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Hey Guys!

In Monday’s newsletter we began a conversation about how important it is to free yourself from the deplete-and-drain syndrome and reduce it with a regimen of self-care.

The video you’re about to watch is entertaining, but it might also leave you feeling sad if you recognize yourself. I make a difference in every day of my life by starting with a work out and essential oils. I also take time to be alone with myself and my thoughts.

 What do you do? Be sure to check out Friday’s recipe and make it a part of your own self-care program.




review.Name 5/10/2017

This video is SO my life! It absolutely just inspired me to keep moving forward despite these obstacles because I am not the only one that experiences these amazingly fun and super convenient challenges while working from home. It truly shows just how and why it is so important for us to create our own space and have "me" time. Thank you so much for creating and sharing this video.. ! ????

review.Name 5/10/2017

Thanks for this video... It helped me feel less alone tonight. My youngest (of four!) is fifteen...and the oldest is 30 and about to get married.... and there are still days where I feel bombarded with their needs and literally have to leave the house to get a break. "Life is about learning how to dance in the rain!" I appreciate you, Hayley...

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