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When Life Pushes, Push Back with This


Hey Guys!

OMG, can I tell you … the last 10 days at my beach house have been yummy. Hanging out with Little Miss M … geez, that girl kept me rockin’, but I also managed to squeeze in some much-needed chillaxation!

So, can I tell you I have fallen in love with Cardiff by The Sea? It’s not just the beach or the cool peeps or the hip boutiques and vegan eateries … it’s the whole vibe.

And I don’t just love it there, I love who I AM when I’m there.

Sometimes, after I have spent time in Cardiff, I almost don’t want to leave. I mean, Boulder is my home and I love it, but this year has been so crazy-busy I have started associating being home with racing to beat the clock 12 hours a day. Sometimes I push myself super hard and between by family and my business responsibilities, I burn out.

Can you relate?

Whether you’re a momtrepreneur like me or not, it’s easy to feel depleted. If it were not for my oils and my wellness practices, I’m not sure how I would handle my lifestyle. But I am committed and that’s what keeps me going.

And you know what? I want the same for you.

Go for your dream, but not at the expense of your wellbeing. Our days can be rocky and by evening we can be so out of whack that when we go to bed we just collapse. And then we can’t fall asleep, right? LOL

This Whole You Wednesday my video is all about balancing your emotions. No excuses. When life pushes, push back. It’s up to you, you know.

See you Wednesday!




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