Why your email list isn’t buying from you

Pop quiz for ya…

What is the biggest reason people on your email list don’t buy from you?

You might immediately think, “Ah, they’re crappy leads…”

But lemme tell ya… that’s not necessarily true.

You may be missing out on ONNNNEEEE little action step that could revolutionize your biz.

And that’s to nurture the people who are on your email list.

My friends, you gotta know this stat.

Eighty percent of leads never buy anything.

BUT -- and here’s a big, exciting BUT for ya… LOL

Organizations that excel at NURTURING their leads… generate 50% more sales.

AND… when they DO convert to a purchaser…

Nurtured leads spend 47% more than non-nurtured leads!

I know that’s probably a lot of marketing talk, so let’s break this down into a simple story.

Let’s say you have 10 people on your email list.

On average, without any emails that build trust… share more about who you are and how you can help the person on your list…

You’re likely to get 2 of those 10 people to buy.


If you spend a little time establishing a relationship with them via emails -- I’m talking AUTOMATED emails here --

You just increased your chances that FIVE MORE of those people are willing to buy from you.

Changes the game a bit, huh?

So, what this means is… you gotta spend a little bit of time creating connection online.

And yes, that’s totally possible.

I mean, there are ENTIRE TV SHOWS dedicated to people who fell victim to catfishers who faked relationships online…

Not that you should do that.

Although I just texted my friend Traci, who is a professional matchmaker, this stat:

38% of catfishing victims come from dating apps. LOL

And 9 out of 10 people lie about their age, height, or weight on dating apps.

I mean… wow. 

Anyway, sorry about that rabbithole…

Once I get going on statistics… it is game fricking over, my friends. LOL

So the point is… YES. You can build rapport and establish a relationship through email.

Which is really what an automated nurture sequence is about.

So picture this.

Someone joins your email list…

Maybe you offered a freebie… or you offered a bomb discount for anyone who joined your list.

What do you do with them then?

This is when you want to nurture the relationship.

You don’t just hit ‘em with a BUY NOW request.

It’s… icky.

I’ve explained it this way before… and since I’ve already brought up relationships and dating… let’s keep that analogy going.

You meet someone… whether IRL or online…

And you decide to go on a first date together.

That’s someone joining your email list.

AKA: The top of your marketing funnel.

Ok? Got it?

What happens next?

If you never talk to them again… it’s called ghosting.

Well, if you don’t have an automated nurture sequence in place, that’s pretty much what you’re doing.

You’re ghosting your lead.

Alternatively, if you finish your first date and then they’re like, hey let’s move in together, buy a house, maybe a dog, wanna get married?YIKES.

Slow your roll, bro. LOL

I mean maybe that’s cool for some girls -- like the ones on the Bachelor -- but for most of us, we kinda wanna date a bit, right?

Get to know each other.

When you hit someone up immediately for a sale, it’s a little agro.

That’s why I say it’s icky.

Now, like the stat I shared… that may work for 2 out of the 10 people on your list.

The ones that are all in and wanna get married right away… LOL
And that’s cool! 

But those other 8 are hanging out there wanting to date a bit.

So… with a nurture email sequence… that’s what you’re doing.

You can send your leads emails with even more tips about the thing they signed up for.

Even add a little humor to entertain. If that’s your thing. That’s what I like to do.

So let’s say you have a wellness biz like I do.

It could be… a DIY recipe they should try.

An article you wrote about why essential oils -- or whatever your biz offers -- are helpful for destressing.

Because I literally know NO ONE who doesn’t want relaxation tips.

Things like that.

You could also share a bit about who you are and your story.

Like when you meet a new friend… you want to get to know each other.

And that takes time.

Although remember those days when you used to go out to bars and become instant BFFs with some girl in the bathroom? And bond over what lip gloss you're all wearing?

I wonder where they are now… LOL

Anyway, what I’m getting at is by building these email communications… you increase your chances of getting those other 8 people on your list to buy from you.

Or at least engage more.

Because I saw this crazy stat -- I know, another crazy stat. I told you once I get going… LOL

The stat says that it can take 21 marketing touches -- AKA: times your lead hears from you -- before they buy.

That’s an average. Not a guarantee, obviously.

