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Frappacino: $4, Admission to Disneyland: $100, Independence: Priceless!


Hey There!

Well, I have to admit I crashed for a minute the first day home last week. I had a super fun time with my besties on Peter Island but even good times can be exhausting, right?

We stayed up late hot tubbing and eating good food, and after a 20-hour trip back home, I was soooo excited to chillax with Little Miss M. She had been a little homesick and we were both super glad to have cuddle time and a little mommy-and-me fun.

My fam and I have been spending time at the beach house in Cardiff By The Sea in SoCal and let me tell you, travel between two households requires major organization! When I got home I realized most of my stuff was at my beach house, but I made it work. I learned that there are some things I just need TWO of so I don’t have to lose track by taking them back and forth. Saves on packing time, too! 

(Hey! Be sure to catch my Whole You Wednesday video on … what else, ORGANIZATION!!!)

We pretty much laid low on July 4th. Madeline and I went to the beach for an hour after our flight and then stocked up on goodies she needs in her lunch box for camp all week.

I actually took some time to get caught up on emails, and then I recorded last Thursday’s webinar about Making an Effort instead of Making Excuses. (If you missed it, I hope you go back and catch it!!) Then we watched movies and snuggled the rest of the day.

You know, celebrating Independence Day reminds me of how fortunate I am to live in this country. Independence is priceless.

Yeah, I know, things aren’t perfect, but I’ll tell you this – I have traveled the world to some of the most exotic and beautiful places on this planet and I would still rather live no where else than here in the US.

The freedom to express who I am and what I think truly makes this the Land of Opportunity. We can experience so many things. We can try, we can fail and we can begin again.

Independence is a BIG part of why I do what I do. I love being self-employed. I work for ME – when I want and however much I want. AND I have the honor of supporting other people who want to go after what they want.

Independence means I can make my own decisions. That doesn’t mean I don’t take my family into consideration when I make those decisions. It actually means I have more to give them. More of ME and a higher quality of life.

I teach my girls how to be positive and proactive. In fact I model it so they learn from watching too. I am teaching them habits that will help them be independent and successful women doing whatever they choose in life. That can be different than what I might choose for them, because freedom of choice is their birthright.

Most of all I’m teaching them the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT testament to my own success: self-confidence.

Knowing what we want – you, me, and the children of this world – will guide us for the rest of our lives. If you’re not sure why you’re here, keep searching until you find out. Because once you become aware of your place in this world, life opens up to you in a big way.

Value your life and the opportunities sent to greet you on your path. I promise you’ll discover there is nothing more beautiful than the person you were born to be.




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