Be Happier, More Productive & More Successful with Blake Fly

Here we are again…

It’s officially the holiday season.

And what I’ve noticed is that so many of my friends… especially my mom friends…

Are stressed AF for pretty much the last two months of the year.

It’s actually a bit of a joke when we all get together for our holiday brunches and parties…

That I’m not pulling my hair out like they are.

They always want to know what the secret is…

And they actually don’t believe me when I tell them.

Because it sounds pretty boring. LOL

My secret is… having my productivity habits on lock.


Borrrrinnnggggg…. LOL

And here’s what you gotta know.

When you know how to hack your productivity… things just get easier.

You can do more with less effort.

You find room in your schedule for all the activities that come up around this time of year.

  • The extra gatherings…
  • Your kids’ school performances…
  • Year end shiz with your biz…
  • Rush orders for the holidays…

Not to mention travel and family get-togethers.

When you’re stressed to the max… you can feel like you SUCK at everything.

Know what I mean? LOL

Like, that jerk who snagged that parking spot you were waiting for after driving around the parking lot can 6 friggin’ times…

It can throw ya into a fit of rage-filled tears.

Or some truly inspired creative cursing. LOL

That’s right, you heard me, white BMW at Whole Foods… 

You know who you are. LOL

So here’s some good news…

You don’t have to feel like you suck at everything simply because you’ve got a lot on your plate right now.

Productivity is a SKILL you can learn…

And it’s the key to doing all.the.things… being healthier… and more present in your life.

And you guys.

I have a super special guest today…

He’s an 8-time TedX speaker who works with both students and entrepreneurs to be happier, more productive, and ultimately more successful.

He’s heart-centered, thoughtful, and a real go-getter. 

And whether you have your own biz… work for someone else… or are a homemaker… 

The nuggets of wisdom he’s about to drop will inspire you… make you smile… and give you some really useful tips to try out for yourself.

So let’s do it… please help me welcome my friend… Blake Fly.

Welcome Blake.

Interview questions:

  1. What makes working with entrepreneurs so special to you?
  2. How can people be more productive when they feel super overwhelmed?
  3. You also work with high school and college kids… what lessons do you share with them that can apply to everyone?
  4. What are some practical tips you can offer to be happier, more productive, and ultimately more successful?
  5. How does your approach help people to earn more money? 
  6. What thoughts do you have on the connection between making an impact and making more money?
  7. Is there anything you’d like to share that I haven’t asked you about today?


Every time I talk to Blake I feel like I just got a big, warm hug.

Did you feel that energy too?

I could talk to him every day…  and sometimes I do… in Clubhouse. LOL

So, I know productivity isn’t this sexy topic…

But it’s actually a huge stress-reliever.

And I dunno about you, but I love that feeling when you know you got a lot done in a day.

Like, you feel proud of yourself a little bit!

And having productivity hacks you can reach for… and good processes in place… you can feel that way allll the time.

Which is why I’ve taken some of my FAVORITE hacks … because you know I’m all about the hacks… and put them into a free ebook for ya. 

It’s my Healthy Habits & Holistic Happiness guide. Inside, you’ll learn 3 ways you can hack your health. 

You’re gonna be able to change your daily habits. In ways that serve you instead of leaving you feeling behind. Or overwhelmed. Or off.

That’s literally what I define as “holistic happiness”... knowing that you’re consciously and purposefully designing a life you love. 

Through your habits.

Now hear me out. These hacks are a LITTLE unconventional. But they work.

First, the guide walks you through some simple shifts you can make in your daily routines to bring more freedom into your life.

Next, we cover how to hack your MOOD. So you can feel better. Happier. More focused. 

Last, you’ll learn how to detox your mind and body. In a natural way. All so you can have more energy and feel more rested. 

Sounds good, right?

To get your copy, you’re gonna head to 

I’ll post it in the show notes for ya, ok?

Ok my friends, Happy Thanksgiving…

And I hope you have an amazing -- and productive! -- week.

I’ll see ya online…