Setting Intentions for Success With Amy Yamada

How often do you set intentions?

Not just the sort of thing you do in your morning meditations… but actually approaching each day with an intention.

And approaching your BIZ with intention?

Well, today I’ve got a special guest who’s gonna shed light on how to live a LIFE with intention…

And before I tell ya a bit more about who she is… and why intention is so absolutely critical to getting what you want…

I wanna let you know I’ve got a gift for ya.

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So if you aren’t where you wanna be in your life… your work… your relationships… you gotta look at what’s going on in your headspace.

And whether you are being INTENTIONAL with your time… and using your time to take ACTION toward your goals.

Ok let’s talk about why intentions are important to your success.

Again, I’m not just talking about biz success…

Although this totally plays into that as well.

Success might mean…

A happy healthy marriage.

A close, super connected relationship with your kids.

Fitting back into your Levis from your college days.

Using your voice – and saying what you actually feel.

That’s a tough one for a lot of people… which is why I think of it as success.

You can have micro versions of success… as well as big old macro ones…

Like a really nice car… a vacation home… or a filled up savings account for your kid’s college tuition.

See, here’s why I like intentions in addition to goals.

Goals are about the future.

You’re casting your vision out in front of you.

Intentions are for NOW. As in the present moment.

When you align your intentions with your goals… I bet you can see why that’s a super powerful combo, right?

You’re ensuring what you’re doing right now has purpose… meaning… and is helping you work toward those goals and dreams you have in the future.

Intentions are limitless.

It could be setting an intention on how you desire to show up each day.

Like… I am in flow with the universe.

This is a great intention to set when you’ve got a big goal ahead of you.

Because there will inevitably be roadblocks. So with this “I am in flow with the universe” intention being set daily…

When those challenges pop up, you get to remind yourself of that intention.

And move purposefully… but fluidly. To relax and find a new path forward.

Like the water in a river full of rocks.

I like to approach intentions from a mindset and energy perspective… and use present tense. 

Remember… intentions are for the NOW.

Here are some good ones I love…
  • I have everything I need – all is well.
  • I am open to success and prosperity.
  • I manifest my dreams effortlessly and abundantly.
I really wanna get into this convo with my special guest today.

Amy Yamada is a badass business coach. She and her team are dedicated to helping you build a deep connection with yourself, your vision, and your audience… 

So you can make a big difference for your ideal clients and create the income you desire.

She loves talking about mindset… intentions… and how to use what’s in your heart to connect authentically with others. Those you wish to serve and help.

There’s so much to talk about with her… so let’s dive right in.

Please help me in welcoming… Amy.


Welcome to the whole you, where we take your passion for holistic wellness and turn it into a profitable reality. In other words, make some money. Now here's your host, Haley

Haley Hobson (00:09):
Hobson. Hey, my friends I'm Haley Hobson, and I'm so glad you're here. Welcome to the whole you podcast, where I share tips to help entrepreneurs and creative professionals. Like you implement healthy hacks and habits, so you can eat smarter, rest better and get it all done. So I am wondering how often you set intentions and not just the sort of thing that you do in the, in your morning meditations, but actually approaching each day with an intention and approaching your business with an intention. Because today I actually have a guest who's going to shed some light on how to live life with intention. Yeah. You heard me right.  today. I actually have a guest. I have a special guest. Who's gonna shed some light on how to live life with intention. And before I tell you a little bit more about who she is and why intention is so absolutely critical to get what you want, stay tuned.

Haley Hobson (01:16):
I wanna know that I ha I want you to know that I have like a little gift for you. It's a free ticket to my next virtual summit. And you can get that ticket at, at, on the, where live on the edge these days, right? So it's on the So if you aren't where you wanna be in your life and you aren't where you wanna be with your work and you aren't where you wanna be in your relationships.  you gotta get to look. You get to look, you get to look. You gotta look, you get to look at what's going on in your head space and whether or not you're being intentional with your time and using your time to take action towards your goals. And that's why I wanna talk about why intentions are sup are so important for your success.

Haley Hobson (02:03):
And again, I'm not talking about just business success, although this plays totally well in this space, but success might mean like a happy marriage, or it may mean a close, super connected relationship with your children, or it might mean fitting back into your Levis from college  or using your voice and saying what you actually feel. And that one is a tough one, in my opinion, for other people. And which is why I think of it as an, as a, as a success, you can have micro versions of success, as well as macro versions, bigger ones like a really nice car or a vacation home, or a filled up savings account with your kid's tuition. And so here's why I like intentions. In addition to goals, goals are about the future. You're casting a vision in front of you. Intentions are the right now, they're in the present moment. And when you align your intentions with your goals, I bet you can see why it's a super, super powerful combo.

