Let's build momentum in the New Year. And create achievable goals for your life + biz.

January 26th at 10:00am PST / 11:00am MST /
12:00pm CST / 1:00pm EST

Join me for a brand new goal setting workshop so you can learn how to make serious progress on the dreams, goals and projects you've been holding onto in your life and biz but haven't been able to achieve... yet.

Here’s the thing: right before 2022 began, ALL my social media was hacked. And shut down. Over a decade of hard work gone… in an instant. 
It became (and continues to be) A Whole Thing… but it got me thinking about goals. Mainly because all mine went out the window.

Maybe you've experienced a similar situation...

Where your plans disappear entirely. Everything is reset.
Or maybe you just haven’t gotten started with the goals you did set for 2022 for literally no reason at all.  Whatever….
Shiz happens. But you get to show up now. The question is: HOW? How do you keep going when you already feel behind and the first month of the year just started?
You show up by relying on specific goal setting strategies … that push you forward, rebuild your momentum and help you keep on creating the life you deserve (and have been dreaming of). 
That’s what the 2022 Goal Setting Workshop is all about. 

Here’s what makes the 2022 Goal Setting Workshop unique:

Inside, you’ll get my best tips and strategies on how you can create better habits, improve your focus and get clear on the types of goals to set in your personal life... and your biz... so you won’t be derailed when shiz (normal or crazy) hits the fan. You’ll have everything you need to keep going (even if it means a pivot or twelve). 

This workshop is 2 hours. We are going to dive deep.
The first hour is focused on implementing a system of strategic habit stacking to help you accomplish your goals… and how to figure out what the BEST goals are for you (so you stick with them). 
In the second hour, the focus is your biz. You’ll get clear on what goals to set this year so you can grow your biz… and how to ensure you achieve those goals. 
Come for the full workshop, or pop in for the hour that interests you most. Whatever you decide… we’re gonna have fun together while getting clear on the vision you have for 2022.
When you register, you’ll receive the link to join the workshop via email. I’ll also be emailing you two workbooks (one for each hour) so when the workshop’s over you’ve got the materials right there to support you in your journey.  
Together, we’ll focus on the steps you get to take in order to make this year the best yet.
During the 2022 Goal Setting Workshop, you’re going to learn:
  • How to build momentum to finally get shiz done.
  • How to bust past the crap that's been in your way.
  • How to release the blocks you've been holding on to -- and don't need anymore.
  • How to use a simple hack around stacking habits that makes achieving your goals easier.
  • How to choose the right goals for YOU so you feel connected + motivated.
  • How you can create goals for your biz that move you forward with a simple exercise.
  • How to ensure you actually achieve your goals – AKA, experience the success you've been longing for.
Plus, you’ll learn the practical, tactical stuff that'll help you create mini wins that motivate you to keep going... all the way to the finish line. 

You don't have to let what's happened before with your goals (whether you've achieved them or not) stop you from making 2022 your best year yet. It's time to become a goal getter!

Hey there, I’m Hayley Hobson.
Almost three decades ago, I started my journey of saying goodbye to living life stressed AF... and hello to owning my ability to create the life of my dreams.
With the tips and strategies you'll learn in this workshop, I’ve been able to work 6 hours or less a day… grow 2 companies to 7 figures…
Attend every school function... work out every day…
Actually spend time with my friends... deepen my relationship with my husband…
And still have time to read a book a week. #nojoke
It all comes down to mindset – and a smart, strategic approach to setting goals... and achieving them.
So you can experience the success you've been chasing... in both your personal life and your biz. It's more than creating a To Do list... it's about setting yourself up to WIN.  
Imagine if you finally see that goal, dream or project that's been on your list forever come true? You'll realize you're capable of anything. And nothing will be able to stand in your way.  
I'm so excited to bring you this brand new workshop. I've never before taken my personal approach to goal setting and taught it in this format. 
Once you grab your spot, I'll send you two workbooks we'll use during the workshop. We'll use them together... and they'll become your go to reference as you bring your goals to life this year. 
The thing is: you don’t have to live your life feeling like you're never on track to reach your goals.
You deserve to experience your dreams coming true – without feeling like you're 100 steps behind, have no clear vision on what to do next, or any connection between your actions + progress on your goals.
This workshop can be the real game changer. Trust me… these are the strategies and tips I’ve been relying on forever. Because let’s see real, “disasters” will always hit and derail your goals.
I don’t want you to paralyzed when this happens. .
So, together, we’ll shift things so every day you have clarity and focus on how to bring your goals to life. And then you can show up like a badass boss in your life and biz… and feel proud of the work you're doing. 
And best of all, we’re gonna have a blast doing it! I can’t wait to see you in the workshop.