High Performer Hacks with Dr. Dave Touhill

Hey so do you ever feel like you’re in a constant battle between your health… and your work?

This is so so common with what I affectionately call, “High Achievers.”

High achievers tend to get hyper focused in one area of life… and often neglect the softer parts of themselves.

In fact, sometimes they even forget to eat!

Imagine that. LOL

If you’re a high achiever, you probably know it.

It shows up as… working late to complete a task or project.

Having email on your phone… and replying at all hours.

Valuing dedication… commitment… and hard work are core values.

And if you’re a high achiever, you often get rewarded for this.

But the downside of being a high achiever is… activities where you DON’T receive a direct reward don’t have as much value to you.

Here’s an example:

I know TONS of high achievers who put work over their health.

Particularly around fitness and nutrition.

So what happens?

That yoga class gets skipped because you’re not finished with work yet.

You’d rather work than prepare a healthy meal… so you grab something fast (which, let’s be real here… is probably junky shiz.)

And you probably suck at relaxing. Just putting it out there.

I know all of this because A) I see it alllllll the time in my community. 

And B) that used to be me.

For reals.

But the fact of the matter is: your habits determine your success in life.

And that includes personal habits.

Because, as I always say… you are the foundation of your biz.

If you eat like crap… sleep like crap… don’t keep your body moving and thriving…

The rest of your life is gonna suffer.

Especially in the long term.

And what’s the top reason high achievers don’t practice healthy habits?


If you’re a high achiever, I bet you knew I was gonna say that. LOL

I see you over there! LOL

But the truth is… not having time isn’t a value excuse.

Because there ARE ways to get creative with your time.

And to use it better.

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Now… I have a little surprise for ya.

I’ve got a special guest on today’s show!

And yep, he’s a super high achiever too. 

Dr. Dave Touhill is gonna be here in just a second…

If you’re on Clubhouse with me, then you probably know him as just “Dr. Dave.”

He’s an actual wellness doctor… AND a digital marketing strategist.

He works with tons of health and wellness brands… everything from CBD companies… to acupuncturists… to nutritionists and more.

So he totally gets the intersection of wellness… business… and high achievers.

I’m so happy he said yes to being here today… so let’s dive in.

Let’s get some hacks for high performers from Dr Dave.



Welcome to the whole you, where we take your passion for holistic wellness and turn it into a profitable reality. In other words, make some money. Now here's your host, Haley Hobson.

Hayley Hobson (00:10):
Hey, my friends I'm Haley Hobson, and I'm so glad you're here. Welcome to the whole you podcast, where I share tips to help entrepreneurs and creative professionals. Like you implement healthy hacks and habits so you can eat smarter, rest better and get it all done. Hey, so do you ever feel like you're in a constant battle between your health and your work? This is so, so common with what I affectionately call high achievers. High achievers tend to get hyper focused in one area of life and often neglect the softer parts of themselves. In fact, sometimes they even forget to eat.  imagine that if you're a high achiever, you probably know it. It shows up as working late to complete a task or project, having your email on your phone and replying it all hours, valuing dedication, commitment, and hard work as core values. And if you're high achiever, you often get rewarded for this.

Hayley Hobson (01:18):
But the downside of being a high achiever is activities where you don't receive a direct reward. Don't have as much value to you. Here's an example. I know a ton of high achievers who put work over their health, particularly around fitness and nutrition. So what happens? The yoga class gets skipped because you're not finished with work yet. , you'd rather work than prepare a healthy meal. So you grab something fast, which let's be real here is probably junkie shoes. And you probably suck at relaxing. Just putting it out there. I know all this because a, I see it all the time in my community and B, they used to be me.  for reals. But the fact of the matter is your habits determine your success. And that includes personal habits because as I always say, you are the foundation of your biz. If you eat crap, if you sleep like crap, if you don't keep your body moving and thriving, the rest of your life is gonna suffer, especially in the long term.

Hayley Hobson (02:27):
And what's the top reason high achievers don't practice, healthy habits time. Yep. If you're a high achiever, I bet you knew. I was gonna say that  I see you over there.  but the truth is not having time. Isn't a value excuse because there are ways to get creative with your time and use it better, which is actually why hundreds of people have already signed up for my reclaim your time challenge. We've it? This week we've already started this week, but you can totally catch up. If you sign up right now, your 10 buck pass includes unlimited replay access through the weekend and each day it's it's about 30 to 45 minutes. So you can skip binging on Emily in Paris for one day, although, that is good.  and binge on reclaim your time challenge. Instead, the link to sign up is Haley your time challenge.

Hayley Hobson (03:30):
And again, we are live this week, so you can still sign up and squeeze all the value out of it. Now, I have a little surprise for you. I have a special guest on today's show, and yet he is a super high achiever too. Dr. Dave too, hill is gonna be here in just a second. If you're on clubhouse with me, then you probably just know him as Dr. Dave. He's an actual wellness doctor and a digital marketing strategist. He works with tons of health and wellness brands, everything from C B, D companies to acupuncturists, to nutritionists and more. So he totally gets the intersection of wellness business and high achievers. I am so happy that yes, to being here. So let's dive in and let's get some hacks for high performers for Dr. Dave.

Hayley Hobson (04:21):
Hey, welcome, Dave, how are you doing?

