Goal setting? 3 coaching tips to hit them faster

I’ve been thinking a lot about goals lately…

And why soooo many people talk the talk… but don’t walk the walk.

Here’s an example:

I work with a lot of people in a group coaching setting.

So I hear allllll these amazing dreams and personal goals all the time.

Like: I’m gonna double my sales this year.

I’m gonna lose those 20 pounds I picked up since COVID.

I’m gonna eat healthier… add more veggies and cut back on meat.

These are all beautiful goals. Totally worthy.

AND totally doable.

But not everyone takes action or follows through.

So what happens? Nothing.

Your biz stays flat… or maybe even dips… 

You STILL eat the same way you did… lots of processed foods, meat, sugar, etc… despite REALLY wanting to feel better.

And if you don’t make new choices… those pandemic pounds stay firmly in place… and you keep feeling heavy and slow and achy and just unhappy inside your body.

So today I thought I’d share 3 coaching tips to actually help you start taking ACTION.

Because what I absolutely know is that once you start taking action… you’ll start to see results… and that builds momentum. 

Which is incredibly motivating.

The first step is always the hardest. 

So let’s start with the BIGGEST reason you don’t take action on your goals.

And that's because something’s going on inside your brain.

There is a reason you haven’t taken action yet.

So… what is it?

Now, before you answer this… here’s where coaching comes in.

I don’t wanna hear your excuses.

Or quote-unquote “reasons” as you may tell yourself.

I want you to go deeper than that.

And… Be. Honest.

  • What are you avoiding?

  • Do you REALLY want the thing you say you want?

  • What beliefs are stopping you from making a change?

Once you can answer those questions with complete honesty… breakthroughs will happen.

You can apply conscious action to overcome whatever that thing is.

Here’s an example.

You say you want to drop some excess pounds. 

And first of all, I get it. It’s happened to a lot of people.
All that sitting around… stress eating carbs… not to mention: the holidays!

It’s cold outside… gyms were closed for awhile… you hate working out in a mask.

Yadda yadda.

Those are all stories that led to where you are now.

But the beautiful thing about coaches is…

We literally don’t give a flying eff WHY you are where you are.

Coaching is all about “what are you gonna do from here to get to where you wanna go?”

As in: the present and the future.

Yeah, it’s good to know the past for context, but we don’t dwell there.

SO… in the case of saying you wanna get back into fighting shape, to have more energy, and just feel better… 

But you just can’t seem to pull the trigger on changes…. WHY?

Again, be honest.

  • Does it seem like too much work?

  • Do you believe you’re gonna work super hard and not have the outcome you want?

  • Will it say something about you that you’re afraid to share with the world?

  • Is someone ELSE telling you you need to lose weight… and it’s simply not an actual priority for you at the moment?

  • Have you not suffered enough?

Suffering is an interesting concept and I should totally do an episode about it...

But for now, what is the WHY behind your lack of action? Because there is one.

If you REALLY wanted to make a change… you’d prioritize it… and make it happen. 

You’d show up and put in the effort.

So… if you’re letting excuses protect you from the change you SAY you want…

Spend some time doing introspective work to find out.

Full disclaimer: this is hard to do. 

But then, you can consciously apply action to overcome that obstacle.

AND you’ll be more aware of the moments when you want to stop.

You’ll have the reason clear as day in front of you… and you can remind yourself that you want CHANGE more than you want to stay the same.

Ok… so let’s move on to the second coaching point.

And that’s to share your goals with people you trust.

It’s a sneaky way to hold yourself accountable.

Here’s an example…

One of my friends accidentally started a business last year. LOL

She’s a graphic designer who started doing freelance work after getting laid off from her corporate job.

She had literally no expectations at first.

It was totally, “Eh, I’ll freelance until I get hired at another company.”

But she ended up being consistently busy and it turned into a full fledged business.

In her first 6 months, she surpassed the salary she was making at her full time job.

And she knows I’m an entrepreneur too, so she’s come to me with the kind of questions you always wanna know but are afraid to ask.

Especially around money.

Women are SUPREMELY afraid to talk openly about money.

I should make an entire other podcast episode about that because I have sooo many thoughts on this topic LOL.


Late in the summer, she came to me and said:

“You know what? I’m just gonna put this out there.

I wanna make $200,000 this year in my business. That’s my goal.”

She was actually kind of embarrassed to say it. She was afraid of what I would think about her…

She was afraid of success herself! It took a lot of courage for her to say that out loud.

I said, “YES GIRL! That’s amazing! I know you can do it.”

And as later months went by, she’d send me a little text here or there with progress updates on how close she was to her goal.

She actually became more comfortable with talking about money… without being all braggy about it.

She told me she found that holding herself accountable became easier once she spoke the words and put her goals out into the universe. 

