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Hey Peeps,

Squeeeeal! My Summer Summit was super exhilarating. The peeps who attended are massively focused and intentional. That’s what it takes to succeed. Everybody fed off each other at the Summit and went away ready to tackle their businesses, full steam ahead.

That’s one of the benefits of being part of a team. (Catch my video on Why You Need Your Team on Wednesday).

I host a team Summit annually and I really think it's such an incredible opportunity for everyone to not only step it up into the entrepreneurial mindset they can go home and move forward with, but also to develop relationships with me and with each other.  

Our businesses are based on relationships. Relationships with our customers and relationships with the people who are above and below us in genealogy. As we get closer and become better friends (many of us already feel like family), we are able to provide each other with so much support: business support, financial support, and emotional support. You name it. We’re a tribe and we’re in this together.

I followed my Summer Summit up with the annual yoga retreat I do every year. This is the 7th year I’ve been doing it! And I am super grateful it worked out that way. I’ve had a crazy-busy summer and done so much friggin traveling that I was MORE than ready for it.

If you’ve been hanging with me a while you know that yoga is one of my passions. I taught yoga and Pilates for over 15 years and it’s in my blood.

Oh, and guess what? I hit another milestone in my biz last week and want to share it with you … ready, drum roll … I hit 25K followers on Instagram!!! Wooohooo!

Know why I am so happy about this? Because I spend a lot of time reaching out and engaging and this is an affirmation that what I do and what I teach others to do WORKS!

How many times have you decided against doing something and later regretted it? A few? I used to do that too. But I don’t live with regrets anymore. Does that mean I sign up for every opportunity that comes along? No way. 

What I mean is, even when I make a decision not to do something, I don’t drown myself in woulda-shoulda-couldas. I take the learning and act differently next time. There’s no point in beating myself up for making what I thought was a better choice at the time.

Even if you don’t act on something because of FEAR, use that information to act next time. Fear might stop you once, but if you use that feedback to propel you forward next time, then it served a purpose.

Remember to catch my video on Why You Need Your Team this Wednesday!

See ya Soon!




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