Ice Bath Review — is it worth the hype?

So recently my husband Wes and I have been talking about redoing our backyard.

Maybe putting in a pool.

Actually, he’s been talking about it for years. But COVID really slowed things down. 

And I’m glad we waited. 

Because my suggestion is an ice tub.

Not a hot tub. An ice tub. 

I promise you I’m not crazy… LOL

This is a super hot (HA!) trend – one I’ve gotten really into lately.

And I’m gonna share why with you today.

But before we get into that…

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Ok, so lemme get back into ice baths.

And why I’m obsessed with them.

If you’ve been tuning in lately… or following me on social… 

You know I’ve been on this “woo woo” wellness journey for the last two decades plus.

And for the last few months, I’ve turned it up to an eleven. LOL

‘Cause this whole anti-aging and longevity movement is blowing up.

And there are sooooo many modalities coming out now.

I’m on a mission to try as many as I can.

I decided to try ice baths a few years ago. Just in a spa-type of environment. But then again this past summer a few times. Because they have some really incredible physical health benefits, like for post-workout recovery.

Cryotherapy – which is the wellness category ice baths fall into – helps to reduce inflammation and swelling.

And relieve sore muscles.

It also has some really awesome immune system benefits as well.

What really got me intrigued about it is the whole inflammation piece.
‘Cause inflammation accelerates premature aging.
And it’s actively involved in a ton of diseases and disorders I want zero part in, like:
  • Cancer.
  • Dementia slash Alzheimers.
  • Heart disease.
  • And depression.
Some of these run in my family, so obviously I wanna do whatever I can to minimize my risk of getting them.
Inflammation also makes you more susceptible to colds, flus, and other viral illnesses – so that’s another key perk.
Some of my friends have cold tubs at their house, so when I was invited to a cold tub party earlier this year, first I was like “Umm, no thank you.”
But after some persuasion, I was like, “OK, I’ll try it again!”
So lemme tell ya what my experience was like. 
‘Cause it’s kinda funny.
So, picture this…
There’s a small tub, big enough for just one person.
And it’s usually in someone’s backyard or on their patio.
Usually an outside thing.
And it’s exactly what it sounds like.
Ice water in the tub.
So you wear your bathing suit and you get in.
And you usually sit in there for like 3-5 minutes.
You definitely work your way up.
I wish I could say that I jumped right in, like diving into a cold pool…
Get it over with as fast as possible.
But the truth is, I actually eked my way in.
That’s how most people do it.
And OMGGGGG… the things that go through your mind are hilarious.
If I remember correctly, my brain was going “This sucks, this sucks, this sucks” over and over for the first couple of minutes.
I had no idea the mental challenge an ice bath would bring me.
I literally had to keep reminding myself… once it’s over, it’s gonna be amazing.
I’m pretty sure people were talking to me as I lowered myself in, but to this day I have no idea what they said. 
Unless, of course, I go back to my IG stories (I’ve highlighted them for you in the “woo woo wellness” highlight I created).
‘Cause the mental back and forth inside my head was so loud. LOL
Side note, do you know that Xander has his own highlight as well? Gotta check that one out….
Anyway, once you get fully submerged (your head doesn’t get wet though), it’s this interesting lesson in acceptance.
Four minutes never felt so long LOL.
But toward the end, it’s not so bad.
I mean, I’m not saying I was warm or anything – I was definitely aware of the cold – but the internal chatter died down.
I started picturing the inflammation going down in my body…
My immune system waking up…
And when the timer went off to get out of the tub, I was a little euphoric.
It was a wild ride in just 4 minutes. LOL
So I get out, wrap myself in a warm towel, and kinda think to myself – wow, I did it.
And a bit later in the day, I noticed that Ii wasn’t sore the way I normally am after a morning workout.
I had more energy. 
I was still riding that buzz of my ice bath.
And that night, I slept SO well.
So what did I do next?

Well, I started researching more about cryotherapy.
And discovered the Goop Lab series on Netflix.
Which I ended up binging like, all weekend long.
Gwyneth Paltrow is now my GIRL.
I really didn’t know much about her before I discovered that series…
But we actually have a lot in common.
Especially when it comes to “woo woo” wellness.
There was an entire episode on the Wim Hof method – which is a specific kind of cold plunge biohack that also involves breathwork.
It’s also been shown to help release the buildup of brown adipose tissue – which can lead to fat loss.
And it helps balance hormone levels, improve sleep quality, and boost the production of endorphins — the feel-good chemicals that naturally elevate your mood.
So that was my entry into the Goop rabbit hole. LOL
And since then, any chance I get to go to a friend’s cold tub party, I’m pretty much the first one there. 
Cause now I’m IN.
Hence why I suggested to Wes we put an cold plunge tub in our backyard reno plan. LOL
And while ice baths are hitting the mainstage, they’ve been around for a LONG time.
Like at least 3500 BC. 
I mean, wow.
Crazy how it’s getting popular just right now.
Elite athletes use them all the time – high school, college, pro… 
It’s an everyday thing.
If you watch Ted Lasso, then you know what I mean.
Or, like, any football movie from the last 40 years.
There’s always at least one locker room scene with someone in an ice bath after a game or practice.
And now, this super healing practice is being used by other “woo woo” wellness warriors like me…
Who are looking for any advantage to stay healthy and strong.
Not to mention, age backwards!
If you wanna try this too, an easy, beginner level is to take a super cold shower.
Intermediate level is to do an ice bath at home.
Fill up your bathtub with cold water and ice cubes.
Climb in and sit there for 3 minutes.
The first 4 seconds is the hardest – so stick with it.
Overcoming the mental part is the trick.
Or you can jump straight to an advanced level.

Go to a cryotherapy spa.
They’re everywhere now.
And they usually have a few different kinds of treatments.
One of them involves stepping into a chamber and for a few minutes, you get blasted with cold from liquid nitrogen.
Which is between NEGATIVE 166 and 222 degrees Fahrenheit.

So it’s wayyyyyyy colder than an ice bath.

Which, when you do it at home, is usually like 40 - 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

I think the tubs I submerged in were set at 44 degrees.

And yes, cryo chambers are completely safe.

They monitor you the entire time.

AND you can actually BUY one for your house.

You know, if you have an extra 75 grand lying around. LOL

Maybe J Lo has one at her house – ‘cause that woman is ageless.

And that’s pocket change to her.

Anyway, biohacking is super fascinating to me.

And I’m ALL IN.

Which is why Julie and I made sure we had some biohacking experts in our On the Edge Summit lineup.

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That’s it for me today, my friends…

I’ll see ya online!