Someone besides her knew her goals… and she wanted to achieve them even more.

Now here’s what I’ll say about this.

Two things actually.

Number 1: choose your trusted people wisely.

You want cheerleaders on your side… not people who are gonna compete with you… be jealous… or otherwise hold you back.

You want rah-rah people to invest your confidence in.

And number 2… I know there are a lot of “biz babe” social accounts out there that tout the philosophy about not talking about your goals, just doing them and showing the haters…

And I get that. I actually do.

But it’s not realistic.

It’s really hard to be successful in a vacuum. 

Whenever you get a big win… or you have an uncomfortable question or topic… and you literally make it so no one can support you?

You suffocate your flow. You minimize your achievements.

So yes… you don’t have to broadcast your shiz everywhere… especially if you’re more of a private person…

But invest in your inner circle.

It really will help you stay accountable… and keep the momentum going when you have a small crew of supporters who have your back.

Now, this last coaching tip is on the tactical side.

And that’s about how you manage your time.

Because, as I always say, we all have the same amount of time as Oprah.

And when people use TIME as their excuse for why they can’t achieve their dreams and goals… I get fired up.

Literally, I can FEEL heat rise in my body. LOL

Most of us waste tons of time each day… 

Or we’re unrealistic with our time… which leads to overcommitting… and under-delivering.

The good news here is… YOU are the designer of your days.

Sure, you have commitments… we all do.

But what if you could re-organize your time to be more effective?

What if you could literally carve out time each day to work toward your goals?

Whether that’s to end your day a bit earlier so you can try a new plant-based recipe for dinner…

Or better yet, save time by paying someone to make it for you. LOL

And PS on this… meal prep services and healthy meal delivery are actually way more affordable than you think!

Or in the case of you wanting to get healthier and shed some excess weight…

What if you could shift around your schedule so you were able to create an extra hour for yourself to take that fitness class you’ve wanted to try?

Or actually sit down for a nice lunch instead of scarfing down whatever carb-y snack you keep nearby for a quick burst of energy? 

And STILL knock out your to-do list every day?

Or what if I was to just hang out a little longer with your family in the evenings? Like literally hang out. Play a game. Without that huge to do list on your mind? 

Or let’s say your goal is to bring in more money… hitting a certain revenue goal like my friend I told you about.

She learned how to structure her time so her most important work… an hour a day where she works on projects to scale her biz… PLUS manage all the client work she has.

She has a young son, so being able to spend time with him is also super important to her.

And now she’s able to grow her biz… AND have the kind of personal life she wants…

Because she knows how to plan her time better -- around the things she prioritizes. Which includes her biz.

Which is actually a really good segue here…

If you want to learn how to manage YOUR time better…

To get more shiz done in less time… AND with less effort…

You’re exactly the sort of person who will benefit from my Reclaim Your Time Challenge.

Not only will you learn a highly-effectively calendaring process… you’ll revolutionize your relationship with time.

It won’t be your enemy anymore…

That thing that’s holding you back from your dreams…

That you never have enough of…

That stresses you out…

Instead, you’ll learn how to work WITH time.

To treat it as your BFF… and finally… FINALLY have a system that makes time management EASY.

I ran this challenge last year and the people who joined said things like - I’m gonna read you a few real quick here…

“OMG, I totally feel less anxious now.”

And “I’m finally taking control of my time and not reacting throughout the day.”

And here’s a good one: “I’m one of those busy moms who puts everyone else first… and now I know how to use my time better… I’ve created time to prioritize myself and my needs… so I’m able to show up for my family and stop running on empty.”

I get tons of biz owners and high performers whenever I run this challenge too…

They say it helps them create breathing room… space to be more creative…

To find new solutions... and stress less…

And actually designate time toward big projects and goals.

They say they see how much faster they’re able to get shiz done…

Which means the RESULTS show up faster.

And that’s highly motivating.

All that to say…

The Reclaim Your Time Challenge is perfect if you’ve got big goals you wanna work on… but you can’t seem to find the time.

Whether those goals are personal or professional.

Over the course of 5 days, you’ll learn my signature time and task management technique… which can actually give you back an extra hour or more each day.

You’ll also come away with a new mindset about time… and stop seeing it as an enemy.

What you’ll learn inside the challenge can be put into practice RIGHT AWAY.

So starting on day 1… you’ll start applying the technique in your own life.

Right now, it’s just ten bucks to join the 5-day challenge.

Imagine that… two bucks a day to learn a technique that can give you back an hour or more each day.

An hour of your time is worth way more than 2 bucks, right?

I certainly think so.

So go ahead and get your pass at

It starts January 10th… and is online. So you can join from anywhere in the world.

The price of your pass DOES include replays… so if you can’t show up live, you’ll still be able to catch the session later.

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Ok? Have a good week… and I'll see ya online.