Ditch The Excuses That Hold You Back With Beth Handel

Today I wanna focus in on the “get it all done” part of what we work on together.

And we’re gonna move way beyond the tactical in today’s episode.

And get into the MINDSET of getting it all done.

I’ve got three special announcements before we get started.

  1. We have a really special guest joining us today. 
  2. In just a few weeks, I’m opening up my super popular Reclaim Your Time Challenge… more to come on that soon… and
  3. You’re gonna want to stay until the end of the episode because I’ve got a free gift to offer you that’s gonna help you implement what we talk about today.

You excited? LOL

Ok so I wanna get you in the right frame of mind before our guest comes on…

By having you think about the past year. Maybe the past two years.

When you think about where you were then -- maybe even WHO you were then -- have you made the right kind of progress?

Have you accomplished the goals you set for yourself back then?

Or are you kinda still in the same place?

What I’m seeing is… without conscious effort, most of us stay relatively in the same place.

We still have dreams and aspirations… but there’s an excuse -- yes an EXCUSE -- as to why they haven’t been achieved yet.

I know we don’t like that word “excuses” but when we start calling a thing it’s proper name, we can take steps to address it.

Why haven’t you improved your biz?

Why haven’t you lost those pandemic pounds you put on?

Why haven’t you written that book yet?

Or left that job you hate?

Look, we all have a thing. Or many things.

But it’s up to US to take ownership of that shiz.

YOU have to be the driving factor in your life.

If you don’t show up… no one else is gonna show up for you.

How you do anything is how you do everything.

So if you find yourself thinking: YES there IS an area of my life where I’ve wanted to make progress…

...and it just hasn’t happened yet.

This is the episode for you.

My special guest today is Beth Handel.

She’s the Co-Founder and Vice Chair of The Handel Group -- AND she’s been an executive Life coach for over 17 years.

Beth is truly an inspiration to me. 

I mean, she’s the one big time executives, leaders…. LEGENDS go to. 

She works with huge companies like: Live Nation.

And world-renowned business experts like Gary Vee.

She even coaches NFL players and top recording artists, like Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child. 

You could say she really helps high achievers not just elevate their game… but stay there. And keep reaching for more.

And today, she’s here to share her insights into WHY not everyone achieves their dreams and goals.

And what you can do to stop being stuck… stop making EXCUSES… and actually OWN your life.

I’m super pumped for this… so let’s get to it.

Welcome Beth.


Interview questions:

  1. First Beth, tell us about when you started Handel Group 17 years ago -- coaching was hardly a thing back then, you and your baby sister Lauren Zander were trailblazers in this industry, O.G. female founders. What made you want to get into this line of work?

  1. You work with a lot of high performers, what makes them so successful compared to other people?

  1. What does a coaching session with you look like?

  1. You have this concept called “the 8 basic brands of excuses.” Can you break down what this means and give us some examples?

  1. What can people listening right now do to break free from these excuses and make real, lasting change in their lives?

  1. Is there anything I haven’t asked you that you’d like to share?

📣 Beth has an online 12 session coaching program called Inner.U. Inside the program, you’ll get the tools to hack your own life, hone your dreams, and consciously create a life you love. 

You can save $375 on Inner.U with the code HAYLEY. Head here for the info:



Isn’t Beth just incredible? Seriously, I always get so pumped talking to her.

I love how important dreaming is to her.

It’s the literal foundation of everything, right?

What’s that old saying?

If you dream it, you can be it?

I think that’s totally true.

So many of us allow excuses into our lives… excuses to affect our actions.

I don’t have time…

I don’t have money…

I’m not good enough…

I didn’t really want it anyway…

It’s never happened before so it will never happen at all…

All those excuses Beth talked about.

We delude ourselves into calling them REASONS.

So we don’t have to work harder… push more… get uncomfortable.

We can stay in our comfort zone… where it’s small and safe… and we tell ourselves nothing can hurt us here.

Friends -- we are hurting OURSELVES with this mindset.

There is so much MORE out there. 

Your PURPOSE is out there.

A big beautiful life filled with passion can be yours… if you’re willing to snap off those comfy chains… and DREAM. BIG.

And once you have your dream super clear in your mind… and you’re committed to doing what it takes to achieve it.

You need concrete actions to get there, right?

You need to do something every day -- step by step -- to make it happen.

Whether that’s to make $100,000 in your business…

Lose those friggin’ COVID-19 pounds…

Have fantastic sex with your partner…

Finally buy your dream house…

Or have the freedom to be present for your kids and create an awesome relationship with them… no matter how difficult they get as they grow up. LOL

That one’s mine lately. LOL

So to help you do that, I’ve got a free gift for you.

When I say you need to show up in your life… it’s about consistency.

And that’s why I’m giving you my consistency tracker.

It will help you outline your big crazy dream… map out the action steps you decide for yourself…

And be COMMITTED to daily action.

Or -- you can stay where you are now.

It’s up to you. I can’t decide that for you. I can’t do the work.

Beth can’t magically make it happen for you either.

It has to come from you.

The tool you’re getting today is simply a way to monitor your progress.

Because that actually helps… seeing that you did something every day.

Checking off a to-do is VERY rewarding. LOL

So go ahead and download this guide at

And I wanna hear from you…

Let me know how it’s going.

Send me a DM. Post a comment.

I really do want to know what your dream is… and what you’re doing to achieve it…

… what excuses you’re dropping to do it… and what you’re willing to give up to get. it. done.

And one more quick reminder to keep an eye out for the Reclaim Your Time Challenge… I’ll be opening up the doors for registration next week. So stay tuned.

That’s it for today… have a great week, and I’ll see ya online.