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Three Easy Ways to Keep Love Alive in All Your Relationships


Hey Guys!

I just got home and here I am again, packing my bags! I leave Boulder midday tomorrow (July 4th). Last week was beyond ah-mazing on Peter Island. Check out my [Facebook [HYPERLINK] posts] to see pics!

My hubster, Wes, and I invited 5 other couples to spend the week with us in our 22,600 sq. ft. villa and we had a blast!! We arrived to a late dinner on our private island and then spent the rest of the evening eating, laughing and screaming – until 1 am.

We eased through the next day chillaxing with our friends. The view was beautiful, the weather was warm and we laughed and loved until we ended the day with our official welcome dinner.

My friendships are super important to me. I’m so grateful we collected a bunch more memories to add to the cache of good times together.

You know, I have to say that is one of the most valuable aspects of my network marketing business – THE RELATIONSHIPS. My friends are like family.

Speaking of family, words just can’t do justice in telling you how important mine is to me. I adore my husband and beautiful daughters and cherish our time together.

Running my company keeps me busy but I make a huge effort to put my family first. We schedule tons of playtime and we’re looking forward to an ah-mazing summer at the Hobson house (and the other places we have planned). Spending time together nurtures all of us and THIS summer, along with trips to our beach house in SoCal, we’ve got a family trip to EU planned. Wooohooo!

I know first hand how easy it can be to take our families for granted. But it’s so important to make sure we focus on their wants and needs too. Nurturing all of our relationships strengthens them.

Here are a few suggestions. These work for me:


Set aside time to talk. AND LISTEN! Be present and make it about THEM. Ask questions and focus on understanding. This goes for friends and family.

Laugh A Lot

Enjoy each other. Do things everyone likes and share new experiences. Close the door on work and the rest of the world and LAUGH!

Practice Loving Daily 

How do you like to show love? Do you give little gifts? Stuff is nice and it’s appreciated, but you can also show love in other ways. Practice doing nice things you know will make your loved ones feel happy.


Each of these is a way of letting others know you care. They’re all ways to nurture your relationships and let others feel important in your life.

And while you’re at it, remember to show yourself a little love too!


People come into our lives for different reasons and every relationship counts. On Wednesday, be sure to catch my video on why relationships come into our lives – even those we don’t understand.  

See ya Wednesday!




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