High Performer Hacks with Dr. Dave Touhill

Hey so do you ever feel like you’re in a constant battle between your health… and your work?

This is so so common with what I affectionately call, “High Achievers.”

High achievers tend to get hyper focused in one area of life… and often neglect the softer parts of themselves.

In fact, sometimes they even forget to eat!

Imagine that. LOL

If you’re a high achiever, you probably know it.

It shows up as… working late to complete a task or project.

Having email on your phone… and replying at all hours.

Valuing dedication… commitment… and hard work are core values.

And if you’re a high achiever, you often get rewarded for this.

But the downside of being a high achiever is… activities where you DON’T receive a direct reward don’t have as much value to you.

Here’s an example:

I know TONS of high achievers who put work over their health.

Particularly around fitness and nutrition.

So what happens?

That yoga class gets skipped because you’re not finished with work yet.

You’d rather work than prepare a healthy meal… so you grab something fast (which, let’s be real here… is probably junky shiz.)

And you probably suck at relaxing. Just putting it out there.

I know all of this because A) I see it alllllll the time in my community. 

And B) that used to be me.

For reals.

But the fact of the matter is: your habits determine your success in life.

And that includes personal habits.

Because, as I always say… you are the foundation of your biz.

If you eat like crap… sleep like crap… don’t keep your body moving and thriving…

The rest of your life is gonna suffer.

Especially in the long term.

And what’s the top reason high achievers don’t practice healthy habits?


If you’re a high achiever, I bet you knew I was gonna say that. LOL

I see you over there! LOL

But the truth is… not having time isn’t a value excuse.

Because there ARE ways to get creative with your time.

And to use it better.

Which is actually why hundreds of people have already signed up for my Reclaim Your Time Challenge.

We’ve already started it this week, but you can totally catch up if you sign up right now.

Your 10-buck pass includes unlimited replay access through the weekend… and each day is only about 30-45 minutes.

So you can skip binging Emily in Paris for one day… and binge Reclaim Your Time instead. LOL

And again… we’re LIVE this week! So you can still sign up… and squeeze all the value out of it, ok?

Now… I have a little surprise for ya.

I’ve got a special guest on today’s show!

And yep, he’s a super high achiever too. 

Dr. Dave Touhill is gonna be here in just a second…

If you’re on Clubhouse with me, then you probably know him as just “Dr. Dave.”

He’s an actual wellness doctor… AND a digital marketing strategist.

He works with tons of health and wellness brands… everything from CBD companies… to acupuncturists… to nutritionists and more.

So he totally gets the intersection of wellness… business… and high achievers.

I’m so happy he said yes to being here today… so let’s dive in.

Let’s get some hacks for high performers from Dr Dave.


Interview questions:
  1. Hey Dave, thanks for being here. Can you share a little bit about what you do?
  2. Why are you so passionate about both health AND business?
  3. How is wellness connected to productivity?
  4. How can high achievers reach even greater levels of success by focusing on their wellbeing?
  5. What are some mindset hacks you can offer to someone who uses time as the reason why they haven’t accomplished all they want to in life?
  6. When it comes to making an impact, how do time-management, taking care of yourself, and consistency play a role?
  7. You’re a super busy guy… how do YOU balance work, productivity, and wellness?
  8. Is there anything I didn’t ask you that you'd like to share?
I’m so glad Dave was able to join us today…

I get so pumped talking to experts who are also passionate about wellbeing AND success.

I could spend alllll day talking about these things. LOL

I dunno about you… but he dropped some truth bombs today when it comes to why we have this struggle with time.

I mean, some days I feel compressed about time.

But thankfully, I have a special technique for managing my calendar – and ensuring I get to work out every day… I get to spend time with my family every day… and I eat healthy, nutritious food every day… which means I’m loaded with natural energy.

Which can be annoying to tired high achievers. LOL

And honestly? 

This technique helps bring calm to what would otherwise be an incredibly overwhelming schedule.

So if you use time as an excuse wayyyy too often…

First of all, no judgement.

But more importantly… you can learn a new approach to managing your time… inside the Reclaim Your Time Challenge.

And don’t stress that we’ve already started.

You can still totally catch up easily.

I mean, isn’t it worth a little binge-watching to get back an hour or more in your schedule very day?

Because that’s the important thing to remember…

Once you know this technique… and custom tailor it for YOUR priorities… YOUR goals…

And YOUR situation…

You’ll have that skill FOR LIFE.

So yeah. It’ll take you an extra hour this week to catch up…

But by applying my time- and task-management process… you’ll be able to get back time FOREVER.

Not to mention have breathing room in your schedule…

Feel like all your tasks and projects are more doable…

And that you DO have time to take care of yourself….

Every. Single. Day.

Pretty rockin’, right?

So here’s the link to sign up right now:

I’ll post it here in the show notes too.

But don’t wait.

Replay access ends this Sunday, January 14th.

And while this content IS bite-sized… you only have a few days left to learn the technique…

…create your OWN plan using the Challenge Planner that comes with each day’s content…

And create a new calendaring system that’s perfect for high achievers.

Already people inside the Challenge are seeing results.

Comments like… “I’m excited for my internal world to reflect how I know I’m meant to live. Productive, organised and calm.” That’s from Michelle.

Another Challenge member, Cathy, just said, “I think I can see where there is actually room to breathe – and add to my days so I can fulfill my dreams of financial comfort and freedom to do what I really want.”


Yes, Cathy. You CAN do that when you know how to use your time effectively.

And Brooke shared that she’s QUOTE “feeling a little closer to calm in all the chaos.” UNQUOTE

I love hearing feedback like this.

It’s what gets me up in the morning.

So if you want more calm in your life… to stop letting chaos control you on the daily… 

AND finally have the space to fulfill YOUR dreams, like Cathy said…

Then the Reclaim Your Time Challenge is for you.

Thanks again to Dr. Dave for joining me here today…

Definitely give him a follow if you haven’t yet.

And I’ll see ya next week, friends!