4 Hacks to Create More Time in Your Day

Do you ever notice how the final weeks of December just FLY by?
This is around the time of year when people start saying things like, “I wish I had more time!”
Which totally makes sense.
Right now there’s loads of holiday parties… the kids are out of school… there’s lots of travel and family obligations.
That’s on TOP of your normal day-to-day responsibilities.
Of course it seems like having more time would be the thing that would help you manage all.the.things.
And what I’ve discovered is that when time gets compressed… like it is now…
Certain goals go right out the window.
Goals like… 
  • Waking up early to get a workout in every day… 
  • Having healthy work-life balance… AKA: Stopping work at 5pm… or whatever your ideal end-time is...
  • Spending less money by cooking healthy meals at home.
When you feel you have no time, those are the sorts of goals that can get easily thrown aside in favor of what’s EASY.
But what if there WAS a way to do all.the.things… AND still have time to spare?
Today I’m gonna show you 4 hacks to create more time in your day.
So you can use that time to get back to your goals.

Whether those goals are personal… or professional.
But before we get there… I do have something I need you to get crystal clear on within yourself.

And that’s whether all your busy-ness… is necessary.

Or are you just filling up time?

Are you avoiding something… or procrastinating?

Are you doing things out of habit… or does every single action you take require YOU to do it?

I get super fired up when I hear people—women in particular—complain about having no time to themselves.

As in, no time to work on themselves… to recharge… or take care of themselves.

Because guess what?

You actually do.

 Miiiiccccc droppppppp. LOL

If you don't take care of yourself, your goals won’t happen.

You literally won’t have the JUICE to make them happen.

Look—I’m a wife, a mother…and a successful businesswoman to boot.

I literally run multiple businesses each day.

And still have time to go to my exercise classes… get my hair done… my lashes done…

Take Madeline to school every day… AND all her dance classes.

Because those things help me feel GOOD.

They motivate me to keep putting in the hard work. 

I love feeling like I’m fully present… and in the moment. 

And that energy conveys to everyone around me.

All of those actions are part of my personal goals. So knowing that, I feel satisfied that I’m using my time well.

But here’s the honest truth about this.

It wasn’t always the case.

Until I started making time to reach my goals—and being super clear about what they were for me on ALL levels—I used that same effing excuse.


Friends, we gotta get past that shiz.

And I’m gonna give you some tips to do that.

They’re not difficult to implement either.

So you’re gonna have NO more excuses. LOL.

So here’s your first hack to create more time in your day...

Decide what’s important to you. 

Literally get clear on what goals you’re prioritizing.

Is it something with your physical health? 

Like getting daily exercise because you feel better when you do that…

Is it spending less time on social media?

Because it makes you feel like crap… and is a HUGE time suck for you?

Or is it spending more time there because you know how important social media marketing is to grow your biz? 

Is it growing your biz?

Because you want to help more people… AND bring in more revenue?

You gotta be specific.

If you DON’T have something specific in mind -- or better yet, actually written down…

When you DO clear more time in your schedule…

You’ll keep filling it up with the same old crap instead of legit needle moving efforts.

Here’s something else I’ve learned on my own journey:

How you do ANYTHING is how you do EVERYTHING.

You half ass your workout? There’s likely a ton of things you’re half-assing in other parts of your life.

I’m recommending you use your whole ass. LOL. It will probably get tighter. LOL. 

The point is… once you decide what’s important to you, then you need to stop using time -- NO time -- as an excuse.

The reason this helps you create more time in your day is that you’ll begin to notice all those OLD things that took up your time suddenly no longer have importance.

And you’ll decide to take a new action.

Whether that’s to stop doing them entirely… outsource them… or cut back on how often you do them.

It’s actually incredible how much creating a list of priorities helps you cut back on the clutter… 

And you’ll end up being able to do more in less time because you’re not distracted all the frigging time.

Ok the second hack is to get CREATIVE with your time.

And look for places where you’re spending time that doesn’t get you anywhere.

The biggest culprit?

I bet you know what I’m gonna say already.

Yep, it’s your phone.

Did you know the average American spends 5-6 hours a day looking at their phone?

A DAY! Let’s say you’re awake 16 hours a day… with 8 asleep.

That’s about a third of your day staring at your phone.

You canNOT tell me that’s 100% productive time. 

Here are a few examples of how we allow our phones to become distractions:

#1: Phone calls. How many of those incoming calls are really necessary to answer “Right NOW?”

Maybe thirty to forty percent? Mayyyyyyybe.

#2: Text messages. Wow. How many of those require your immediate attention?

And be honest. LOL. Probably not many of them. 

The majority could probably wait until you’re wrapping up for the day… or in evening relaxation mode.

I use DND on my phone. Put it into sleep, work, or personal mode. More on that later. 

#3: Apps. How many of them actually help you make forward progress toward your goals? 

And how many of them do you use as a distraction? 

For the most part, we spend at least twice the amount of time we need to on the phone each day.

So make it a point each day to turn it off or put it in a drawer.

And lemme tell ya a quick fact that’s gonna make you look at your phone differently.

The engineers who design these devices and apps literally research addictive behavior…

And craft their products to be as addicting as a street drug.


If you haven't heard this story before… the game designers who make Candy Crush literally study addiction and use that psychology to make their games as addictive as possible.


Because people spend money in the game. 