Dr. Dave (04:24):
I'm doing great. It's good to be here. It's good to see you.
Hayley Hobson (04:26):
It's good to see you too. I'm actually gonna do like a little, we should have actually, you know what, we should have done like a Facebook live at the same time and like shared part of this might be an idea of future  I'm gonna actually do a story of us here, cuz I'm so excited to see you. I feel like I haven't seen you face to face in a while. I miss my doctor Dave  so thanks for, thanks for being here. Can you share a little bit of what you do with everybody?

Dr. Dave (04:48):
Yeah, yeah. So, um, I am by trade. I am a sports chiropractor, but over the last seven years, I would say seven, eight years. I have been working with Dr. Josh Axe and we've built a number of brands, including ancient nutrition and, um, and then an I Institute called Institute of ancient health and nutrition. I also have a mastermind with Josh. Uh, we really focus on growing leaders and my main role within that. I'm a partner and, and part owner, but also my really my main role is as a digital marketing strategist in building, um, the go to market strategy for each of our brands. So that's a, that's kind of a, you know, a big picture of what, what I do.

Hayley Hobson (05:26):
Um, so you have a, you have a, an interesting, like diverse background between like some people are either like really heavy in the marketing, like that's where their brain works. And then some people are really, I think of like wellness, almost like creative in a sense. And I, and I feel like I have that connection in my, in my personal brand and my business brand as well, where I've really like, I'm a wellness freak guru, but then I really also have that head for business and marketing. What, um, why are, why are you so passionate about both and what, what made you go in both directions?

Dr. Dave (05:59):
Yeah, I mean, I think, you know, when I started off, I went to school, my, my, my traditional training is as a, you know, alternative health practitioner. And so that's really what got me started, but I also, you know, I really realized, and even just spending a lot of time with Josh and he spends a lot of time focused on his high performance, um, and, and health really health. Um, but I realize that when I am healthy and I really like dial in my health and I have systems for my health, things like sleep and the food that I eat and the supplements that I take and the people that I'm around, which I, I, I think, affects your health. Um, I found that my performance in business and our performance in business was way, which was just on a whole nother level. Um, and then I also looked at a lot of the other high performers like you Hailey.

Dr. Dave (06:38):
And I'm like, wow, like the health is a very, a very important part. And I realized that if I really wanna crush it in business and be successful in business, I needed to have I needed, I needed to be healthy myself. Um, and I realized when I'm tired and when I'm, you know, have a lot of sugar in my system and I'm, I'm inflamed, I didn't perform well. Um, and I think that if you wanna be a high performer, you gotta, you have to be able to lead others. And when you're leading others, when you are exhausted and tired and overwhelmed, you just can't be a great leader. And it affects the business in all areas. So that's really where they started to come together was when I realized that if I wanted to be successful in business, the way that I was gonna do it was I was gonna be the healthiest person possible. And then also be able to be, be like, be able to stand in, in, in health for my, for my team. So that's kinda where they both came together.

Hayley Hobson (07:25):
Do you feel like you focus more, like the majority of your world focuses around like the marketing component or do you feel like the majority of your world, or do you feel like it's even split

Dr. Dave (07:36):
Well, you know, it

Hayley Hobson (07:37):
Promote and what you talk about and what you educate about yeah. And who you stand for?

Dr. Dave (07:42):
Yeah. I mean, I would say that I stand for, I mean, I'm very passionate about health and everything that's going on in the world right now. Like I ha definitely have a say in thoughts behind that and our brands, you know, ancient nutrition, and the Institute of ancient health and nutrition, which is a functional nutrition certification program. Those are all around health and ancient Chinese medicine. And so, um, I would say that, you know, it's a big portion. I would say 50% of our companies are all focused around health and it's not just because we can make money doing that. It's because we're very, very passionate about it. And so, um, I would say it's about half and half, but I would say that the health component of it definitely drips into the business side because health is just so important for myself, even for my team members and my team leaders. I don't just focus on leading them. I focus on making sure their health is the be, is, is, you know, the best in the world. And so I'm, I'm invested obviously in health businesses, but also with my team, say at, I'm making sure that my leaders and my team are healthy because I want them to perform at a high level, just like I'm able to perform by, by staying healthy.

Hayley Hobson (08:47):
So question for you. I mean, I totally agree. And, um, I, I feel like I'm, that's, I'm, I'm really similar too. Like I do a lot of, like, I do a lot of the marketing and the marketing strategy in my own business. And I also teach that in some of the courses like I'm teaching people, social media concepts, social media strategy, um, online, you know, building a funnel strategy like brand building. Like I, I I'm, I'm intrigued, interested and then became an expert myself in a lot of these topics because I was so passionate about doing it myself, my own business, but my core being is a wellness brand. So I think that's like a lot of similarity. We both have one of the things I really wanted to dive into. And this is what I talk about all the time is how our wellness connects to our level of productivity.

Hayley Hobson (09:28):
And you did touch upon that a little bit, but how we show up on the, outside to the world and how we show up in front of our screens and how we show up with actually what we get done is really tied to, you know, I think of it like our bodies being like this well-oiled machine, and if we're not putting in it and on it, and then letting it rest and digest, then all of those things, we can't actually function at the optimal level. It's like putting like really crappy gas in a Porsche. You know what I mean? Yeah.

