How to Stop Breaking Promises to Yourself with Malissa Vogel

Did you know that right around now… 80% of people have given up on their New Year’s Resolutions?

Statistically speaking, that is.

And if you’re part of that huge percentage… it’s not your fault.

Bet ya didn’t think I was gonna say that, huh? LOL

Resolutions just don’t work.

Because they’re wayyyyy too limiting.

They’re black and white. Do it or don’t.

And while I AM all about that to a certain extent… sometimes shiz happens.

And ya gotta pivot.

I mean, I had to totally redo my ENTIRE year of business strategy – on January 1st.

Because of the stupid social media hack.

Maybe something similar has happened to you…

You or someone in your family got sick.

Something happened at your job.

You had an emotional situation that just rocked your world.

And in the land of resolutions… it feels like if you slip up once… you’re a total failure.

Which is why I wanna talk instead… about GOALS.

Goals are a big picture vision of where you wanna go.

They have room to deviate… pivot… address situations that go sideways on ya.

But the end goal – your vision – is still clear.

There are lots of different ways to get from point A to point B.

Which actually reminds me… in case you haven’t heard, I rescheduled my Reclaim Your Time Challenge.

Now it starts on Monday!

And you can still get in.

Head on over to and reserve your pass.

Ok so with that out of the way… I wanna give you this public service announcement.

It’s totally ok to reassess your goals – switch things up and reassess – after January 1st, like I had to do.

You aren’t locked into a particular timeline to start going after your goals.

Although now is always better than never… or even later… if ya ask me. LOL

So if you haven’t done that yet: thought about what goals you want to accomplish… and how you’re gonna get there…

There’s never been a better time.

And I’ve got a super special guest here today that is gonna help us with that.

Malissa Vogel -- who also goes by MJ -- is a high performance coach. And we totally vibe on one MAJOR thing when it comes to goals:

Stop talking… and start doing.

AKA: Show up and put in the work.

Yep, even when you’re dealt a full-on FUSTERcluck, like I have.

You can still show up and handle your biz.

And I’m thrilled to introduce Malissa to you today. 

If you’ve struggled to make good on the goals you have for yourself… whether that’s for your health… your work… your personal life…

She’s gonna help you out today.

So without further adieu… let’s welcome MJ!

Interview questions:

  1. MJ, can you share a little bit about what a “high performance coach is” and what you do in your biz?
  2. What challenges made you want to get into this field?
  3. Why do you think some people achieve their goals consistently… and others never do?
  4. Why do people break promises to themselves?
  5. How can habits and consistency help keep momentum going?
  6. How can people overcome TIME as an obstacle to achieving their goals?
  7. What tips do you have to keep going even when life throws you curveballs along the way?
  8. Is there anything you’d like to share that I haven’t asked you about yet?


That was such an inspiring convo, don’t you think? I’m super pumped right now to make some friggin’ lemonade out of the lemons I’ve been handed.

And put my 2022 goals into ACTION -- Right. Friggin. Now. LOL

The point she made about TIME is just so critical.

Way too many people use time as an excuse for why they don’t get shiz done. And ya know what? That excuse is weak sauce BS. LOL

Because we all have the same amount of time. It’s what we do with it that makes the difference.

Before we wrap up for today, I wanna remind you… this is your last chance to sign up for my Reclaim Your Time Challenge.

Which again, starts on Monday, February 7th. 

It’s just 10 bucks to join and you’ll learn:

  • A brand new time management system – which can actually give you back an extra hour or more each day.

  • You’ll also learn a fresh approach to completing your to-do list faster – whether personal or work or both. Whatever’s on your plate, you can see how to do it in less time… and with less effort.

  • And not only that… in the challenge you’ll discover how to create a healthier relationship with time – so you can stop seeing it as your enemy.

Imagine that… $2 bucks a day to learn a technique that can give you back an hour or more each day. An hour of your time is worth way more than $2, right?

I certainly think so.

In terms of tactics, I’ll show you my signature calendaring system… and how to organize your tasks for maximum efficiency.

I ran this challenge last year and the people who joined said things like…

“OMG, I totally feel less anxious now.”

And “I’m finally taking control of my time and not reacting throughout the day.”

And “I’m a busy mom who puts everyone else first… and now I know how to use my time better… I’ve created time to prioritize myself and my needs… so I’m able to show up for my family and stop running on empty.”

Sounds awesome, right? And it IS.

It totally works… and is super simple to implement.

The Reclaim Your Time Challenge is perfect if you’ve got big goals you wanna work on… but you can’t seem to find the time.

Whether those goals are personal or professional.

It’s also ideal if you’ve been thrown off course recently… or not so recently. LOL

And you’re ready to make real progress – right now.

It all starts on Monday.

So head on over and get your pass at

Oh… and YES -- there are replays included with the cost of your pass.

So if you can’t attend live, you can totally watch it in the evening when you have time… Or whatever your schedule looks like.

And you have through the weekend to watch too.

I’m really excited to bring this challenge back.

Learning these techniques will set you up for success all year long.

Just wait and see.

Ok friends… it’s time to stop talking… and start DOING!

Starting right now.

So have a great week… and I’ll see ya online.