5 Surprising Hacks to Banish Burnout

So, by now you likely know that I’m a self-proclaimed self-care junkie.
To be real with ya… I am super invested ‘cause I have a lot of people who depend on me.
My family… my friends… my parents… my team… I run two businesses… 
And if I didn’t make taking care of myself a priority… it would all come crashing down.
And it would impact way more than just me.
I have women on my team who are the sole providers for their families.
People who have chosen to leave lucrative, stable careers because they enrolled in my vision.
And if I wasn’t able to carry on… THEIR lives would be impacted too.
Maybe you’re one of the bazillions of biz owners running SUPER low on steam right now.
Which doesn’t feel good – and TBH, it’s not good for your biz either.
If you’re operating at a low vibration, that’s what you’re gonna attract.

You’re gonna attract problems. Chaos. Literal energy vampires.
Which I mean, yeah, Halloween is right around the corner.
But they need to move the eff on. 
So to help ya raise your vibration… take GOOD care of yourself on the daily… and release burnout…
Today I’m gonna share some killer hacks to help you supercharge your energy levels…
While obliterating that burnout… before it hits soul-deep.
And BT dubs… if you’re already feeling burned out at that level… these hacks will help ya out too.
Lately, the biggest game-changing energy hack I’ve found is doTERRA’s new MetaPWR system.
It’s an all-in-one supplementation system that I’ve added to my morning, afternoon, and evening routine. 
It honestly has all sorts of benefits including weight loss, longevity, cellular repair, glowing skin… the list goes on. 
BUT, where I’ve noticed the biggest shift is in my energy.
I’ll tell you all about it in a bit but if you wanna learn more right now go to -- or comment the word REVERSE on any of my socials. 
Ok so let’s get into the rest of the hacks. 
The next one is super fun.
And it’s something you can start doing literally right now.
And that’s making your mealtimes luxurious.
AKA stop shoveling down food while sitting at your desk.
Or eating whatever is leftover on your kids’ plates. 
Instead, I wanna challenge you to treat yo’ self.
Whether that’s to take your lunch outside and eat in the sunshine – assuming you’re somewhere like San Diego where it’s sunny pretty much every day of the year…
Not freezing your butt off in Colorado, like I am in January. LOL
Or maybe you decide to dress up. Put on real pants (not leggings) that actually fit. LOL 
Or make yourself a tasty mocktail to accompany your feast.
The point is, take it seriously…
Because eating luxuriously triggers to your brain that you are worth more.
You are a queen, my friend… and you deserve to treat yourself as if you are.
When you make yourself a luxurious dining experience, you WILL feel it.
And you begin to literally rewire your brain to EXPECT luxury.
I mean, have you ever flown first class?

Once you do, then you ALWAYS know what you’re missing.

Especially when you’re stuck back in the cheap seats. LOL
When you treat yourself – and your meals – luxuriously… you’re going to remember why you started your business in the first place.
And trust me, it wasn’t to eat some shitty microwave meal while standing up reading emails.
The truth is, most entrepreneurs started their businesses because they couldn’t stand that kind of lifestyle.
Where you literally feel stressed about eating.
Which BTW actually causes you mental, physical, and emotional harm… skyrocketing cortisol levels and inflammation which are known to cause disease.
So, do yourself a favor – and savor that flavor. (that should be a soundbite) LOL
Eat really yummy food that nourishes your body – and literally SHOW yourself that you’re worth it.
Hack #3 is a bit more practical.
And I can pretty much guarantee that if you’re in the burnout zone, you’re gonna experience some resistance to it.
And it’s investing in help.
It could be help in your biz – or it could be help in your personal life.

Let’s say you’re so busy growing your biz that you find yourself not having much time – or let’s be real… ENERGY – to do things around your house.

Like clean.

Or grocery shop.

Or make meals.

Or, like I said… do your own Starbucks run. LOL (Think I’ll get a Door Dash sponsorship out of this? LOL)

But the thought of paying someone else to take care of those things for you is a total block. 

Maybe you even see it as wasteful or expensive…

So I wanna offer you another way to think about this.

What is your time worth?

If you work with clients or customers, you probably have an idea.

If you don’t know, assign yourself an hourly rate. But something realistic. Don’t be like, my time is worth 5 bucks an hour. 

If someone offered you that, you’d tell ‘em to go take a flying leap. LOL

I’ll tell ya a quick story of what changed once I applied this mindset shift.

I’m a bit of an organizational, clean freak.

And I used to clean my house from top to bottom once a week.

Then, my biz really started picking up.

And OMG, the VERY last thing I wanted to do at the end of the week was clean.

Which takes me about 6 hours.

And when I did the math on what I could earn in those 6 hours… it was an absolute no-brainer to outsource it.

‘Cause the cost of paying someone else to do it for me was wayyyyy less than me doing it myself.

And ya know what?

