Turn your story into the secret sauce for your success

Remember when you were a little kid… say in kindergarten?

What was your favorite time of day?

Besides Playdoh time -- which, honestly… was THE BOMB.

For me, my fav part of school back then was storytime.

Although to be real with ya, if adults got to have the kindergarten experience, I’d be totally down with naptime right about now.

Anyway… storytime was my JAM.

The stories of heroes… of fantastical adventures… of coming out of bad situations like a glorious badass?

Yeah, I’m still down for that.

And guess what -- so are most people.

Which is why YOUR story is so important to your biz.

You may think your story isn’t compelling.

That you’re boring AF… or no one cares about what you have to say.

But the truth is… that’s totally nuts.

Hello, imposter syndrome!

In your biz, your story is literally the secret sauce to success.

And who you ARE… well, it’s what attracts people to you.

Not ALL the people -- you don’t want that anyway.

You want the RIGHT people.

The ones who resonate with you… and are truly interested in what YOU have to say.

That’s golden, my friends.

So today, I wanna talk to you about what attraction marketing is…

And how YOUR STORY… plays a key part of making it work for you and your biz.

Now, here’s what I know.

If you haven’t already mastered YOUR story… I know exactly what you’re thinking.

“UGH -- where do I even START?”, right?

Like you get wayyyy too all up in your head about it.

Should you talk about how your mom made you eat gross bologna and mayo sandwiches every day for lunchtime…

Or how you’re still traumatized from that time those mean girls set you up to talk shiz on a secret three way call?

Jeez, remember those?

We were EVIL, man!

I mean, yeah you COULD talk about those things…

IF… and here’s the big IF…

They’re related to what you’re doing NOW.

If they’re not… and you can’t think of a way to tie them into your personal brand…

Well, then save it for your therapist, ok?

Or. If you get yourself a podcast. LOL

The point is… when it comes to your biz, your story connects you with your ideal audience.

BUT -- it’s gotta be relevant…

It’s gotta be authentic…

And it’s gotta be something YOU are passionate about.

If you carried a metal Snoopy lunchbox to school everyday… (like I did)

First of all, that’s amazing and I hope you still have it.

Cuz I might wanna buy it off ya… LOL

And that Snoopy lunchbox somehow formed who you are now… or influenced your journey… 

Or you’re still REALLY into Snoopy to this very day…

Then sure, it can be part of your brand.

Parts of your story you might even find embarrassing.

Or kinda sad.

But if they’re relevant to your journey, I strongly suggest you consider putting it out there.

Here’s an example…

You probably already know about MY journey…

How I was an attorney… and made myself sick with stress and all sorts of other lifestyle habits that were LITERAL DISASTERS.

Do you think I lovvveeee recounting how I was a crappy mom and wife because I was sick all the time?

Or about how I literally couldn’t pick up my kid anymore because I was so weak?

Yeah… no.

Not my most shining moment. LOL

But I share that stuff… because it’s real.

It’s what actually happened to me.

And while other women may not relate to that EXACT set of circumstances…

They DO relate to:
  • Not feeling good enough.
  • Feeling like a failure.
  • Not feeling totally at home in their bodies.
  • And knowing -- deep down -- that a change NEEDS to happen.
And while that story isn’t me now…

And my story NOW is totally sunnier… happier...and certainly healthier…

I continue to bring that into my personal brand…

Because I’ve BEEN THERE.


And people really just wanna be seen.

And they wanna see that there is hope on the other side.

A way out…

And if your story isn’t super rosy… well, it’s actually good for you.

Because, despite what you see on social media,

No one’s life is rosy all the time.

And sharing that… well, it’s actually likely to inspire someone. To give them hope.

I want you to know this key marketing tip…

Grab a pen because it’s that good. LOL



Who you were at your lowest… at the part of the story where you decided to make a change…

And it’s led you to where you are now?

Someone is in your old busted shoes right now.

That’s right.

Who you were back then… at the start of your story... that’s your ideal customer or client RIGHT NOW.

Yes, the hairstyles may have changed…

The fashion for sure. 

Unless your story started back in the mid-1990s… in which case the fashion is LITERALLY THE EXACT SAME right now. LOL

But the story… your adventures… someone is going through a similar situation as you right this very second.

And you can use your story to help them.

THIS is what attraction marketing is.

You know when you meet someone new and you have that moment when you feel an instant connection?

It usually has to do with similar experiences… or similar views… you vibe on the same level.

That’s attraction marketing happening in the real world.

Humans are basically pack animals. LOL

Sociologically, we are a tribe culture.

We WANT to be with other humans.

Although some days… sheesh, I’d like to leave the human race altogether. LOL

Be a dog with Xander or some shiz. LOL

Attraction marketing is a foundational part of marketing because it’s how you find your peeps.

Like attracts like.

See why your story… icky, uncomfortable parts and all… is the secret sauce to your success?

Now, I’m gonna throw a little marketing speak at ya real quick.

You know about funnels, right?

Or at least heard of it? Cliffsnotes version for ya…

A funnel is a three part process to attract people to your world… nurture them… and ultimately lead them to some sort of sale or deeper engagement with you.

And attraction marketing is the tippy top of the funnel.

It’s where you catch the widest net.

Again, remember, you don’t wanna be all things to all people.

You wanna be YOU.

And attract YOUR peeps to you.

And your story helps you do that.

I could go on and on about using your story… attraction marketing… funnels, etc etc.

It’s soooo fun for me to talk about.

Because once you know how all this work… the literal psychology of it...
That’s when creativity begins.

So if you’re intrigued…

Or you wanna learn more about how to leverage YOUR unique story into your biz…

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Do people say that still?



I’ll ask Madeline. LOL

Anyway, the energy is really awesome in there and people get super energized when they’re there.

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Back off, lady, it’s mine! LOL

I kid. Sort of. LOL

Anyway, come to the “3 biz keys” masterclass on November 9th or 10th… that’s next week, you guys!...

And start to figure out how to leverage YOUR unique story… for amazeballs biz success.

You’re gonna love it…

Have a good week… and I’ll see ya online.