Dr. Dave (09:56):
Yeah. I think, you know, I learned at first when I was in grad school and I realized that when I did burpees every hour, I would do like 20 burpees on the hour when I was studying. And I was like, I could retain more information. And that's when I first like realized, I was like, Hey, doing like healthy stuff to like retain information is good. Um, but I, you know, I would explain it like this, you know, if I'm, if I'm just getting outta bed, you know, I have a zoom call at 7:00 AM and I'm getting outta bed at 6 45 and then like pulling myself together for a zoom call. I'm not gonna perform well on that zoom call. You know, it's just like for a date, if I'm going into a date and I'm like, you know, doing all this other stuff. And then like, I just show up and I like, you're almost rush.

Dr. Dave (10:34):
I almost feel like it's rushed and you're not actually able to be prepared. So, you know, a couple of the things that I do and are very important to me, number one is just waking up early. And for everybody it's different, but you know, for me, it's getting up early, it's spending some time I do a spiritual triathlon. So I, I wake up, I drink a glass of water. I always put a glass of water next to my bed before I go to bed. So I wake up, it's like water instantly. I get out of bed. I put my shoes on, I put music on, um, like meditation, spiritual music on. And I just walk for 10 minutes and just like, kind of just clear my mind. Um, and then after that I do, I do a workout. And for me, sometimes it could be, you know, it could be an hour workout sometimes for me, it's 30 minutes, but I wanna sweat.

Dr. Dave (11:11):
I wanna just get my, my blood flowing. I get my oxygen flowing so that once I show up on the calls, I am already like primed and ready. So PE you know, when people see me on a call, you know, even preparing before this call and the calls that I had today, I was already, my mental space in my body was already prepared. Now I didn't go and have, you know, a, a bur you know, a, a fast food sandwich from B McDonald's and drink of a sugary drink in the morning. I prepared my body and got my body ready so that I could be functioning at a hundred percent. Um, so that for me, I mean, it's it Ty, I, I agree with you. I mean, it ties in so well with my, the way that I'm able to perform, because if I am inflamed, if I am exhausted, if I am haven't slept and I'm trying to be strategic, there's no like my ability to be strategic is directly into my alignment with my ability to be able to of my brain, to be able to think, well, brain your brain thinks well when it has the proper, proper fats in it, your brain brain thinks well, when you don't have a lot of sugar in your system and inflammation in system, like I mentioned.

Dr. Dave (12:12):
And so for me, especially as a strategist and being able to think strategically on the business, my brain function is so important. And I know my body is what supports my brain function. And so I always make sure my body is like really, really dialed in. And I'll be honest with you. And, and Hailey you've actually helped me with this, and I've done it more since we've met is if I'm sick or if I am like run down, I cancel a call. I move calls. Like I move things around if I am overwhelmed, because you know, you cannot be a great leader. If you're exhausted, right? You, you cannot be a great strategist if you're exhausted. So I'm always taking account of my own health. And if I, my health is out of balance, then it's more important than going back into the business and trying to figure something out and be like, oh, I'm just gonna work harder.

Dr. Dave (12:59):
And, you know, work on fumes. And you know, this, this classic and we're, and we're gonna talk about time in a minute, but this whole classic thing of work harder, work, harder, grind, hustle. I am so against that. You know, I think that there's a, there's a level of grinding and hustling, but I hustle and grind six hours a day. And I am prepared like that is a, that, that is a, that is a professional basketball game. Like I am preparing my body for those six hours a day. I'm not like those people. I mean, again, I think at the beginning, you're kind of, you, you have to in a, in a sense, but for me, I am like I'm preparing myself to play the game. And then I, I, I play the game about, you know, six hours a day, some days it's four hours a day. But when I am working, I am able to be at 1000% because I've prepared my body and my mind and my wellbeing for that specific time.

Hayley Hobson (13:47):
Oh my God. I love your references to the basketball game, cuz I feel like that is exactly the way that I live my life too. And it's funny because I always have these conversations with my team who shows up for me by preparing my Asana, task management boards and projects and tasks and who shows up for me by preparing my calendar, preparing my appointments and when they don't get me the things that I need with enough, like view time to prepare my brain, I actually get like really nerdy about it. And, and it's something that I haven't been able to communicate in a way that totally lands for them yet, because sometimes I wake up in the morning and there's in my box. And I'm like, where did this come from? I'm not prepared. You know what I mean? Mm-hmm  whereas when I do what you're doing and I like really see the big picture and then I, and I, and I, and I get enough sleep.

Hayley Hobson (14:33):
And then I wake up in the morning and I get my meditation in and they get my hydration and I get my supplementation and I get my exercise in, I get whatever it is in that makes me me. And for the day I show up here at my desk and I'm ready to go to for four to six hours the same as you. So today I sat down officially at like 11:00 AM and I will be working nonstop till about three when I host a clubhouse room. And that's a little bit more like playtime, even though it is obviously bringing, you know, visibility into my brand. But that four hours is like massively dialed in. Doesn't mean I wasn't on the phone beforehand taking a call or doing a Voxer or managing the big picture, my business. But when sit down at my desk there for the four hours, the five hours or the six hours, just like you say, and it's never more than that.

Hayley Hobson (15:17):
Like sometimes I come down here early, come in here earlier, like 10:00 AM. And sometimes I come at 9:00 AM or so times I start at seven go in for an hour, go work out, come back. But it is that four to six hour, like game time that you're talking about. And it happens because I'm prepared, I've prepared my mind and my body has helped me also prepare my mind and my spirit for the day. So I, I just really appreciate that analogy. It makes so much sense. It's almost like you were describing to me how I'm showing up for my myself and made it make sense.