Haley Hobson (03:14):
When you align your intentions with your goals, you're ensuring that what you're doing right now has purpose. It has meaning, and it's helping you work towards those goals. And those dreams that you have in the future intentions are limitless, and it could be setting an intention on how you desire to show up each day. Like I am in flow with the universe. This is a great intention to set. When you have a big goal ahead of you, because there will be inevitably roadblocks. And so with this, I am in flow with the universe intention being set daily. When those challenges pop up, you get to remind yourself of your intention and move purposely, but fluidly, and to relax and find a new path forward. Like the water is moving and like a river full of rocks. And I like to approach intentions from a mind space or a mindset and energy perspective and use present tense. So remembers that intentions are what are happening right now. So here are some great ones. I love, I have everything I need in front of me.

Haley Hobson (04:22):
I am open to success and prosperity. I manifest my dreams effortlessly and abundantly, and I really wanna get into this conversation with my special guest today, cuz Amy is a badass business coach and she and her team are dedicated to helping you build a deep connection with yourself, your vision and your audience. So you can make a huge difference for your ideal clients and create the income that you desire. And she loves talking about mindset and intentions and how to use what's in your heart to connect authentically with them, those that you wish to serve and help. And there's so much to hear from her. So let's dive, let's just dive right in and please help me in welcoming Amy.

Amy-Yamada (05:08):
Thank you so much, Haley. I, I already have chills with what you just shared, so thank you for that.

Haley Hobson (05:13):
Oh yeah. Well I know you're totally on the same page. That's why you're probably getting chills. Thanks for being here. You are a coach who literally works with other coaches who want to connect authentically with their community, be in messaging. And I I'm sure this is a huge part of that conversation.

Amy-Yamada (05:30):
Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah. And I love what you were speaking into in terms of the, the difference between intentions and goals and just really being in the present moment. Like that's something that I, I so align with in terms of this life is so precious and we're living in the present moment, right? And so who are we being? What, what are the inspired and committed action steps we're taking? That's in alignment with a bigger vision. And to me, that's what I don't know about you, but it makes you just feel alive you to just like, be like on fire and awake and let's go, you know, so I totally appreciate that.

Haley Hobson (06:02):
Yeah. A hundred percent. Why don't you share with us, like how you actually got into this line of work that you're in?

Amy-Yamada (06:07):
Yeah. Great question. So I, I worked in the, the corporate world here in Seattle, Washington for about 15 years and, you know, I could have comfortably stayed in that world of, you know, climbing ladder and, and I worked in, in advertising sales and in marketing. And, um, but I just got to a point where I knew deep down side, this wasn't what I wanted to do forever. You know, like, you know, when you just have those moments, when you're like sitting, I just remember sitting like in my cubicle and even though I, I would go out into the world and meet with clients and do all these things, but I, I would sitting there and I'm like, this is not where I wanna be for the rest of my life. And even if I looked at someone in a higher up position with their fancy office with a view or whatever, and like, and I don't even wanna be me in that position  right. Like, it just didn't fulfill me, but

Haley Hobson (06:53):
Yeah, it was like, so similar to my story too,

Amy-Yamada (06:55):
Right. Yeah. I just, but initially in my head anyway, I couldn't see past, like I couldn't see beyond that. I just, I didn't know what I truly wanted when it came to my career. I knew what I wanted in my love. I wanted to have a great love life. I wanted to live in a beautiful place. I wanted to travel the world. I wanted to make a difference, but I didn't know what my day to day, like what I wanted my career to look like. And, you know, I think sometimes in life we have life awakening experiences. And, and for me, it was in 2010 when I went through the life awakening experience of, of losing my mom, who was just the most wonderful, nurturing, beautiful mother of a being, you know, and, uh, and it was sooner in life than I would've ever anticipated.

Amy-Yamada (07:37):
And, um, but going through that experience of her being in the hospital, being on life support, you know, practically living in the hospital for multiple months during that time, I learned so much. And, and when she, when she kind of passed or transitioned, I was like, wow, we're really not in this human being experience forever . And if there's something that I wanna do, I get to figure it out and I get to do it now and not wait, you know? And that's when I started exploring like doing some soul searching of like, what is it that I truly want? And I knew that my next job move for example, was not to, to go to another company or, you know, be one over by a competitor or whatever. Right. It was like, I wanna go off my own. I wanna become my own boss and create my own terms of how I wanna live my life. You know? So that's, that's how I got into it.

