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Is Your Brand of Action Taking Working For You?


Hey there!

My company’s annual convention starts this week. Wooohoo!

So glad to be on my way tomorrow. I spent the last few days of last week closing out the month. My business is about sales, and sales is a numbers business. When all is said and done, all the numbers have to align. The last day can sometimes be pull-out-your-hair-by-the-roots crazy. Not always. But sometimes.

Last month was one of those months. Let me tell you, it’s super cool to have that behind me and absolutely know, after this Convention, we’ll be entering our most awesome season ever and who knows…. I may not have ANY pull-out-your-hair-by-the-roots crazy months for a long time.

We’re friends, right? Can I tell you something else?

It’s been especially challenging this month because one of the legs in my organization is struggling. I spent years building it and I’m doing all I can to remind myself it will all work out in the end. Whew! It can still be intense.

But is all this it worth it? No doubt!

Working long hours a few days a month is certainly worth the time flexibly and financial freedom I have.

AND just because I had nothing else to do (LOL) I flew to Tulsa last week to shoot video and record podcasts for the launch of my upcoming series. Squeal!!! Stay in touch. I can’t wait to share more.


So, did you know one of my bestie leaders just flew in from Australia and was actually waiting for me in my home in Cardiff when I got there on Saturday?!

Oh, It get’s better!

Two of my OTHER besties from Down Under flew to my Boulder home. We hung out for a day or two and then they spent time in the mountains while I headed to sea. It may sound weird, but we’ll all meet up in Salt Lake City on Tuesday!

Aside from spending time with my friends, you know what I love most about Convention? The opportunity to LEARN. I started my business to help people and the more I learn, the more I am able to do that.

Ever wonder why more peeps don’t jump on their ideas and make things happen?

I don’t.

I mean it’s super easy to do NOTHING; to stay right where you are, even if you’re living a life you never wanted in the first place.

And if it’s basically an okay life, why make waves, right?

Here’s Why:


So, why not go for it?

Hey, I know what it feels like to want to grow and change. I scraped my life off the floor more than once. When I started my biz, I knew very little about the products. I wanted to help peeps BE WELL and that’s the boat I road in on.

Eventually I learned that every small step I took COUNTED.

Why am I telling you this? Because I’m here at Convention surrounded by people who succeeded by taking their own brand of action and making things happen.

I hope you do the same.




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