Dr. Dave (15:47):
Yeah. And I think that, you know, we're talking about high performers and I think, Hey, if you wanna just be someone that you know, does, you know, you kind of go through the motions throughout the day and you're just kind of a task manager, Hey, you can do that kind of automatic. Hey, if you're just, you know, if you're the garbage man and you're picking up garbage every day, it's the same thing every time. And you just kinda have to be a, a human being in a place. That's not what we're talking about here. We're talking about, Hey, if you wanna be someone that is playing in a game, like, you know, Michael Jordan and your, and you wanna be at a high and you wanna make your shots and you wanna, you know, perform your absolute best. This is where it's, this is where health.

Dr. Dave (16:22):
And like the things that we're talking about are important. Cuz I think that so many people think, well, that's not really relevant. Like if I could work for those ex Hey, well, if I could a workshop for those extra eight or nine hours, I've learned that. And I, from a time standpoint, I can get way more done if I, because I used to do 10 hour days, and I know you used to probably use to use 10 or 12 hour days used to usually 10 hour days. And once I said, okay, I'm gonna take four of those hours and I'm gonna prepare myself. So that those 10, those six hours that I am gonna work are absolutely crushing. Right? It's almost like the training for the game. If I can use those four hours, I think it's a, some people think that, oh, that's just wasted time.

Dr. Dave (16:59):
And it's like, no, the best decisions that I'm gonna make are when I'm my brain is dialed in. Like I even have certain mushrooms, I gotta take 'em muscle mushroom. Like I'm like my brain is like, and we always think about like from, from a, you know, a body perspective, your body, your physical body is on you to support your brain, right? Your brain is the main thing, right? The rest of your body is to support your brain. And so I think it's just this myth that is not true that, oh, you just gotta wake up early, go to bed late. Hey, it is true. You wanna wake up early and you wanna have a good day, but this idea of trying to get as much outta the day as possible and work 12 hours and ignore your health, ignore your family, ignore your relationships and just be like it's hustle and it's grind. You will always burn out. Your body will always catch up to you.

Hayley Hobson (17:45):
Yeah. And one of the things I always talk about is like, and I'm actually gonna be teaching this in my reclaim your time challenge that I mentioned earlier is that you actually can find more time in your day by actually not even spending more time. And I know that sounds weird to say, but like when your productivity is so on par and you are getting more done in less time, you're finding more time. And when you're able to actually, you know, show up in the way that you're talking about by turning on your brain and being more productive or feeling like you, obviously, if I'm sitting here and I'm exhausted, it might take me 45 minutes to do something that it might have taken me 10 minutes to do earlier. You know? So when you have these tricks, like whether it's calendar hacks, whether it's calendar management, whether it's task management, um, hacks that I, you know, that I like to geek out on, or whether it's, you know, feeding your brain correctly so that you can show up as your best self.

Hayley Hobson (18:37):
And also, I just think your, your spiritual self is too, like, we need to, like you said, you, you go for a walk, you do your thing. Like if I'm not connecting right with the bigger universe, God universe, like I can't, I really can't feel where I need to be in my life and in my business and with my family. And it's just even the little things like, you know, I, I put this planner on the kitchen, uh, counter on Monday and it's, I, I, I have so many planners, but there I, I have one that I really love that I'm not that I wasn't gonna use in my office. And I put it down and I was like, this is, this is what we're gonna use this for west. Cause we don't use a family planner, but I said, this is what we're gonna use this for.

Hayley Hobson (19:11):
We're gonna use this to just mark down the kids' activities. It's really just Nightline at this point. So it's like, if she has swim, if she has dance, it goes there. Just so we're both in the know and there's like a daily gratitude, little section there. And, and, and, and there's like, uh, you know, what, what I, what I'm grateful for for the day. And then it's like a win. And so it's, it's our way where we can like, just leave these quick notes. So I was like, I great. I'm grateful. So he can come in and see. And I, I wrote yesterday, like, I'm grateful that I get to say hello to my husband when he walks in the door, you know, mm-hmm  and it's like, like just the little things like that, even though it takes time, it actually creates time because you show up in a space and a mood with energy that you feel ready and fired to go. And when I make him happy and he's happy I was,

Dr. Dave (19:57):
And things work out better and you spend less time

Hayley Hobson (19:59):
Arguing. Exactly. Exactly. So let's talk about some mindset hacks that you can, uh, offer someone who uses time as the reason that they haven't accomplished all that they want to in their, in their life. Because I just think this is such, I mean, it's like one of the most ridiculous reasons or excuses people use, cuz we all have the same amount of time in the day. And yet some people are massively productive and get so much done and some people are spiraling and spinning and paralyzed and can't move forward. Do you have any specific hacks besides your, uh, additional mushrooms or whatever you're talking  yeah.

Dr. Dave (20:38):
I think, you know, hacks, I'll give you some like very tactical hacks. You know, the first thing is if it's not in the schedule, it doesn't happen. The second thing is, is that my schedule is very, very important. So my team knows that I run based on my schedule. So number one, when I'm looking at meetings, I'm looking at meetings, what are the meetings that I must be on? I think we have too many meetings and we're in every meetings cuz we get our hands and everything. We wanna have our hands and everything cuz we can't trust anybody, helicopter, pilot.  right. You're just trying to do everything. So I think number one is you need to protect your schedule. A hack that I do. My team knows when I talked about my spiritual triathlon in the morning and I don't I'm on Atlantic standard time.