Haley Hobson (08:23):
I love that. I love that. Can you share a little bit deeper, like what you're doing right now with your clients? Like what kind of clients were you looking for? Yeah. You know, what kind of clients do you work for and what do you do with them now?

Amy-Yamada (08:35):
Yeah, great question. So, um, now I've been in business for a little over 10 years and, um, it's, my business has my message and my business and my ideal client have evolved over time, you know? And, uh, so I've really been, even, even in most more recent months, been fine tuning my messaging to call forward, uh, an coach, an established coach who is wanting to grow and scale their business, but do it in a way that feels totally aligned with them. You know, like sometimes I'll see someone who's quote unquote successful financially, but they're, they're just going from one thing to the next, to the next, the next, and they're not spending time with their family or their loved ones and they're totally burned out. Right. Like that's not the dream.  right. And so I, one thing I've noticed is that the people that I have been attracting are saying things like I, you know, I wanna grow my business.

Amy-Yamada (09:23):
I wanna scale to multiple six and seven figures. And I wanna do it in a way where I have time for myself, time for my family, my loved ones, my friends, you know, time for personal care. So they're wanting to do it in a really juicy way, you know, in a way that they're like living their life and loving it too. So, um, so that's why I'm calling forward. And, and, and we're really focusing on what is, you know, what's authentically you, like, how do you want to live your life and run your business? It doesn't need to look like anybody else. It just gets to look like what feel, what lights you up, you know, do you want to work with people one on one? Do you want to lead a group program or a mastermind or a community or a membership or, or are you like me where, you know, when we're able to do things in person, like we host events and retreats and, and have these adventurous experiences. So, um, so I really, I'm such a stand for connecting, like deeply connecting with my clients and finding out what lights them up, you know, what, what is their message? What is their mission and what are they here to do while they're on this, on this planet, you know? And then bringing that into their message into their business, refining their message. So they're calling forward more of the right people that they will love to serve and, uh, instruct their business in a way that aligns with their dreamy daily lifestyle.

Haley Hobson (10:37):
So how do you find them and then how do you help them find theirs? Like, what are your intensives and masterminds and lives events about? Like, if I was to be, if, if I was like looking for you, who would I be?

Amy-Yamada (10:50):
Yeah, definitely. Um, well, you would be an ambitious driven coach that is super passionate about making a difference in the world. And you also deep down side, you believe in yourself on a, like, you know, that, that you're meant for more like, even if you've created some success, you know, deep outside, like from the outside looking in, it's probably like, oh, she looks like she's already got it, got it going on. Right. But deep out inside, you're like, oh, I'm just getting started. You know? Like, like when you just know, you know? Right. And, uh, and so, and typically like, you're, you're someone who loves to speak, you know, like speaking on stages, speaking online, speaking on podcasts, speak like you're a speaker and you want to, um, amplify your message to make the biggest difference possible for your audience. Um, typically I also attract people who love to travel, like just like me, right?

Amy-Yamada (11:38):
Like, like to travel and create experiences. And so, um, even over the last, you know, handful of years, I started to host these in person, luxurious retreats, you know, I'd book like a beautiful mansion, like on captive island in Florida or in the San Diego area and have my team fly in and just create the most like V I P experience. And cause I love coming together in person and having a transformational experience that's above and beyond business. Right. Like even though we do some workshopping around business, but it's also about dreaming big, going big building that confidence within and clarity on what is the, the, like, let's keep it simple to, to create that best path forward to success. And like you said, not just success financially, but what, what does success look like for you? Right. We get to define it and journal about it and can connect in with it and then choose to become the person that lives that life, you know?

Haley Hobson (12:30):
Yeah. A hundred percent. I love that. I love that. So let's go, let's bring it back. Let's bring the conversation back to where I started with intentions. I've actually been thinking a lot about this lately, cuz there is. And I'm actually thinking about after the, um, virtual summit that I'm hosting actually hosting a, a workshop on setting goals and setting intentions. Cause I really believe that they're totally different. And I don't know that a lot of people understand that, you know, like I could have a goal to become a doctor. That's not an intention, but there's daily intentions that you move forward with in order to meet your goal. And I also believe now after really thinking about this for quite some time that nothing is possible without intention. Like I, I really believe that if you want something to happen, if you wanna achieve something, whatever that means to you, if you aren't a hundred percent behind it with your intention, it never happens. I'm gonna tell you sort of like a woo woo story. And you can tell me what you think. Okay.  oh,

Amy-Yamada (13:32):
So I love it already. 

