oil Tools. It was so much fun. When they passed the stage on to me, I shared bunch of my business building tools along with a little EO education as well. (Specifically Weight Management and Detoxification)

Deep Blue Promo Extended!

Hey! FYI, in case you haven’t heard, the doTERRA Deep Blue promo has been held over until April 15th. Time to grab it if you didn’t jump on the offer in March….


Okay, so who’s got plans for spring break? Yowwwwzzzza!!!

If you have kids and you’re jetting off (or driving) to some super-cool vacation spot, you might be tempted to book your week solid with activities to get the most out of your time together.

A week—and even two—can seem like a long time. FYI, it’s not. It goes by fast. If you’re still thinking about what you might do over spring break, I have an idea for you. Why not plan a shorter trip closer to home this year? Who says you have to be crazy-busy the whole time. Build in some downtime for you an your kids.

If you have already planned to leave on Friday after school and return on Sunday night before school starts back up, make the best of it with some schedule breaks. Coming home exhausted after a nonstop sequence of 12-hour days—even if you’re having fun—kind of defeats the purpose of a break, don’t you think?

Here’s my advice. AND I only give advice I’m willing to follow myself. It works for empty-nesters and peeps without kids too…

Fight the temptation to overbook your schedule and carve out some time every day for relaxation. Get out of bed an hour before the troops and enjoy some alone time. Do yoga, meditate or just think.

Have fun and be sure to take super-good care of yourself. Eat healthy foods and limit yummy snacks. Use your essential oils and remember to share with your kids. And the biggy … Get some rest! Refilling your tank is a BIG part of a WHOLE YOU focus.

Speaking of WHOLE YOU, catch my Whole You Wednesday video this week. I discuss using essential oils with kids.




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