Dr. Dave (21:17):
I live in Puerto Rico. So, you know, 10 o'clock Atlantic, which is, you know, you know, eight set, eight Eastern and you know, I guess it's 5:00 AM your time. That's when I'm starting. That's when my team is starting the day, that's when they're, they're getting started. And so they know before that time I am not to be bothered. I am not to have messages coming to my account. And to be honest with you, I just started on putting my phone on airplane mode from the time I go to bed until 10 o'clock. So there's no way you're gonna have access to me during that time. Cuz I have to protect that time if I wake up in the morning. And the first thing I see is all these messages in slack that, you know, the whole business is burning down. Like number one, I'm gonna now approach that challenge exhausted and not prepared for the day.

Dr. Dave (21:55):
So the calendar is very, very important. Now a couple things, when it comes to meetings, number one, your meetings need to have a formula and a cadence and they need to follow the same formula in cadence. Every time if your meetings are different every single time and there's you have rants and there's, you know, people are going on constantly are going on tangents on different things. Your meetings are not structured, right? And so an hour meeting, I realized that my hour meetings are actually 30 minute meetings if they're structured. And so I didn't have to do this full hour meeting. And so now we have a very clear structure for our meetings. We also have blocks for different times when I'm meeting on different topics. So my sweet spot is 10 to two. If I'm gonna get the best, most important stuff done, it's 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, same all the other stuff outside of that.

Dr. Dave (22:37):
It's like, that's just things that we need to get done. And, and, and I'll do those, but like 10 to two, those are our fire meetings. So my team knows that we only schedule the most important. And for me it's meetings with my lynchpins during that time. So my linchpins are, there's eight people in my business that I need to talk to. If I only talk to those eight people, the business runs well, if I'm not connected with those eight people and when I'm overwhelmed those eight people, you know, they suffer. And so from 10 to two it's lynchpin meetings with those, with those eight different people, those meetings have a very tight schedule. There's a, you know, a flow for those meetings. And also in the actual description on Google calendar, it says very clearly, here's what this meeting's about. Here's what the expectation of this meeting is.

Dr. Dave (23:20):
And it's all set. So I can go and look there at a glance and okay, this is exactly what's happening and Hey, I might have even scheduled that meeting. Right. But my team has for responsibility of finding out what was that meeting scheduled for and why cuz they also need to be paired, be prepared in the know. So, and they can take action on that meeting, which I would say is the last thing is, is I think that we spend so much time like tying up loose ends that could be solved in meetings. And we leave meetings with so many things, so many loose ends open, you know, so that we end up spending all this time on your phone. Like I was finding that I was getting like 600 text messages a day that were just loose ended from meetings that I was like, yeah, I'll get you that. Yeah, I'll get you that I don't say I'll get you that anymore. There's always someone on that call that is going to tie up that loose end on that meeting. And we leave that meeting saying, okay, we're gonna now take action versus, Hey, we just had a good chat. So I, those are some of the kind of the, I would say my hacks and maybe they're no, we

Hayley Hobson (24:11):
Do. We actually have just to dial it up another bit. I don't know if you do this, but so we have the calendar invite and we have got, obviously who's invited if people have not, um, accepted the meeting, my assistant is like chasing them down to make sure we also have not only a description of the meeting, but in Asana we have an agenda for the meeting. So if there's like five components of the meeting and if there's any supporting documents, if there's any Google docs we need to look at, if there's any subtasks of the meetings and then we can assign different to-do's from the meeting after. And we've got my assistant in there taking notes. So we have like the meeting thing down, but a hundred percent on the calendar. If it's not on the calendar, it's not happening. You guys need to know your flow zone. Like Dave said 10 to two is his 10 to two is also mine. You left you Dave's like my clubhouse husband, for those of you, don't on clubhouse. I know. Yeah. I love. Yeah. Yeah.

Dr. Dave (25:01):
And I think that, like we were saying like, oh, you used to work 12, 10 to 12 hours a day. How I got to six and four was doing what we just said because I would just do meetings for the sake of meetings. And you have meetings on meetings, on meetings and you're just chatting about stuff. And it's like, Hey, it's nice to talk about stuff. And they might feel productive, but like all my hour meetings are now half hour meetings. My half hour meetings are 15 minute meetings. And if it needs to be less than 15 minutes, it's just not a meeting. Right. We just

Hayley Hobson (25:25):
Pick it off it's boxer. Right?

Dr. Dave (25:26):
Yeah. It's boxer.

Hayley Hobson (25:27):
So yeah. And, and you know what we do also, Dave is, um, now what I do for anything that's coming into my box that I need to review, actually give it to somebody else before it, before I see it. So like, let's just say hypothetically, like it's a blog post that's been written and it's gonna be going out. I have my marketing person read that, make sure that it's like completely dialed in. Every link works, blah, blah, blah, blah. So I'm not in there then telling them what to do to then come back and give it back to me, to them again. So like, I'm like the final sign off now on everything. And I get pissed when I have to look at something two or three times. So just it, and look, there may be a lot of people listening here that don't have teams that the extent that Dave has or I have, but hopefully you're learning something about just at least like putting things on your calendar.