And once they DO decide to buy from you during this process… they’re 47% more likely to SPEND MORE with you.

I hope this helps you see why you’ve gotta spend time -- a good amount of time actually -- nurturing your leads in what’s called “the middle of the funnel.”

A purchase is the bottom of the funnel.

And sooooooo many people focus on the TOP of the funnel… as in getting the leads into your list….

And the BOTTOM of the funnel… which is getting them to buy.

I mean, why do you think 80% of people don’t do anything once they join a list?Because the middle of the funnel is the sweet spot.

That’s where you build the relationship…. That builds trust… authority… and affinity…

And if you decide that shiz isn’t important -- well, duh. No one’s gonna buy from you.

So you might be thinking…

Ok, so yeah. Middle of the funnel is where it’s at.

But like… that sounds like A TON of work.

Well…. What if you could AUTOMATE a lot of that work?

The secret to the middle of the funnel is to make it super efficient operationally.

I totally recommend creating an automated nurture sequence of emails.

You write these batch of emails ONE TIME.

Just ONCE.

And then load them up into your email platform… along with a schedule you decide on… 

And then every time someone joins your list… the dating part of the process kicks in automatically.

Now, I wish there was some magic number of nurture emails that’ll do the trick -- but it really is like dating.

Everyone is different.

I’d say, start out with 5-7.

Maybe increase the frequency in the beginning stages… and then spread them out more toward the end.

Like, the first one the day after they sign up… maybe one 3-4 days later… and toward the end, it’s like every 6-7 days. 

Just as a starting point if you’re like, I have no friggin’ idea how to even start this.

BTW, I have a friend who is a meditation teacher and she has TWENTY TWO emails in her nurture sequence.

It runs automatically for nearly 6 months. 

Because she’s seen that people need quite a bit of time to decide that THEY want to learn how to become a meditation teacher, too.

So she has a long nurture sequence with tons of education in it.

Your biz may be totally different.

I mean, I certainly don’t have twenty two emails in my nurture… because I don’t need to.

I prefer to have fewer nurtures… and then a weekly newsletter.

That’s just how I choose to run my biz.

The secret is to:

  1. Start SOMEWHERE and then...
  2. Watch your numbers over time.
Don’t be afraid to change things up.

Especially if you see an email that’s totally crushing it… or one that’s totally tanking.

I know… I threw a lot at ya right now…

But I’m REALLY passionate about this middle of the funnel stage of marketing.

Because it’s seriously THE. MOST. IMPORTANT. 

And soooooo many people get it wrong.

Even big companies!

So don’t feel alone…

You CAN master this part of your approach… and increase your chances at getting someone to become a paying customer. 

Just by putting a little TLC into your middle of the funnel nurture emails.

And actually… let me mention this real quick.

This whole marketing funnel process can MAKE OR BREAK your biz.

Especially if you have an online biz… or you wanna get into the whole online world.

And honestly, you should. 

Global ecommerce sales are expected to reach $4.5 trillion this year. And continue to grow over the next 5 years.

And ecommerce isn’t just like… buying TP and books off Amazon.

Although -- guilty. LOL

Ecommerce is literally ANYTHING bought online.

Your Zoom yoga classes.

Your streaming services.

Anything bought online is considered ecommerce.

If you make crafts, you can sell them on etsy. That’s ecommerce.

You’re a coach and you wanna let people buy from you online or book a coaching session… that’s ecommerce.

You have a goat farm and you wanna teach people how to take care of baby goats through your online course… that’s ecommerce.

I know that one sounds super random, but I swear to you, I saw it online the other day. 

I kid you not.

HA - kid!

Baby goat… kid...

OMG, I’ve lost it now. LOL 

Can moms do dad jokes?

Anyway. LOL

If you’ve got a dream… you can put it online.

And by mastering the nurture part of establishing a relationship…

You can increase your chances of earning an income from your dream.

Like: BY A LOT.

This is such a big topic… and a super important one.

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Then it’s done for the year, my friends!

So let’s finish the year strong… by nurturing your leads like a badass boss…

So when 2022 comes around -- and hello, it’s right friggin’ there! -- you’ll be primed to see more people move down your marketing funnel…

And become paying customers of yours!

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Ok friends… hope to see ya there!