And the addiction to winning causes them to throw money for digital perks so they can get that temporary high. 

It’s literally just like gambling.

I wish I were kidding about this. LOL

Which actually reminds me… I read an interview with Tom Hanks a while ago.

BTW, love him. He’s the best.

Anyway, the main thing I remember about the interview is he said that once he deleted all the games from his phone…

He was amazed at how much more time he had in a day.

So if you’d like to earn back an hour or more each day… keep your phone away from you as much as possible…

And DEFINITELY while you’re doing your most important work -- AKA working on your goals.

Or just delete all your apps. LOL. I had to take Clubhouse off my phone. 

And now I can only use it when I’m on my iPad. 

It was not good for my social life -- or quite honestly my marriage -- being on it every time I left the house. #addicted. 

Ok hack #3… Limit your commitments.

This is also known as “learning to say no.”

It’s hard, especially for us women. 

Because we’re raised—even in these modern times—to take care of the other people in our lives.

Especially if you have kids. The older they get, the more extracurricular stuff they’ll have, right?

So I want to remind you… it’s perfectly ok to say “no” to other people. 

Here is your official permission slip.

In fact… I like to say:

No is a full sentence.

Man, is this an empowering statement… and actually scary AF -- UNTIL you get used to it.

Here’s why this is so clutch…

When you’re driven by outside commitments…you’re not in control of your time.

I’m not saying don’t help others…

I’m saying don’t do it at the expense of your goals.

Because you’ll end up creating resentment… and allow yourself to turn overcommitting into a habit.

And here’s the truth about overcommitment…

When you try to do EVERYTHING... it’s highly unlikely you’re gonna do anything well.

Have you heard of the Good, Fast, Cheap rule?

It’s a business concept that I think totally applies to everything.

  • You can have it good and fast… but it won’t be cheap.
  • You can have it good and cheap… but it won’t be fast.
  • Or you can have it fast and cheap… but it won’t be good.

Wanting things that are good, fast, AND cheap literally does not exist.

Except for San Diego tacos. LOL


Can you tell I’m hungry right now? LOL

The main point of telling you all this is to say…

Overcommitting means you’re not using your time well… and actually, it’s not benefitting anyone. 

I promise you’ll find out quickly just how much more time you have… 

And how much LESS time you’re able to spend on the things that matter… when you give yourself breathing room.

Alright, here’s hack #4: Make time for yourself.

Literally schedule it if you need to.

That’s what I do.

Earlier this year I was in overcommitment mode… and I felt myself getting stressed and burned out.

So what I started doing is getting up half an hour earlier.

And it made a world of difference.

I used that time to knock out work before my family got up… and I was able to be more relaxed and present with them.

AND fit in my workouts -- which are so critical for my mental health.

All by shifting my schedule a little bit in the AM so I created space for myself.

Why is this so important?

There’s only one of you.

Your goals are yours… and literally no one is going to care about them as much as you do.

So you need to show up for yourself.

You can’t sacrifice your self-care and expect stellar results.

You can’t pour from an empty well.

When you’re burned out, it’s impossible to have the right mindset… energy level… and passion that’s required to achieve your goals.

For me, I noticed before I made this small shift, everything took me wayyyyy longer all day long.

Because my mind wasn’t clear. 

I would get distracted constantly… and things that SHOULD take 20 minutes often took an hour or more.

Or I couldn’t remember what had been done… so I had to go back and waste MORE time getting a refresher or tracing back my steps.

SO annoying.

That’s why I say even carving out an extra 20 to 30 minutes each day can make a HUGE difference.

And actually put it into your calendar.

You’ll be way more inclined to stick to that schedule if you see it in black and white.

Or black, white, and color-coded blocks like my schedule. LOL

Remember... YOU are the master of your own fate. The designer of your days.

And where your attention goes… energy flows.

So if you’re distracted all the time… that energy is out there flailing around.

Which is not a good recipe to get shiz done, right?

And by the way… whenever I talk about my calendar… 

And how I’m able to do all the things you know you’re supposed to do:

  • Meditate.
  • Workout.
  • Eat healthy.
  • Do a good job at work.
  • Be fully present with your fam.

People allllways want to steal my secrets.

So… now you can.

The Reclaim Your Time Challenge is my signature online event…

Where I walk you through a hyper productive (and yet easy to do) time- and task-management process.

In just 5 days.

You’ll learn how to carve out an hour or more each day just by making small tweaks to your approach.

And it starts Monday, January 10th.

This year I’m ramping up the challenge experience based on YOUR feedback.

We’re going even deeper… more specific… with more examples.

And you’re gonna put the techniques I’ll show you into action right on Day 1.

It’s just 10 bucks to join… which works out to 2 bucks a day.

Getting back an hour of your day FOREVER is worth AT LEAST 2 bucks, right?

If you say no… I’m shaking my head at you right now. LOL

Ok so in the Reclaim Your Time Challenge… not only will you be able to steal and apply my process…

You’ll also completely revolutionize your RELATIONSHIP with time.

So you can stop seeing it as this rigid nemesis that’s holding you back…

And learn to work WITH it for incredible results.

So head over to and get your pass right now.

You’ll find the link and event details in the show notes too.

Ok friends… let’s make magic happen together!

Let’s build in time for self-care… for being present in your life… AND to make those big dreams and goals happen.

You CAN do it.

So take good care of yourself… and I’ll see ya online.