Setting Intentions for Success With Amy Yamada

How often do you set intentions?

Not just the sort of thing you do in your morning meditations… but actually approaching each day with an intention.

And approaching your BIZ with intention?

Well, today I’ve got a special guest who’s gonna shed light on how to live a LIFE with intention…

And before I tell ya a bit more about who she is… and why intention is so absolutely critical to getting what you want…

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So if you aren’t where you wanna be in your life… your work… your relationships… you gotta look at what’s going on in your headspace.

And whether you are being INTENTIONAL with your time… and using your time to take ACTION toward your goals.

Ok let’s talk about why intentions are important to your success.

Again, I’m not just talking about biz success…

Although this totally plays into that as well.

Success might mean…

A happy healthy marriage.

A close, super connected relationship with your kids.

Fitting back into your Levis from your college days.

Using your voice – and saying what you actually feel.

That’s a tough one for a lot of people… which is why I think of it as success.

You can have micro versions of success… as well as big old macro ones…

Like a really nice car… a vacation home… or a filled up savings account for your kid’s college tuition.

See, here’s why I like intentions in addition to goals.

Goals are about the future.

You’re casting your vision out in front of you.

Intentions are for NOW. As in the present moment.

When you align your intentions with your goals… I bet you can see why that’s a super powerful combo, right?

You’re ensuring what you’re doing right now has purpose… meaning… and is helping you work toward those goals and dreams you have in the future.

Intentions are limitless.

It could be setting an intention on how you desire to show up each day.

Like… I am in flow with the universe.

This is a great intention to set when you’ve got a big goal ahead of you.

Because there will inevitably be roadblocks. So with this “I am in flow with the universe” intention being set daily…

When those challenges pop up, you get to remind yourself of that intention.

And move purposefully… but fluidly. To relax and find a new path forward.

Like the water in a river full of rocks.

I like to approach intentions from a mindset and energy perspective… and use present tense. 

Remember… intentions are for the NOW.

Here are some good ones I love…
  • I have everything I need – all is well.
  • I am open to success and prosperity.
  • I manifest my dreams effortlessly and abundantly.
I really wanna get into this convo with my special guest today.

Amy Yamada is a badass business coach. She and her team are dedicated to helping you build a deep connection with yourself, your vision, and your audience… 

So you can make a big difference for your ideal clients and create the income you desire.

She loves talking about mindset… intentions… and how to use what’s in your heart to connect authentically with others. Those you wish to serve and help.

There’s so much to talk about with her… so let’s dive right in.

Please help me in welcoming… Amy.


  1. Hi Amy – thanks for being here. You’re a coach who works with other coaches who want to connect authentically with their community via messaging. What made you want to get into this?
  2. Can you share a bit about your business and what you do with your clients?
  3. Why are intentions so important in business?
  4. How can a biz owner leverage intentions to achieve her goals?
  5. In terms of mindset, what separates a successful entrepreneur from one who still struggles?
  6. How can someone be more intentional with her time – to achieve the success in life she desires?
  7. What’s one simple tip or trick you can offer a biz owner who isn’t at the level of success she desires yet?
  8. How can people find and connect with you?


You guys… do you feel lit up too?

That convo just filled me up with energy.

I could literally talk about mindset… how you show up… the energy you bring into a room… 

And how it propels your life AND your biz… like, 24/7. LOL

It’s really awesome to connect with other people – like Amy – who vibe the same way.

I loved how she explained how intentions are connected to success.

It really is the secret sauce to the entire thing… and sooooo many people miss it.

They focus on tactics… on doing…

When really… it all starts with BEING.

How you are within yourself – AKA: the intentions you hold.

And how you show up.

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Ok friends… I can’t wait to see – well, really more importantly for YOU to see – how success shows up for you when you make this simple shift.

Have a great week… filled with positive, expansive intentions… and I’ll see ya online.