Even if I did absolutely NOTHING with those 6 hours… it was worth having my sanity restored.

Now that I have a house cleaner once a week, I actually FEEL better.

Clutter makes me anxious – so having the house tidy and clean is super soothing to my nervous system.

P.S. that's a whole other subject for later – loving the energy of the space you live in or work in….

Anyway, there are tons of other creative ways you can reduce or eliminate the things that suck your energy.

Like grocery shopping…

Maybe you don’t wanna pay the delivery fees of an Instacart or something like that.

But have you thought about curbside pickup?

Most grocery stores these days have this service… and the minimum for it to be free is usually low. Like $30-35.

If you have kids… this hack is a LIFE saver. 

And if you’re someone who orders takeout or goes out to eat because you don’t wanna cook…

Or you heat up crappy, bad-for-ya frozen meals ‘cause you just need something quick…

A personal chef may be a good idea for you. 

Nope, not even kidding.

I bet you’re thinking “OMG, Hayley, that’s soooooo expensive. I’m not a Kardashian!” 

First of all… A… it’s actually pretty affordable.

And B… the Kardashians don’t eat. LOL

So I have to tell you this real quick. It kinda bummed me out.

I dunno if you saw this episode or read the headlines about it, but apparently Kendall and Kylie got super concerned about how thin Khloe has gotten.

So they brought it up with her… AND SHE WAS THRILLED ABOUT IT.

Oof. Made me sad.

Anyway… back to outsourcing meal making.

We have a personal chef who makes meals and delivers them to us. 

We get 4 entrees a week, plus 2 sides (which is at least 4 servings of each… maybe more depending on what we get). 

It costs us between $260-$300 including the groceries -- which is like $15-18 a meal.  

And these are HEALTHY meals… cooked to our liking.

SO yeah, it MAY be a tad bit more expensive than cooking it yourself… but again, what’s your time worth? 

Especially if you don’t like cooking? Or don’t have the time or energy?

And if you're doing Door Dash and paying a delivery fee… Or picking up and tipping, it’s probably less expensive. 

Point being, when you look at it from the “what’s my time worth” angle… your hesitancy to invest in help may actually change.
Another way to beat biz burnout as a biz owner is by volunteering.
I know you’re thinking “Ummmm Hayley, are you kidding me? I’m burnt out! You want me to do MORE? Give more to someone else??”
In short, yes.
Like I did this past summer in the Leadership Training I coached. It was 100% volunteer.  
Did you know that?  
Four months. Some weeks 5-6 hours a week. Some weeks 2-4 twelve-hour days.  
I’m not kidding you. 
And it lit me the F up. 
Because here’s the truth.
When you give more, you receive more.

It’s the law of reciprocity.
It usually works out that what you give what you DO have… you receive what you don’t. 
How much you can have a moment in their success.
We all have something to give.
Our time… our energy… our skills… our talents… even just ears willing to listen.
Volunteering is a hugely popular (and successful) way for entrepreneurs in burnout mode to regain their strength… and raise their vibration.
And trust me, my vibration was elevated. Not to mention my relationships. More on that in a sec.
And last but not least, I recommend anyone out there who is burning out or floundering in their life strongly consider investing in mentorship.
I’ve shared the story of how my husband and I were struggling in our marriage…
So we invested in a leadership program together.
Yep, same program I ended up volunteering for.
For us, investing in our leadership (with mentors, of course) has really helped.
We’re communicating better… being more conscious of our feelings and the true root cause of some of our challenges…
And we’re operating on the same level now.
Not to mention, getting mentored is really helping me both professionally and in my personal or social life.
It’s opened my world to an entirely new network of entrepreneurs who look at life and biz the same way as I do.

AND I’ve met some of my very best friends through mentorship… and actually expanded my business (and my income) by collabing with them professionally.
Or just connecting on a whole new level.
It’s even expanded my doTERRA biz.
I love that both Wes and I are so committed to growth and not letting burnout get in the way of us having a successful biz and hot relationship…
He’s even doing the MetaPWR system with me! 
You know – the supplementation system I mentioned earlier! 
I’m loving the energy boost it’s giving me and he legit lost 4 pounds in the first 2 weeks of using the system! 
I’m telling ya, there are all sorts of benefits people are reporting…
It’s designed to: 
  • Reverse premature aging.
  • Eliminate inflammation (which causes disease).
  • Release stubborn weight – I’m talking “fit into your old skinny jeans” stubborn weight. 
  • Regain youthful energy and vitality.
  • Plump up, smooth and freshen skin.
  • Strengthen muscles.
  • AND improve bone density and joint health…
Can you tell I’m obsessed? LOL. 
The link again if you wanna check it out is:
Or you can always drop the word REVERSE on any of my socials and I’ll shoot ya the link that way. 
That’s it for me today, friends… have a great week… and I’ll see ya online.