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From Stressed-Out Attorney to Holistic Health Badass

My mission is to help you create the prosperous life and biz of your dreams.

To get out of survival mode and into thrival mode (yep, it’s totally a word now, LOL). The fastest way to do that is to hack your habits. If you wanna eat smarter, rest better, and be productive AF → you’ve come to the right place.

I believe anyone can be

healthy and wealthy

All it takes is consistent habits—and a whole lotta hacks up your sleeve.

My Story

Before I discovered holistic wellness, I was a #hotmessexpress. Living with daily stomach aches for decades. Being a successful —but miserable AF—litigator. Carrying everyone else’s expectations around like the world’s most caffeinated martyr. Even landing myself in the hospital due to my crappy lifestyle.

At my lowest point, I had an epiphany. “What if I let this go? What if I found a way to ditch this stress, get healthy, make good money, and have freedom and flexibility in my schedule?” So I did.

Now I help you hack your habits for a healthier, more abundant life. I'll show you how to market and sell their products online so you can live healthier, wealthier lives.

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Have the flexible, abundant lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of using tips, strategies, and ideas to grow & scale your biz online—in a healthy, sustainable way.

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