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Wooohooo! Truckin’ Through SoCal!


Hey Peeps!

Squeal! School’s out and I’ve had a super-relaxing month so far. I LOVE spending time with my amazing fam. Last week we hung out at our beach house, but at first we didn’t get much swimming in – I think it was sunnier in Boulder!

Ever heard of June Gloom? It’s a summer weather pattern in Southern Cali that brings cool temps and overcast skies. Now, the heavy mist is supposed to burn off by noon, but last week it hung in the sky like a wet sheet a good part of the day, and we didn’t see a lot of sunshine.

But we had fun anyway. There’s a lot to do in Cardiff. And it gave us time to visit Lockwood Table, our new fave breakfast hangout. Breakfast is served all friggin’ day and I’m in love with their walnut butter!!!


Okay, so check this out … we now own a pickup truck!

Yup. My hubby, Wes, is a former world-class triathlete, and he’s taken up surfing and paddle boarding. I mean, he’s a committed sportsman and I knew it was only a matter of time after we bought the spot in Cardiff.

So what does a truck have to do with water sports? Well, he’s gotta have something to cart his boards back and forth to the beach in, right? LOL

Anyway, it’s kinda cute.

More travel plans!!!

Every year those whose rank is Presidential Diamond and above go on a trip with our company executives. In a couple weeks I’ll board a plane for Peters Island.

I LOVE this annual trip. We spend time bonding and learning from each other. I can’t wait to share what I learn with YOU.

You know essential oils are a BIG part of every day of my life, right? I’ve mentioned before they’re also a part of my kids’ lives. And now that school is out and everybody’s going in a million directions, we’re all using our oils to stay balanced.

Geez! I wouldn’t even think about going through the summer without my oils! (Or fall, winter, spring for that matter).

Hey! Have you thought about teaching your kids about using essential oils? The best gift you can give them is an early start so they can benefit from them throughout their lives. On Wednesday, I’ll be sharing one of my videos with you: Oils and Kids 

I know you’re busy! Don’t worry; you won’t have to commit a lot of time. My Whole You Wednesday videos are short – just a couple minutes long – but they’re packed with valuable info. And on Friday I’ll share one of my favorite blends with you. Be sure to catch the email!




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