Create Energetic Alignment in your Biz with Emily Thomas

When you think about what you do for work… how does it FEEL?

Like, on all levels:

Body, mind, emotions… and spiritually.

Do you feel ALIGNED with your work?

Chances are… if you ARE aligned with your work… you tooottaaalllly know it.

Because you can feel it in your body.

Energetic alignment in your biz and career is sooo important.

And pretty much nobody talks about it.

Maybe because in certain industries you probably sound crazy, LOL.

This language can sometimes sound a little out there… woo woo even.

But I’m in holistic health and personal development… so bring on the woo! LOL

In fact, I’ve got some crystals right here on my desk. I’m literally obsessed with them. 

And my fellow crystal-loving friendssssss, I’ve got a super special guest for you today!

Emily Thomas is an entrepreneur and energetic advisor who can help ground this woo down into a practical reality.

It’s actually amazing to witness.

I mean, everything is energy, right?

So if you think universal energy, manifestation, and intentions play no part in the business world…

Well, my friends, you’re in for a surprise. LOL

Emily is a transformation coach who has dedicated her work to helping entrepreneurs identify their unique energetic framework.

And yes, she’s going to explain what this means, LOL. So don’t worry.

Your unique energetic framework creates alignment and optimization within your business structures… your team… even your personal life. 

I love to talk a lot about finding your purpose… living your passion… and loving your work…

And that’s what Emily’s all about too. 

In fact, it’s why I created my membership group Habit Hackers… 

Because I saw SOOOO many entrepreneurs and creative professionals focus on the wrong part of their biz.

The output. The numbers. The end result.

And yes, that IS important.

But that’s surface level shiz.

The real work happens deeper… and once you address that foundational level stuff… the outcome can totally change.

And by the way, if you haven’t yet checked out Habit Hackers, it’s really the best thing you can do if you want to make a greater impact in the upcoming year.

Head over to and check it out.

Wow, sorry for that tangent… once I get on a roll with this kind of topic, down the rabbit hole I go! LOL

I know you’re dying to hear from Emily… so let’s bring her on.

Welcome, Emily Thomas!

Interview questions:

  1. Emily, you’re an entrepreneur AND an energetic advisor. Can you explain what that means?
  2. How is energy related to someone’s business and career?
  3. What is a unique energetic framework -- and can you share some examples of how this shows up in the business world?
  4. How can a biz owner utilize energy to optimize their biz?
  5. Is there anything you’d like to share that I haven’t asked you about today?

I mean… I told you this conversation would be super cool, didn’t I?

Thank you so much to Emily for coming on today and sharing her AMAZING and unique perspective about business.

I just love this shiz, don’t you? LOL

I truly believe success in life is a combination of intention… and attention. 

Which is something I totally stole from Deepak Chopra. LOL

I mean, if you're gonna jack shiz, jack it from the best in the biz. LOL

It works like this.

You set an intention for what you want out of life… including your biz.

This is a big, soul-deep level desire that is fulfilling for you.

And then you apply ATTENTION.

Which is the hard work portion.

You can’t just throw out an intention and, like, delegate it to the universe.

It’s like asking your 12 year old to do the full sink of dishes for you.

Not gonna happen. LOL

You have to show up and put in effort to make it happen!

Think of it like a flower.

You plant a seed into the earth… that’s your intention.

And then you give it ATTENTION… which is water, food, sunlight, etc.

You are putting in work to help your intention flourish.

Not digging it up every 3 seconds or forcing it to grow the way YOU want it to -- that’ll never work.

But you’re offering the SUPPORT it needs to manifest the way it’s supposed to.

I love this delicate balance of intention and attention.

And it’s the sort of thing we cover in Habit Hackers…

And yes, there ARE the practical biz tips and productivity hacks you want out of a group like this.

But it’s SO much more.

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So it’s time to dig in… and go deeper.

Firm up the foundation of your biz… and you’ll be thrilled at what the universe has in store for you next year.

Ok friends… have a great week…

Check out Habit Hackers at

And I’ll see ya online.