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Things Don’t Always Go According to Plan


Hey Peeps!

I’m back in Boulder and excited to have a full week at home to spend with my little one and make sure my business is on course before I get backed up again to head across the Big Pond and over to Amsterdam! I’m excited to visit extended doTERRA “family” over there for our EU Convention.

For all of you over there, I’m sure you know by now - but we have an incredible European Prosper Summit the day before Convention begins, on May 18th. So if you haven’t gotten yourself signed up yet, please do join me and several other incredible leaders who will help you fill your cup. The info to register is: http://hayleyhobson.com/Events/Event-2959/

Expect the Unexpected
As I mentioned to you all last week, I planned to spend the weekend of May soaking up some sun and family time in Cardiff by the Sea. But we didn’t end up with any beach time, though.

The West Coast was hit with some crazy weather. It started with thunderstorms, hail and even tornados!! The mountains were hit with a major snowstorm. All of this led into super cold weather all week long. Nobody expected it. In fact, I had moved all my colder weather clothing back to Boulder so I had to snuggle up in the same sweats for a few days in a row.

Have you ever been blindsided by a life circumstance or an event you didn’t expect? Join the club.

You know, life is like this. Things don’t always go according to plan – stuff happens. It’s what we do with what we get that matters.

The most important thing we can do for ourselves is to be prepared. As entrepreneurs, taking charge of our own lives and incomes is one way to do that.

If you’ve been thinking about partnering with me in my business, but haven’t taken action yet, NOW IS THE TIME.

And this Thursday, May 18th is a day you want to remember. Grab your calendar and save the date. I’ll be presenting a webinar with my business partner Tom Polifka, and it’s a webinar you DON’T want to miss. It’s the fourth in my online business series and there’s a ton of super valuable information.

                                                                                                          Click Here to Register

In the meantime, expect the unexpected and roll with the punches. Don’t allow life’s minutia to drag you down. Look at the BIG PICTURE and enjoy the view.




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