How to use what you already know to earn consistent money


Wednesday, August 31st at 
5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern


✅ Turn your idea, dream, or passion into a cash-generating online product right away.

✅  Know how to bet on yourself + put more cash in your pocket.

✅ See why “mini courses” are your ticket to consistent cash each month.

✅ Watch Amy + Hayley come up with online mini-course ideas right on the spot.

✅ Walk away inspired, activated + excited to turn work you’ve already done into a sustainable online product.

So grab your favorite decaf latte and get real-talk, real life, and real friend advice that could help you add $ to your bottom line!

Stop stressing about your financial future + take control of how much you make each month!

Hey there!

About a decade ago, I realized I was limited in how much I could make each month.

I had a super active toddler on my hands – and I felt soooo stressed out trying to find time to work in between nap time, playdates, and sudden bouts of silence…

Which meant chaos was waiting for me in the other room. LOL

And then I met Amy.

Amy had a fresh idea I totally resonated with.

What if I could package up all my knowledge… the education I invested years of my life into… AND the work I was already doing with clients 1:1…

And turn it into a super simple mini-course to sell online?

Mind. Blown.

So I thought, “Why not? I’ve got nothing to lose.”

Fast forward 10 years and now I have a series of online products I can sell on the regular. 

Bringing in $250k+ alone each year into my biz – an additional stream of consistent income for my 7+ figure biz.

The best part is… I created these products ONCE. 

And I get to sell them over and over again.

Literally multiplying my money from effort I did one time, years ago.

My other fav part of this biz idea is… I get to serve people globally,

Learn the bestest and brightest wellness hacks.

Improve their emotional and mental health.

Level up their leadership. 

Learn how to gain visibility online. 

Market and sell more effectively. .

And create financial stability for their future.

All while being more present and connected with their fams. 

All because I learned how to create simple “mini courses” and put them out online.

Amy has literally changed my life. 

And I know she can for you, too.

That’s why we’re coming together in a super fun, casual yet crazy informative, online event.

Not only will you hear how Amy built her 8+ figure biz (+ helped me break the 1 million mark in the first year of working with her)...

You’ll get to watch us come up with online biz ideas right on the spot.

So get ready to cozy up… grab your fav fuzzy blanket and tasty beverage… (spicy iced cacao coconut lattes are my new fav)

And have your eyes opened to a brand new way of bringing in extra cash each month…

Using work you’ve already done – leveraging what you already know how to do – into a super fun and easy-to-do biz… 

So you can futureproof your life and build a safety net that can last for years.

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