Heal from Burnout with Julia Arndt

Hey so I wanna know…

Do you know what burnout feels like?

You probably know the common symptoms like:

  • Having zero creativity.
  • Being tired AF allll the time.
  • Dreading going to work – or sitting down at your desk to work.
  • Feeling slow… and like everything you touch falls apart instantly.
  • Maybe burnout to you feels like seething white hot rage at the thought of having to do this shiz AGAIN.
When you hit these kinds of symptoms, you’re due for a lonnnnnnng recovery period.

Which you may or may not be even able to get.

Today I’ve got a special guest joining us… 

Who specializes in helping “burned out high achievers” return to a better balance in their life.

When I met Julia Arndt, I was like: “OMG, you need to come on my podcast. My peeps need you!” LOL

And she said yes right away.

Now, let me tell you a bit more about Julie before we dive into our conversation.

Julie is a performance coach who helps people (especially entrepreneurs, creative professionals, and go-getters) manage their stress – and actually achieve true work life balance. 

Over the last few months, I’ve heard tons of people in my community talk about how they’re burned out with the whole online thing.

Sick of Zoom calls.

Of staring at their laptops… at their phones.

They’re over social media.

And tired of trying to convince other fatigued people to hang out with them online.

I mean… I get it.

It’s a real thing.

But I have to tell ya… the online space is booming.

So if you’ve got a digital aspect to your biz… or you wanna ditch your soul-sucking job and tap into the unlimited income you can make online…

This is the place to be.

Because I’ve got an awesome freebie to give you today.

And it’s a handy guide for healthy hacks to stay grounded, calm, and sane.

So if you’re feeling burned out AF right now… no worries.

This (plus the right essential oils, LOL) will give you a handful of hacks to focus on.

And leave the rest for later. 

Stick around till the end of today’s episode where I’ll give ya the link.

Cuz I don't wanna keep our guest waiting any longer…

So are you ready to get the inside tips on how to break out of the burnout zone? 

I sure am… so let’s welcome Julia!

Interview Qs:

  • Thanks for being here Julia… could you share a little bit about what you do and why you’re so passionate about it?
  • You specialize in helping people develop peak performance habits, stress management tools, and mindset strategies to avoid burnout. Why are high achievers so prone to burnout?
  • What are some early stage burnout red flags people should look out for?
  • Can you share a story about what someone in the deepest levels of burnout did to turn their life around?
  • What advice do you have for an entrepreneur or creative professional on the verge of burnout?
  • How is mindfulness part of your approach?
  • Is there anything I didn’t ask you that you'd like to share today?
  • How can people connect with you?


I can tell ya from personal experience… 

Burnout… SUCKS.

And it seems like you can neverrrrr get out of it.

Although certain essential oils DO help with that – and you can hit me up with a DM if you want some help there.

Here’s what I know for a fact.

When you’re burned out, it doesn’t just impact one area of your life.

It hits you EVERYWHERE.

I see lots of moms who are burned out on feeling like they’re supposed to be everything to everyone…

Women are particularly prone to burning the candle at both ends.

And in my community, I often see them struggle with their biz.

They feel like they aren’t doing enough… especially in the digital aspect of their biz.

So they beat themselves up… swear they’ll do more… give more… sleep less…

And that’s a recipe for disaster.

Or maybe you have a family member you need to care for…

Someone who’s been ill… or depressed… or out of whack because they’ve lost valuable social skills…

That takes a toll on ya too.

And your biz.

That’s why I’m sharing my Healthy Hacks ebook so you can bring healthy habits into your life in a simple, stress-free way.

Because you can totally burn yourself trying to do all.the.things online that you feel you’re supposed to…

So instead… I’ve got just 3 areas to focus on.

These are the 3 core principles that will help you build the life of your dreams… because you’ll be fueling your body with good food, learning how to manage stress, and improving your productivity. 

Because really, that’s where the most important part of life – and biz – lies.

I’ll post a link in the show notes and in this week’s newsletter. 

So let’s wrap this up with another thank you to Julia for being here today…

And offering her AMAZEBALLS insights into healing from burnout.

Have a great week… and I’ll see ya online.