raw kale salad with avocado and mandarin oranges

In need for a quick meal?  How about a little kale, avocados, mandarin oranges, sliced onion, fuji apples and diced red peppers.  Drizzle a little olive oil, lemon juice and Himalayan sea salt on top and voila!  Enjoy your razzle dazzle rawesomeness.  :-)

photo credit from Fully Raw


Lahari says:

This looks delicious! Great way to use kale. I was going to juice it but I heard that tastes disgusting so this is a great way to incorporate it into my diet! Thanks for the post!

Hayley says:

Juicing kale is not disgusting if you add other veggies and fruits to it. Try 2 pears, a cucumber, a lime, 3 celery stalks and some romaine with it as well.

Cathy says:

This looks yummy. I’ve never used Kale raw (only made kale chips so far)…is there anything special you need to do to the kale. I’ve read something about “massaging” it to make it softer, but don’t really know what’s involved with that. Thanks!

Lee says:

Wow, that looks tasty!
Thanks for the recipe! :-)

Sarah says:

Hi Hayley — This looks delicious. I think I’ll put in my “to make” file! Thanks for liking my “We eat the keen-wah” post on FibroFeist.wordpress.com. Hopefully we can swap more recipes in the blogging days ahead!

Hayley says:

thanks Sarah!

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