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THREE Tools for Building and Maintaining a Following


Hey Peeps,

Summer’s already in full swing at our house. Little Miss M has her days super organized from the night before. Such a planner! She lays out her clothes and gets her backpack ready – and even fills her water bottle.

AND – she walks through her plan with me verbally a million times. I’m so glad she’s getting into great habits!!!


Hey, have you heard the story of the pied piper? It’s said that on this day (June 26th) in 1284, the Pied Piper lured 130 children away from the village of Hamlin with sweet sounding music. 

Was that all it took to attract followers? Music? If you are a network marketer, TAKE NOTES!!! LOL

The truth is, if you want peeps to follow you and join you in your biz, you need more than a catchy tune.

You need AT LEAST three things:

1.) A Solid Plan

Your plan is the foundation on which you’re building your biz. And it better be sturdy enough to support your growing team. The last think you want is for your foundation to waver and collapse.

2.) A Superior Product

Your product must represent a reputable brand. It must be high quality and offer value. You also have to connect with peeps that share your beliefs about your company’s ability to change lives. 

3.) Strong Support

Be a strong leader! Know what you want and which direction you’re heading with your biz. Be confident and people will follow you, even without the music.

Inspiring peeps to follow you and STAY with you requires that you understand them – the way they think, what THEY want and their goals. As a leader, learning to understand people is a skill you’ll want to cultivate.

My Whole You Wednesday video this Wednesday is all about learning to understand people and why it’s important in network marketing.

I’ll see you then!




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