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I had an amazing family weekend with Wes and Madeline. I’ve been back and forth to San Diego a few times this month alone but this time I dragged Wes and Madeleine with!

It was actually Wes’ idea. He wanted a little R&R. And we pulled little Miss M out of school for a day. We just needed some family time in the ocean air … chill at the house, feel the ocean breeze, paddle board, eat clean, and RELAX.

Because I take time for myself regularly, I’m able to chillax and enjoy my family whenever we’re together. And now that I’m working on detoxing from my dependence on technology it’s even better. I have more time for me AND my family, and there’s less stress all the way around.   

You know what? There’s a trickle-down effect – it works the same way with my biz. Time with my family refills my tank and allows me to be focused and present for my team. And THAT always leaves me super energized!!!

Some peeps think it’s selfish to put yourself first but it’s actually the opposite. When we give, give, give to others without taking time for self-care, we deplete our resources. There’s not much left for US, and when our own resources are low, there’s a backlash. We have less to give to others. Yep, a vicious circle, and NOBODY wins.

Look at your life. How do you spend your days? Are you a slave to yourself? Mom-trepreneurs, what do you do FOR YOU? By giving to yourself, you are actually doing for those you love because you can be a better you — for them, too.  

On Wednesday, I’ll send you a video I KNOW you’re going to enjoy – or maybe you won’t. It might open your eyes. If you see yourself there, and you’re not happy with what you see, know that you can change it.

You’ve heard me say many times, I want FOR YOU what you want FOR YOU. I can support you once you commit, but I can’t do it for you.

What do you want? Just friggin’ do it. Take the first step toward your goal. If you backslide, recommit. You’re always one step away from your dream if you continue to TAKE ACTION.





On Thursday I’ll present the fourth segment of my online business building series with my Business Partner, Tom Polifca: 3 Advantages of Online Business From Your Customers Point of View


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