Hayley Hobson (26:12):
Maybe you're making your own notes to yourself about what the meeting is about bullet points of what you wanna achieve. Maybe you're taking your own notes on the meeting. So you know how to follow up. Maybe you're assigning a task to somebody who's on the meeting with you. You don't have to have, I don't mean to imply that you have to have an executive assistant on the, on the, on the project manager and a bit, you don't have to have all of that, but you wanna get super organized. The other thing that I do every single day is I have my digital calendar up on the screen. And I, I, I, I come in here with my planner and either the night before, usually I do it Sunday for the whole week, but I just got back from the holidays and I haven't kind of caught up yet, but I will actually come in here and write my top three priorities today. So that visually they're, they're, you know, the, the hand to paper, the head to brain, that whole thing is happening. And then I can manually check them off, even though it's on my calendar, even though my Asana task, like it's all working together in a system where my brain is firing.

Dr. Dave (27:04):
Yeah. And to wrap that up, I would say it's just really important to protect your focus. It's your focus, time is be, is the most important. The time of you being focused is so important. Haley knows this. I actually, I told you about those 600 text messages. I delete, I changed my number and I only gave it to the people that I was like, you like your phone number? Did you do

Hayley Hobson (27:23):
That on? So you did that on purpose.

Dr. Dave (27:24):
Yeah. A hundred percent on purpose. Cuz I was getting so many texts from people that thought they had access to me. But like you have to understand like your text, like your phone and your text. That's very personal. That's like on you. And so I was letting business kind of infiltrate that and literally I'm not kidding you. I would wake up in the morning. I would have a hundred texts. And I was like, I am spending so much time on texts and even just not being present for my team in front of me, I'd be on a call and like ding, ding, ding texts are coming in. I'm not focused. And so I deleted that and I said, I gave it to certain people, Haley got it. But like I gave it to certain people that I was like, I I'm okay if this person has direct access to me because they respect and honor my time. But everybody else, here's how you get contact with me. I have Instagram. I have, you know, uh, all these other things,

Hayley Hobson (28:07):
WhatsApp. Yeah.

Dr. Dave (28:08):
And all those other things. And there's not an expectation like text and call. There's an expectation that you would get a text back. And I would almost feel obligated to text them back versus email and social media. Like that's checked on. Like I have that blocked into time where I check those things and that's like, Hey, it's like social media an hour a week, even for email. And this is just for me. And, and again, virtual assistant, I think assistants are incredible. You can get a virtual assistant for like five bucks an hour. Like it doesn't need to be any, but like I don't check email anymore ever. I don't ever check

Hayley Hobson (28:38):

Dr. Dave (28:38):
So that's not true. I have another email account, but the email account that everybody emails, right. My team goes through that 90% of the stuff that's emailed to me, they know the answer to, and they know how to respond to it. Oh, I wanna

Hayley Hobson (28:49):

Dr. Dave (28:50):
It's in your mastermind. 

Hayley Hobson (28:50):
I Feel like it's my twin. I feel like all that you and I need to collaborate more. Cause all the stuff you've been figuring out, I've been figuring out I have, what's called a Hailey read folder, which I could like screen share. It's all in capital letters. And my assistant goes through every email and just drops in what she wants me to see. And some of the things she's already taken care of, but anything that needs to be seen, it goes in there. Otherwise I don't have to look at my inbox. Um, and then on the phone number, oh my gosh, Dave. So Dave, you know that my social media accounts were all hacked about 10 days ago. Well, a little bit more than that. A little, a little while ago. And um, I basically, so I lost, so somebody hacked into my business manager, which is your like ad spending account.

Hayley Hobson (29:32):
And because that was violating community standards, uh, Facebook disabled, my personal profile took access away from me from my page. I can't see any of my groups. And then they disabled my Instagram account. So for those of you who are listening right now, please find me on my new Instagram account. I am Haley Hobson. And that's the new account, the same as my TikTok, by the way. And we're working hard to get that up and running. But here's the thing when I got disabled and I was not on social media for a little while, I couldn't get any, like, I don't know. I don't know how many Facebook messages are out there for me right now. I don't know how many personal business messages are out there for me right now. I wasn't getting any Instagram messages and for a split second, I was like, so then what I did, I didn't know.

Hayley Hobson (30:13):
You can't create a second personal profile on Facebook. So I went ahead, set up a new profile, friended like a hundred people that I wanted to be friends. And I was like, this is so cleansing. Like I don't have to look at Facebook with 5,000 people that I don't know. And they're quote unquote, friends of mine, like who are these people? So it felt so cleans. I was like for a split second, I'm like, I should change my phone number. And I didn't realize when you text me about a month ago, that that was actually on purpose that you did that for this reason. Cause I've literally been considering that.

Dr. Dave (30:45):
Yeah. And even for social media, just to hack, if we're talking about hacks for social media and I started to do this and now I have a VA that does this in the Philippines I go in and I mute everybody. Like so do I, I mute there's literally I have 17,000 followers, 16,800 of them are muted. So I don't see them on my feed. I don't see that on my other stuff. And it's not that I'm trying to be rude. It's that? And, and Hailey, this is the reason for the

Hayley Hobson (31:11):

Dr. Dave (31:11):
The, the, the reason for the phone thing is I'm sitting at dinner with my best friends. We're having a great conversation. And my phone is just ding, ding, ding. And actually the reason why it happened, the original reason was I turned off my notifications for my text, which I would strongly encourage you to. But I was talking to a girl and I wasn't getting her texts. And she, and I was like, you know, it'd be like eight hours and it would pass and I hadn't checked texts. And so I turned on my notifications and that's when I realized cuz of the dings, how many actually messages I was getting. And I was like, oh my gosh, like, this is unbelievable. That's what actually set it off. But even for social media, like when I scroll on social media, it takes me about two minutes to get to the end.

