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YOU Definitely Have Control Over THIS….


Hello There!

Woohoo! I’m loving this summer heat. Now, I’ll admit there are days when it’s a little too warm even for me, but here at the beach in SoCal it’s around 80 degrees every day, while inland it’s well over 100 degrees.

After a few days at the beach with my Madeline, I’m ready to get back down to business with some exciting plans I have for summer. I’ve been pretty much a single parent these last few days and it’s a bit stressful, so I’m doing what I can to relax.

Summer is slipping by, isn’t it? Can you believe there are only 167 days left of 2017? It seems Wes and I and the fam were just ringing in the new year with our new friends at a casual party in Cardiff By the Sea.

When I look back and think about the goals I set for this year, I have a sense of satisfaction. All my plans are unfolding perfectly.

Well, okay, that’s not 100% true.

There were (and still are) a few surprise circumstances I didn’t count on as I work to make the visions in my head a reality. Sometimes I wonder if some will ever come to life – and not because I don’t want them to.

You see, you and I only have a certain amount of control over the circumstances in our lives. The rest we just have to navigate through the best we can so we stay on course.

But every now and then the wind blows us around and there go our plans. We might think, “So much for setting all those goals and creating an awesome business plan….”

Hold on!

Does that mean we get to give up? No way! Not me and not you. We won’t give up, we’ll work harder to get where we want to go, right? And the great thing about it is we don’t have to do it alone. We have each other!

What can you do when you get knocked off course? Well, you definitely have control over ONE THING: Your Reactions. How you respond to the circumstances of your life is more important than the circumstances themselves.

There’s another thing.

Sometimes it seems like you’re off course when really the road leading to where you want to be just looks different than you thought it would. So, ask yourself: Are you off course or are you on a more amazing path than you were able to dream about when you started? Pay attention so you know which it is.

Catch my video on Whole You Wednesday! I’ll talk about how to control your reactions. And then I’ll follow up on Friday with an essential oils blend to support controlling reactions. 





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