Jeff Etringer: How To Make Anything Easy

Do you ever have those days where it seems like EVERYTHING is difficult?

This is super common when you’re an entrepreneur or starting a biz.

Which makes sense, right?

You’re in the Wild Wild West!

OF COURSE things are going to feel overwhelming -- even HARD -- when you first start.

Do you remember those old Staples commercials?

Where they had that big red “Easy” button?

And all they had to do was slap the Easy button and BAM… whatever it was was instantly done?

We all wish those existed in real life, right? LOL

Well, what if I were to tell you that there ARE simple ways to make things easier?That’s actually what my special guest on today’s podcast is here to tell you about.

 Jeff Etringer is the CEO / Founder of a company called Make Anything Easy.
He literally means anything. LOL
But today he’s gonna talk to us about how to many anything easy… in your BIZ. 
You’ll hear about the top challenges entrepreneurs have -- especially in the online space… and how to make them EASY.
Using Jeff’s signature approach.
I’m really stoked for today’s convo… so let’s get right to it.
Welcome Jeff...

Interview Questions:
  1. Jeff, your brand is called “Make Anything Easy…” can you tell us what it is you do for your clients and customers?
  2. Most people listening today have a biz, side hustle, or passion project. For an entrepreneur in the early days of building and scaling a biz, what are the top 2-3 challenges they usually face?
  3. Can you give us an example or two of how you help a new online entrepreneur take a common problem or challenge and “make it easy”?
  4. What are some challenges you’ve experienced in your career as an entrepreneur? And how did you overcome them?
  5. What kind of health hacks and habits do you have to rely on while building and running your biz?
  6. If you could go back to the start of your current journey, would you do anything differently?
  7. If people want to learn more about what you do, what’s the best way for them to do that?

Hayley closing CTA:
Did that convo blow your mind like it did for me?
I mean, if someone had offered me a way to make ANYTHING easy a decade ago…
I’d be first in line screaming “TAKE ALL MY MONEY!” LOL
But I’m glad I have Jeff in my life now… so I can call him for guidance 10-plus years in.
Because I hate to tell ya this… but no matter how long you’ve been in biz… there will always be difficulties.
They just change over time.
And you learn how to manage them better.
  • What to handle yourself.
  • What to outsource to an expert or someone with more time than you.
  • How to prioritize challenges, and…
  • What actually IS and ISN’T a problem that needs solving.

This takes practice, my friends. 

And it needs a strong network and community of people you can rely on for guidance, support, and advice.

Which is what Habit Hackers is all about.

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...but to take care of themselves at the same time.

To avoid burnout.

To stop feeling so alone in their biz.

To be around people who GET IT… and get THEM.

This is in addition to boatloads of ongoing coaching…

Access to top tier experts in the biz and health industries…

And all the hacks they need to stay balanced, healthy, and THRIVING.

So they can show up for not only themselves, but the other people in their lives who are a priority. 

If that sounds appealing to you, definitely check out Habit Hackers.

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And please join me in thanking Jeff once again.
You’ll find his contact info in the Show Notes as well.
Hope you have an awesome, productive week!
I’ll see ya online.