Dr. Dave (31:53):
Sometimes even a minute to get to the end of what everybody has posted for that day. Like there's not this just never ending feed of content. And I'm also able to like, and share and comment on the people I actually care about. Like, I wanna actually see your feed, like Haley, I wanna see your feed, but like Instagram doesn't necessarily prioritize your feed to me. But like I wanna see your feed. I wanna comment. I wanna share it. I wanna message you about it. And so the people that actually care about those are the people I actually follow and don't have muted. Everybody else is muted, you know? And it's not because I don't care about them. It's because when I was in front of, in front with my friends and I'm at dinner and I'm realizing I'm, I'm so distracted by all these messages of these people that I care about, but not nearly as much as these people that are in front of me.

Dr. Dave (32:32):
And I think that technology has allowed us to be more connected, but there is a stop point. You cannot be like we could, we spend so much time. And this is part of the why the people are so overwhelmed. They're connected in so many areas, you get slack, you got email or you got text, you got Voxer, you got clubhouse, you got so many different ways that people can get, can reach you. And we're not being present for the things that are right in front of us. We're not being present for our, in our relationships, in our teams. We're missing out on all of that because we're trying to be connected to everybody. And I would really encourage you maximum have two ways for people to connect with you. So if it's text and slack, then that's how it is. If it's text and email, that's, that's how it is.

Dr. Dave (33:14):
I'm not on slack anymore because I realized I was like, I can't do text, email and slack and do calls and do all the stuff. And so I had to eliminate the amount of information that was coming in so that I could actually think, and then be present for the people that have in front of me. And that's, I mean, biggest hack, hands down is changed my life even in the last six months. And I mean, Haley to, I mean, to you just being in the rooms, even on clubhouse and spending time with you, like time hacking has been one of the most powerful things for me and learning because we don't think about it enough. We just go about our day and go about, you know, this thing, this thing, this thing, we're task masters, we're checking off things. Oh, I just cleared my inbox, pray like the relief I would get when I would clear the 7,000 emails in my inbox.

Dr. Dave (33:57):
And I realized I was like, we are taskmaster and we are not mastering our time in a way that like, I wanna have deep relationships with the people that are like, I wanna have deep relationships with my team. I wanna have deep relationships with the people in my life. I cannot do that if I am not mastering my time. And, and again, I, I honor you for this because not only for me, I, I mean, for me as a high achiever, but, but just for everyone that's on that consumes the content that you do that does the challenges that you do, the amount of people that are actually mastering their time now is incredible. So just wanna honor you for that. And it's, uh, it's been powerful. It's just really transformed my life. So...

Hayley Hobson (34:32):
Yeah. Yeah. I love that. And I, I, I like a lot of these tools are the same. I do all the same thing. Like you guys go into your settings and your phone turn or all your notifications off. It's exactly what I do too. And it's not a muting because I'm not here and I don't wanna see you. I just wanna see when I wanna see you. And so I wanna be super present with you when I'm super present with you. So thank you for all those tips. There'll be a lot more of them  than I'm doing in the, in the five day, reclaim your time, John. So I hope that everybody's been listening and intrigued and interested and, and, and really excited about like pulling back some of these hacks, pulling the curtain back on some of these hacks so they can actually get more time in their day too. Dave, is there anything else that I did not ask you that you'd like to share before we wrap up?

Dr. Dave (35:12):
I would just say take the freaking challenge. And if you have a, if you, if you're wondering why like shoot me a DM and I'll get back to you in that hour that I check DMS, but it's it's we just don't, we don't do it enough. And I think that whenever you have an opportunity like this to do something where number one, does it even cost any money?

Hayley Hobson (35:33):
Yeah. 10 bucks. It's two bucks a day. Yeah.

Dr. Dave (35:34):
So 10. So, so for 10 bucks, right? For 10 bucks, if you were to say, Hey, for 10 bucks, I can get back five hours of my week. Well, first off, I don't know what you value yourself. I about a lot expensive a latte.  yeah, I don't, I don't know what your value is, but what you are per hour, but I'm just telling you if you wanna scale. And if you wanna step into the high performance, you wanna be more like Haley and crush it. Just take the dang challenge. Like don't question it don't be like, oh, I don't, I don't have time for this. Like first off, if you don't have time for this, that's the problem in the first place. So if you're listening to this, go to the link, it's probably in the comments below it, go to Haley's Instagram and actually just do it like say, Hey, I'm gonna commit for myself.

Dr. Dave (36:13):
I'm gonna commit to mastering my time. And even if you just get 5% better and get five hours back in your week, imagine what you can do over over 52 weeks. That's another 250 hours in a week. You could run another business with that. And if anything, you can, you know, have better relationships with your spouse and tell your spouse how, how much you care and appreciate them. So take the challenge. That's my that's, my close is just take the challenge. I'm gonna be in there. I'm gonna be doing it again. So I just encourage you guys to take the challenge and take advantage of what Haley is offering to you, because there's just, you know, the time is now, the time is not yesterday. You wanna make changes in the new year. You wanna do new things. You wanna make you ha the time is now. You gotta take advantage of it now. So it's great being on here, Hailey. I love you. And I appreciate you so much, and I'm just excited for, for what we have next.

