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Getting Smacked by a Challenge?


Hey Guys!

This week was great. I was feeling a little on the fence about leaving town again - something inside is calling me more inward these days - but I had committed and so I went. I am never someone to go back on my word. EVER. Are you?

So, I headed off to the Ambitious Women conference and let me tell you it was off the hook. The energy, the vulnerability of the audience … once again, sisterhood at its finest. It was a privilege to share my journey and the importance of leadership. It really is THE key in my business model and so many layers to it. And to be honest, it’s a role that I struggle with from time to time too.

Leadership can be super-scary, especially when you consider the responsibility that comes with it — so many people looking you! For me it’s the responsibility and calling to inspire and motivate others to be the best versions of themselves and take action. But it’s also an opportunity for personal development that can change your life.

It has changed mine, that’s for sure.

Believe it or not, I’m introverted. Yup, I am. There are times I just want to shrink back out of the public eye and live a more private life. But you know, every time this crosses my mind I think about the way my mentors have helped me to change my life and it motivates me to keep doing what I am doing.

There are people who connect with me in that way too. And when I hear about the changes they’re making or they tell me how watching one of my webinars brought about a shift for them, I know I’m doing the right thing. It’s easier to move through the challenges when you feel like you’re connected with your purpose in life.

Are you doing what you came here to do?

We all get smacked by challenges when we’re not expecting them, and they can trip us if we allow them to. Guess what? I have fallen many times and you will too.

But even when you fall, use your inner strength and resolve to pull you back up and set you straight again. The lessons you come away with will be priceless.

Don’t look back—keep moving toward your dream. You’ll get there.

On Wednesday, I’ll send you a video about moving forward without looking back.

I truly want what you want for yourself, and like I always say, I can support you once you commit, but I can’t do it for you.

Choose your path and then take the first step toward your goal.

Let’s both TAKE ACTION this week. Are you in? I am!


Thursday, May 11th I’ll be presenting the fourth segment of my online business building series with my guest Tom Polifka, you will love him - he is amazing: 3 Advantages of Online Business From Your Customers Point of View

Put it on your calendar! And if you’ve missed any of the other three, they’re powerful. I will be sending you more information on how you can access them. 


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