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Recipe of the Week


Taking Care of Yourself!

You know, I've heard some peeps think it’s selfish to put yourself first but I don't agree. I believe it’s actually the opposite.

When we give, give, give to others without taking time for self-care, we deplete our resources. There’s not much left for US, and when our own resources are low, there’s a backlash. We have less to give to others. Yep, a vicious circle, and NOBODY wins.

So I wanted to introduce this blend to use during a little self care time.

- Spikenard is used to uplift mood and promote relaxation.
- Bergamot is unique among citrus oils due to its ability to be both uplifting and calming, making it ideal to help with anxious and sad feelings.
- Ylang Ylang is used to lessen tension and stress and to promote a positive outlook.

Even if you only have a few minutes for yourself during a little ones nap time. Take advantage for at least 5 minutes to diffuse this and meditate or paint your toes. :)


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