Hayley Hobson (37:03):
I appreciate you too. Thank you.

Hayley Hobson (37:06):
I am so glad day was able to join us today. I get so pumped talking to experts who are also passionate about wellbeing and success I could spend. I could spend all day talking about these things and I don't know about you, but he dropped some truth bombs today when, when it comes to why we, why we have to struggle with time. I mean, some days I feel compressed about time, but thankfully I have a special technique for managing my calendar and ensuring I get to work out every day. I get to spend time with my family every day, and I eat healthy, nutritious food every day, which means I'm a loaded with natural energy, which can be annoying, too tired, high achievers. And honestly this technique helps bring calm to what would otherwise be an incredibly overwhelming schedule. So if you use time as an excuse way too often, first of all, no judgment, but more importantly, you can learn a new approach to managing your time inside the reclaim your time challenge.

Hayley Hobson (38:20):
And don't stress that we've already started. You can still totally catch up easily. I mean, isn't it worth a little binge watching to get back an hour or more in your schedule every day, because that's the important thing to remember once you know, this technique and custom tailor it for your priorities, your goals and your situation you'll have that skill for life. So, yeah, it'll take you an extra hour this week to catch up. But by applying my time and task management process, you'll be able to get back time forever. Not to mention having breathing room in your schedule, feel like all your tasks and projects are more doable and that you do have time to take care of yourself every single day, pretty rocking, right? So here's the link to register right now. challenge. I'll post it in the show notes too, but don't wait.

Hayley Hobson (39:24):
Be urgent. Replay. Access ends this Sunday, January 14th. And while this content is bites sized, you only have a few days left to learn the technique, create your own plan. Using the challenge planner that comes with each day's content and create a new calendaring system. That's perfect for high achievers already. People inside the challenge are seeing results. I'm getting comments like I'm excited for my internal world to reflect how I'm meant to live productive, organized, and calm. That's from Michelle and another challenge member Kathy just said, I think I can see where there's actually room to breathe and add to my day so I can fulfill my dreams of financial comfort and freedom to do what I really want. Incredible. Yeah, Kathy, you can, you can do that when you know how to use your time effectively. And Brooke shared that she's feeling a little closer to calm in the chaos. I love hearing feedback like this. It's what gets me up in the morning. So if you want more calm in your life to stop letting chaos control you on the daily and finally have the space to fulfill your dreams, like Kathy said, then the reclaim your time challenges for you. And again, the link is Thanks again to Dr. Dave for joining me here today. Definitely give him a follow if you haven't and I'll see ya next week, my friends, and actually sooner inside the challenge.

I’m so glad Dave was able to join us today…

I get so pumped talking to experts who are also passionate about wellbeing AND success.

I could spend alllll day talking about these things. LOL

I dunno about you… but he dropped some truth bombs today when it comes to why we have this struggle with time.

I mean, some days I feel compressed about time.

But thankfully, I have a special technique for managing my calendar – and ensuring I get to work out every day… I get to spend time with my family every day… and I eat healthy, nutritious food every day… which means I’m loaded with natural energy.

Which can be annoying to tired high achievers. LOL

And honestly? 

This technique helps bring calm to what would otherwise be an incredibly overwhelming schedule.

So if you use time as an excuse wayyyy too often…

First of all, no judgement.

But more importantly… you can learn a new approach to managing your time… inside the Reclaim Your Time Challenge.

And don’t stress that we’ve already started.

You can still totally catch up easily.

I mean, isn’t it worth a little binge-watching to get back an hour or more in your schedule very day?

Because that’s the important thing to remember…

Once you know this technique… and custom tailor it for YOUR priorities… YOUR goals…

And YOUR situation…

You’ll have that skill FOR LIFE.

So yeah. It’ll take you an extra hour this week to catch up…

But by applying my time- and task-management process… you’ll be able to get back time FOREVER.

Not to mention have breathing room in your schedule…

Feel like all your tasks and projects are more doable…

And that you DO have time to take care of yourself….

Every. Single. Day.

Pretty rockin’, right?

So here’s the link to sign up right now:

I’ll post it here in the show notes too.

But don’t wait.

Replay access ends this Sunday, January 14th.

And while this content IS bite-sized… you only have a few days left to learn the technique…

…create your OWN plan using the Challenge Planner that comes with each day’s content…

And create a new calendaring system that’s perfect for high achievers.

Already people inside the Challenge are seeing results.

Comments like… “I’m excited for my internal world to reflect how I know I’m meant to live. Productive, organised and calm.” That’s from Michelle.

Another Challenge member, Cathy, just said, “I think I can see where there is actually room to breathe – and add to my days so I can fulfill my dreams of financial comfort and freedom to do what I really want.”


Yes, Cathy. You CAN do that when you know how to use your time effectively.

And Brooke shared that she’s QUOTE “feeling a little closer to calm in all the chaos.” UNQUOTE

I love hearing feedback like this.

It’s what gets me up in the morning.

So if you want more calm in your life… to stop letting chaos control you on the daily… 

AND finally have the space to fulfill YOUR dreams, like Cathy said…

Then the Reclaim Your Time Challenge is for you.

Thanks again to Dr. Dave for joining me here today…

Definitely give him a follow if you haven’t yet.

And I’ll see ya next week, friends!