Erica Diamond: Self-care Secrets For Entrepreneurs

Today I have a REALLY exciting guest for you to meet.

The AMAZING Erica Diamond is joining us… she’s a Certified Life Coach who helps busy women (like you and me!) prioritize self-care so we can experience less stress, more calm, and greater joy every day.

I mean, you can’t get much better than that, right?

Because here’s what I absolutely know… without a doubt…

When you’re stressed AF, it’s SO HARD to practice self-care. Everything else seems way more important, right?

Like, how many times have you skipped a workout because you tell yourself you just HAVE to finish something at work?

Like looking at a report... or writing social media content... doing your books… replying to your emails… WHATEVER. 

And when that happens, your biz is bound to suffer.

Because -- as you know I like to say -- YOU are the foundation of your biz.

I mean really… if you are an ambitious, high performing person… who really wants to make money so you can make an IMPACT in the world -- you GOTTA have a strong dedication to taking care of yourself. 

If you’re someone who always puts herself LAST on the list of people to take care of… 

Whether it’s your kids, your parents, your partner, or anyone else… 

...and you aren’t good at asking for help… well then, you definitely gotta make up a switch -- before you hit total burnout.

So Erica’s here to give us some pro tips about practicing self-care. And, she’s an entrepreneur too, so we are DEFINITELY gonna get into her personal journey in this area.

Let’s get to it!

Welcome Erica.

Interview Questions:
  • Erica, you and I share a BIG TIME PASSION… helping busy people -- especially women -- create a healthy lifestyle to stress less so you can show up better in your life AND your biz. What made you want to get into this as a career?
  • You have your own business… can you share a quick recap on what you do as a coach?
  • Can you tell us what you did before you became a super amazing coach and entrepreneur?
  • What was a turning point for you that brought you from the ‘before’ (what you previously did) to starting your own business?
  • Did you have any moment that made you question whether you’d made the right choice going into business for yourself?
  • Many of my listeners are in the early stages of their entrepreneurial journey… what advice can you offer about how long it took for you to actually FEEL successful? And how did this influence how you approached self-care?
  • Let’s shift to biz for a sec because I know these days, having SO many tools at our fingertips can be overwhelming and quite often create a whole bunch of chatter in our brains. That we can’t figure new things out. Or we need to spend so much time figuring out so many new things that we don’t have time for ourselves. When actually, online tools can help with self care.
  • What online tools have been the MOST influential in growing your biz - email? Social? Etc
  • How do you decide what goals to focus on, and which are going to distract you from your direction?
  • What kind of health hacks did you have to rely on while you were building your new biz?
  • I’d love to hear about your success. It’s really inspiring to other people who want to pursue their passions… but are afraid to fail. What’s it like having financial freedom and a flexible lifestyle?
  • Let’s talk about self-care practices. And how they relate to your business success. How have your habits changed over the last year - not just because of what we’ve all been dealing with, but as you’ve watched your biz grow?
  • Do you have any tried and true self-care hacks that you can tie back to your success?
  • If you could go back to the start of your current journey, would you do anything differently?
  • What lessons or takeaways would you want an aspiring entrepreneur who’s focused on prioritizing self-care as part of her business and career journey?
  • If people want to get in touch with you, how should they do that?
Hayley closing CTA:

How awesome is Erica? I feel refreshed just talking with her. LOL

I’m sure you see now how IMPORTANT self-care is if you are truly dedicated to uncapping your income...

And to be a business badass.

Because there IS a direct connection between business success… and STAYING successful.

I mean, how much would it suck if you went all hardcore taking care of everrrrrryone else around you….or focused big time in your biz… 

Basically it blew up your life… but saw success… and then realized…


Because, my friend, it is NOT sustainable to live -- and work -- that way.

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Or practicing your self-care! LOL

Ok my friends, take good care of yourselves this week… and I’ll see ya online.