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Have you ever felt just foggy and sluggish in your thoughts? I have and it sure does put a damper on my productivity and overall happiness. Brain fog can come from food, stress, not enough sleep, emotions... you name it.

So when I need to clear my mind and organize my thoughts, i'll reach for Rosemary and Ginger... and no, not for cooking! 😝

Rosemary is my go-to for supporting my memory and to help reduce nervous tension and occasional fatigue. Inhalation has been shown to improve speed and accuracy on cognitive tasks..sounds like a brain booster and fog buster to me!

Ginger, while pretty well known for both bakers and cooks, can also anchor the mind and strengthen you!

So I'd either diffuse 3-4 drops of each or mix 1-2 drops with FCO and massage onto the back of my neck so I can get laser focused and clear the fog.

Let me know what you think when you try it!




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