Let’s jumpstart our momentum. And create intentional, aligned goals for your life + biz.

June 14th at 10:00am PT / 1:00pm ET

Join me for a super special mid-year goal + intention setting workshop so you can learn how to make serious progress on the dreams, goals, and projects you've been holding onto in your life and biz - but haven't been able to achieve... yet.


Most people lose momentum on the goals they set at the beginning of the year. Which is why right now is the perfect time to reassess your desires, regain momentum, and reactivate your passion.
✅Maybe you got derailed. 
✅ Maybe your priorities changed. 
✅Maybe you discovered you weren’t actually aligned with the goals you set back in January (if you did at all).
Shiz happens. But you get to show up now. The question is: HOW? 
How do you show up when you already feel behind, deflated, or like you don’t know where to start?


You show up by designing your goals with intention. AKA getting super clear on WHY you want to achieve certain things in your life.
Then we’ll apply specific goal-setting strategies designed for busy people… that push you forward, rebuild your momentum, and help you create the life you deserve (and have been dreaming of). 
That’s what the Mid-Year Goal + Intention Setting Workshop is all about. 


Inside this LIVE virtual workshop, you’ll get my best tips and strategies on how you can create meaningful, intentional + aligned goals for your personal life + your biz...
Plus actionable techniques to hack your schedule (+ your priorities) to consistently make progress on your goals… no matter how friggin’ busy your life is.
So you won’t get totally derailed when shiz hits the fan. Because we all know it does. 
You’ll have everything you need to forge ahead with passion, motivation, and optimism (even if it means a pivot or twelve). 

Here’s What Makes the Mid-Year Goal + Intention Setting Workshop Unique:

This workshop is 2 hours. We’re going to dive deep.
First, we’ll focus on how to create meaningful, relevant, and intentional goals – that align with where you are right now in your personal and career journey. And where you want to go.
Then, we’ll explore implementing a system of strategic habit stacking to help you accomplish your goals… and how to work them into your real life so you stick with them. 
We’ll also focus is your biz/career. You’ll get clear on what goals to set right now so you can grow your biz… and how to ensure you achieve those goals. 
Together, we’ll focus on the steps you get to take in order to make this year the best yet.

During the Mid-Year Goal + Intention Setting Workshop, you’re going to learn:

  • How to approach your goals with intention – and get crystal clear on what’s driving the goals you’re setting right now.
  • How to build the momentum you need to finally get shiz done.
  • The system to bust past the crap that's been in your way.
  • How to release the blocks you've been holding on to – and don't need anymore.
  • A simple hack around habits that makes achieving your goals easier.
  • How to choose the right goals for YOU so you feel connected + motivated.
  • The 1 exercise to create goals for your biz that move you forward – and keep you psyched every step of the way.
  • How to ensure you actually achieve your goals – AKA: experience the success you've been longing for.
Plus, you’ll learn the practical, tactical stuff that'll help you create mini-wins that motivate you to keep going... all the way to the finish line. 
You’ll walk away with your own customized master plan for intentional action. Which outlines not only your heart-centered, soul-aligned goals, but also how you’re gonna reach them – based on your unique lifestyle and priorities.
You don't have to let what's happened before with your goals (whether you've achieved them or not) stop you from making this your best year yet. 
It's time to become a goal getter!

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Hey there, I’m Hayley Hobson.
Almost three decades ago, I started my journey of saying goodbye to living life stressed AF... and hello to owning my ability to create the life of my dreams.
With the tips and strategies you'll learn in this workshop, I’ve been able to work 6 hours or less a day… grow 2 companies to 7 figures…
Attend every school function... work out every day…
Actually spend time with my friends... deepen my relationship with my husband…
And still have time to read a book a week. #nojoke
It all comes down to mindset – and a smart, strategic approach to setting goals with intention... and achieving them.
So you can experience the success you've been chasing... in both your personal life and your biz. It's more than creating a To-Do list... it's about setting yourself up to WIN. 
Imagine if you finally see that goal, dream, or project that's been on your list forever come true? You'll realize you're capable of anything. And nothing will be able to stand in your way.
I'm so excited to bring you this interactive workshop.
It’s designed specifically with entrepreneurs and creative professionals in mind – AKA those of us with full, amazing lives… and major goals.
Once you grab your spot, I'll send you a super special action planner we'll use during the workshop. This will become your go-to reference as you bring your goals to life this year.
The thing is: you don’t have to feel like you're never on track to reach your goals.
You deserve to experience your dreams coming true.
And the strategies + techniques you’ll learn inside this workshop are real game-changers that’ll help you create goals that FEEL GOOD. Are aligned with what you truly desire.
And when you do achieve them (because you will with this fresh, intentional approach), you’ll get there with more ease and passion.
Best of all, we’re gonna have a blast doing it! I can’t wait to see you in the workshop.

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