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Are You Pushing? Push Harder!


Hey Peeps!

If we’ve been hanging awhile, you know that at the end of last year, I stepped off my path to try some new things. I didn’t know what was coming my way— but my heart was calling for CHANGE.


Now, 2016 was super challenging. That didn’t mean the way I had been doing things was wrong – it just meant it was time to TAKE ACTION in new ways.

Well, this year it’s a whole different story. I decided to literally clear space.

I chose to not let negative energy bog me down any more. I decided to send love and be here when people are ready to step up. By surrounding myself with people who have similar goals and dreams—and are willing to go after them—I'm happier.

And another thing … I’ve had a crazy-busy travel schedule but I’ve also chunked-out time for ME. It’s made a huge difference in both my wellbeing and my business.

And now I’m talking to YOU…

I want you to know it’s never too late!! Even if you’ve missed the first boat, STAY FOCUSED I promise others will follow. But YOU have to work at making things happen.

I’m saying, friggin PUSH yourself—push hard past anything that is holding you back. Even when you feel like quitting keep going. Cuz you know what? NOTHING can hold you back unless you allow it.

You have what it takes inside to succeed. Break it down into small doable steps and stay engaged.

I want what you want for YOURSELF, but I can’t do it for you. YOU are the only one who can move past the walls you are putting up. Acknowledge your challenges and then watch them dissolve as you move past them!!!

Check out my short video on Moving Through Challenges this Wednesday and remember I am here with you. Let’s do this!!

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PS Save the Date!

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