Pinterest Biz Tips with Rachel Ngom

When you think of Pinterest, what comes to mind?

Recipes for your air fryer?

Party planning ideas?

Home decor hacks for when you finally get that farmhouse in the country you’re destined to have? LOL

In my daydream, mine is actually a dog ranch. Yep, surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of adorable dogs.

Ahhhh… one can dream.

But here’s a super cool fact… 

There are actually lots of super smart ways to leverage Pinterest for your biz.

Pretty much no matter what kind of biz you have.

For instance, I’m starting to use it for MY biz.

  1. Because over 77% of people who use Pinterest are women — women who are looking to improve their lives. Which lines up perfectly with who I LOOOOOOVEEEEE to work with… 
And B – it’s a really great way to bring my ideal customers or clients into my email list… 

Because any pin you create can go to a link.

And that link could go to a landing page where she can get some awesome content in exchange for an email.

Which then leads them into a relationship with you… and eventually to a sale.

This is known as a marketing funnel.

And after today’s convo with my special guest, I know you’re gonna be pumped to start doing this for YOUR biz.

And quick note – I actually have an upcoming masterclass about marketing funnels that’ll help you get started. 

I’ll tell ya more at the end of today’s show, but the masterclass is called The 3 Biz Keys Masterclass: Secrets to Grow, Scale, and Automate Your Biz with Simple Marketing Funnels.

There are 3 days to choose from:

April 27th … 28th… and May 2nd.

The link to get on my personal guest list – and be able to attend this masterclass for free – is

Ok so with that out of the way, lemme introduce you to my very special guest today.

Rachel Ngom is a Pinterest marketing strategist who helps purpose-driven female entrepreneurs who are OVER struggling on other platforms – like Facebook & Instagram – and want to automate their traffic and get more leads on autopilot.

I am SO excited to talk with her… so let’s dive into getting some awesome Pinterest biz tips…

Welcome Rachel.

Interview Qs

  1. Hey Rachel, so glad to have you here. Can you share a little bit about what you do? And why you chose Pinterest as your niche? 
  2. What challenges made you want to get into this field?
  3. What makes Pinterest such a strong channel for female entrepreneurs?
  4. Can you talk a little about the Pinterest “funnel” you have the opportunity to create on the platform?
  5. What are the best industries or biz types for Pinterest?
  6. What are some Pinterest tips you can share?
  7. How can Pinterest be used for someone looking to add qualified leads to her marketing funnel?
  8. Is there anything you’d like to share that I haven’t asked you about yet?
  9. What’s the best way for people to connect with you?


Did you guys enjoy that?

I feel like tons of people forget that Pinterest is actually a super viable channel for business.

And it’s not just for fashion… or home and garden… or food.

There are TONS of innovative ways to get found there – and connect with your ideal customers or clients.

I really loved what Rachel had to say about using Pinterest for marketing funnels.

As a super brief reminder, a marketing funnel is simply an online way to attract more of the kinds of people you wanna work with into your world…

Collect their email addresses… and move them from point A to point B.

With point B ultimately being some sort of sale or financial transaction.

And with a simple, yet effective, marketing funnel in place – you get to scale your biz easier…

So you don’t have to work so hard – and actually create a source of passive, recurring income.

As well as warm up the people who are coming into your universe – getting them to know, like, and trust you… so they’re primed for an eventual sale.

And lemme tell ya… it’s way easier than it sounds.

I’ll literally walk you step by step through the ENTIRE process.

Because you’re not too old… it’s not too late… it’s not expensive… and it WILL make a MAJOR impact on your biz.

And yennow what? You get to help more people. Because you’re no longer depending on where you live… when you’re working… or even when you’re AWAKE.

To create an awesome marketing funnel… all you need is a learner’s mindset… and a caring heart. I will teach you everything else.

If this is the exact kind of thing you’re looking for in your biz… whether you’re just starting in the online space – or you want to optimize what you’re already doing…

Then my upcoming masterclass is ideal for you.

You can RSVP now and get on my personal guest list to The 3 Biz Keys Masterclass: Secrets to Grow, Scale, and Automate Your Biz with Simple Marketing Funnels

This workshop is normally $97 but when you put your name on that list, I’ll know you’re coming – and I’ll comp your ticket for ya.

This is a 2 hour masterclass. 

And I know you’re busy already… so that’s why I’ve scheduled three different class times  to choose from:

  • Tuesday, April 27 starting at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern.
  • The following day at the same time. So Wednesday, April 28 at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern.
  • Or Monday, May 2 later on in the day – starting at 4:00 Pacific / 7:00 Eastern.
This is one of my fav trainings to share – so I really hope you decide to come.

We’re gonna have fun. And you’re gonna walk away with a lot of info.

Including how to…
  • Consistently generate fresh leads – AKA new, prospective customers or clients coming into your world – (without a ton of effort).
  • Keep your leads warm & primed to buy with a super specific – and super SIMPLE – email strategy AND...
  • Create a steady, recurring, and PASSIVE revenue stream for your biz.
Plus… the crazy simple trick to automate 95% of this marketing strategy - so you can set it up once and let the system do all the heavy lifting! Talk about a time and money saver!

And the cool thing is… you don’t have to be techy AT ALL. If you can use pinterest, you can create a marketing funnel. It’s really quite easy – once you know the formula. Which I’ll teach ya inside the 3 Biz Keys Masterclass: Secrets to Grow, Scale, and Automate Your Biz with Simple Marketing Funnels

I’ll throw the link in the show notes and in this week’s newsletter for ya.

Ok friends that’s it for this week – thanks for being here – and thanks again to Rachel for sharing her expertise with us today…

And I’ll see ya online.