Anti-aging secrets: Age backwards with NMN, NAD + collagen

So it’s no secret that I’m SUPER into the latest woo woo wellness techniques.

To stay at the top of my game mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Plus, TBH, I think it’s kinda fun and cool.

Well, my obsession with this kinda stuff is actually a bit of a joke in my family.

Meaning with my parents.

My dad is a retired old school doctor and you should HEAR what HE thinks about me being into things like…

  • Ice baths.
  • Vitamin IV drips.
  • And adding collagen powder to my diet to reverse premature aging and have more energy.
Which, BTW, I’m literally gonna ship to his house without telling him.

Along with the rest of the MetaPWR kit that is hot on the market right now.

And already the #1 thing I can’t live without in my daily routine.

It’s literally flying off the shelves, so if you wanna check this out too, now’s the time.

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I gotta tell ya, friends.

I thought I knew A LOT about wellness, nutrition, supplementation…

But it turns out I was barely scratching the surface.

You see, I realized I wasn’t going deep enough.

Sure, for decades I’ve been doing all the things we know we should be doing…

Like moisturizing.

Wearing sunscreen.

Drinking at least half your weight in water each day.

Detoxing and reducing exposure to chemicals and toxins.

But I wasn’t really thinking about cellular health. Or metabolic health.

The kind of health that truly matters.

That defines whether we’re growing older… or growing YOUNGER.

Yes, of course, I’ve been putting healthy foods and supplements into my body…

But when I learned about how energy is actually produced – and what it means for every other system and process in the body – I got obsessed.

For example, you probably know that energy is produced in cells called mitochondria.

But did you know that mitochondria are responsible for all sorts of other incredible things?

One of them is a process called apoptosis.

Which means cell death.

Now, before you get worried about this… cell death is actually a GOOD thing.

When cells get old or damaged, they need to be cleared out by the body. To be replaced by new, fresh cells.

So if you get a cut or scratch… and it begins to heal, that’s apoptosis at work.

Another good example of apoptosis is in the appearance of the skin.

When mitochondria aren’t firing the way they should be, our skin gets dull and rough, wrinkles set in, and we actually LOOK older.

But when they ARE performing at their peak, skin stays tight. It retains moisture. And it looks healthy – like in our youth when mitochrondria are pumping super strong.

So with this example in mind… think about how this concept plays out in every other part of the body.

With poor apoptosis, your brain can’t delete bad or broken cells… which means cognitive decline sets in.

Your heart gets clogged with unhealthy cells… leading to poor circulation.

Your immune system suffers… which means you get sick more often.

And on and on.

So, I’m sure you’re thinking, isn’t this just a normal part of aging?

And the answer is NO.

We don’t have to be resigned to slowing down, declining, or skyrocketing our health issues as we get older.

I know, it’s actually kinda controversial to say that. 

Especially to someone like my dad who has lived his entire life holding on to the belief and the EXPECTATION that it’s all downhill after 40. LOL

And for a long time, most people have held this same belief.

That’s because between 30 and 40, our mitochondria begin needing more support.

Which, up until recently, was super difficult to do.

Especially ‘cause hardly anyone knew about this. Or were actively working to improve mitochondrial function.

So of course, if you hold this “it is what it is” mindset, you’re not gonna rock the status quo.

You’re going to continue to see your chronological age as your biological age.

Which are actually two very different things.

Chronological age is how many days, months, and years your body has actually existed on the planet.

And  biological age is how old your body SEEMS and BEHAVES.

They don’t have to go hand-in-hand. They don’t have to be 1:1.

For example, have you seen pictures of someone who has spent many years in the sun?

They literally LOOK older.

They could be 35 years old but look 60. That’s an example of chronological age vs biological age.

While you can’t change your chronological age, you CAN change your biological age.

And to change your biological age, you need to start with your cells.

With those mitochondria I’ve just told you about.

To make them healthy and strong, you need to increase an enzyme called NAD.

But here’s the problem…

You can’t touch or influence NAD directly.

What you CAN do, however, is influence a precursor to NAD called NMN.

When you boost your NMN intake, it creates a biochemical reaction to boost NAD.

So how exactly do you get more NMN into your bod?

Well, you can do it via food… which gives you micro-doses.

But if you’re over 30 (which I’ll be in just two years LOL)...

It’s highly likely you need more of a boost than that.

Especially if you struggle with things like weight management and energy.

Or you have a history of certain health issues or ones that run in your family.

Like Alzheimers, cancer, heart disease, or diabetes.

Which all have ties to low NAD levels.

Which is where supplementation comes in.

And not any old kind of supplementation.

I’m talkin’ about HIGH TECH supplementation.

The kind that not only combines cutting edge solutions for health and wellness like NMN, NAD, and collagen…

But actually increases their bioavailability.

Meaning how well your body can soak up, retain, and process the nutrients.

Wringing out as much goodness as possible. As EASILY as possible.

So what really sold me on this MetaPWR line is A) that it’s all-natural, good for ya ingredients.

And B) it’s actually wayyyyy more potent and user-friendly than the older products out there.

For example, Meta is 12 times more bioavailable than the old school NMN, NAD, and collagen supplements out there.

Which means you get 12 times better results.

AND more bang for your buck.

You know how frustrating it is when you buy a container of something – like protein powder (or, if you’re like my daughter, a bag of potato chips LOL)...

Open it up, and half the container is empty?

That’s essentially what goes on in your body when you consume the old kind of supplements.

Your body opens it up and is kinda like, what the hell? Where’s all the stuff I asked for? LOL

Meta also has NINE different kinds of collagen in it, which not only plumps up your skin, gives it better elasticity, and a smoother, more youthful appearance…

But also improves muscle performance, improves cell membrane strength (AKA: helps those mitochonridria stay healthy and strong), AND promotes the GOOD kind of apoptosis.

The kind that turns over damaged cells so new, healthy ones can come in.

Just like your body did on its own in your teens and twenties.

Oh, one more reason why I’m 100% sold on the Meta line versus other NMN, NAD, and collagen powders I’ve tried before…

It actually TASTES good.

It’s not grainy or gritty.

And it’s a lemon-orange flavor that is super yummy.

So it’s no sweat for me to scoop it into my water and drink it in the morning.

Unlike some other products I’ve used before where I literally had to talk myself into doing it.

With an actual countdown. 

Three… two… one… BLECH. LOL

Meta has none of that.

AND, because it’s a complete system, it’s all consciously designed to work together.

Meaning the collagen and NMN, NAD powders support your internal systems… your cognitive performance… and your skin and muscles…

AND the oil blend, gum, and soft gels that come in the kit help curb cravings and the bad habits many of us have relied on for energy… like sugar, caffeine, and simple carbs.

So not only are you improving how you look on the outside… how you fit into those skinny jeans… 

You’re also doing your damndest to ensure you’re here for many more years.

Even more vital, energized, and active than ever before.

That’s really what I’m wanting for my dad. And my mom.

To be here to watch their granddaughters grow up. Get married. Have kids of their own.

To travel. Be active. And give me shit for many, many more years. LOL

Although hopefully when they get onboard with the MetaPWR I’m shipping their way, they won’t sass me about NMN, NAD, and collagen.

They’ll reserve it for cryotherapy. Or RFID blocking. Or whatever new underground biohacks I discover next. LOL

Anyway, check out MetaPWR by visiting

Or reply to any of my social posts with the word REVERSE.

I wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t personally use it and believe in it. 

Let’s grow YOUNG together, my friends!

I’ll see ya online.