Haley Hobson (13:35):
So I have two businesses basically that I operate. One is my doTERRA essential oils business, where I love sharing holistic products, essential oils, skincare, cleaning care, supplements, nutrition, et cetera, with people and inviting others to join me in that business. If they wanna make residual income on the side too, I have another business like you where I work with entrepreneurs and I help them bring their business into the online space. So, you know, helping them like understand that there has to be a brand strategy and a content strategy and a messaging strategy and a funnel strategy, bringing people in from the top of their, their marketing funnel, which they get to create so that people are aware of them and then nurture them through and, and, and, and develop community before they earn in the right to actually put an offer in front of them.

Haley Hobson (14:25):
Mm-hmm  so I've got these two businesses and I also love to travel just like you and I partake in many events, obviously, you know that cause I've seen you at multiple events. Yep. And uh, when I travel, I like to be present where I am. So meaning I'm about to step into a leadership program and staff coach it. And I know that those days that I'm in the, the training room, that's what I get to do. Like I don't get to actually step outside of that. But what I also know is, since my intention is in that training room, what happens energetically in my business is that we literally get no leads that week. Like even if we're paying for traffic, nothing comes in because my intention isn't even there. And even if I have a team of people behind the scenes, who's there to respond in my DMS or take care of emails or support or even get on the phone.

Haley Hobson (15:20):
It's like, it's like dead. It's like, what's that? What, what do you say? Like radio silence. Right? And because I have done this before, I've traveled for, for my business forever. I know that it it's funny cuz my, my business manager said to me yesterday, Hey, we're gonna stop our ad spend on, on Tuesday. And I was like, what day is today? Thursday? And I said, why? She goes, well, you're going well, SMA our community manager is going into HCL to finish up coaching staffing. The third part of it for the classy within then you're going in Tuesday and Hailey, when you're not around, it's like nothing happens. It doesn't matter if we're here to support you. So I say this because if my intention is here, it can't be there and nothing happens without intentions. So I'm just curious to hear what you gotta say about that.

Amy-Yamada (16:06):
Yeah. Fascinating. I mean, I'm such a believer in intention, you know, intention setting, creating intentions on a daily basis as well. And um, and I, I can see where like when, when your intention is elsewhere, then it can be radio silence over here. You know? And I, I had a, I had a similar experience where, um, a few years ago I, I went to Ghana for, it was like a 10 day trip. And uh, my, my stepdaughter, I call her my sole daughter. She launched a charity project when she was seven years old, raising money to build Wells in Ghana. And uh, so once I, I met her and connected him with her, I, I was like, let's do some more fundraising. Like, do you like speaking? And she started speaking on my stages and whatnot. And we, we raised over $90,000, you know, to build Wells in Ghana.

Amy-Yamada (16:50):
And then we had the chance to go there. And my fear was that, oh gosh, I've never stepped outta my business for over a week. You know? And I'm gonna, I don't even know if where I'm gonna be and rural, Northern Ghana is even gonna have wifi and all these things. Um, but I will say that I, I set an intention that my business gets to continue running, even if I'm not there. Right. And so, yeah, so it was just kind of thinking, instead of thinking, I must be there. It was, I get to let go of control. Cause I, I can, I can be a controller. Right. I get to let, like go control and empower those that I've hired and brought on my team to be in their role. And they, and I encourage them to own their role. And so if I set intention, it's almost like I get to like set intention and pass the Baton to somebody else and say, Hey, while I'm gone, let tell me if you're enrolled in this right.

Amy-Yamada (17:42):
Let let's set intention that while I'm gone, we're gonna enroll five new clients. And um, you know, and just like get them inspired. And so something that helps me when I'm like leading in with my team, it's like, okay, what do we, what do we have planned for next week? What is the content that is going out? Even if I'm not live and with my sales team, who are they following up with? Who are they connecting with? What do they see possible for them? If they step into our programs, why are they excited about those particular people? And so I like to lead with intention even with empowering intention within others. Right. So that's something that has really, um, made a difference for me so that when I do travel business, doesn't stop.

Haley Hobson (18:19):
Yeah. And I mean this specific example, obviously, you know, that's a great intention. I, I might, I might think of borrowing that story still that yes. And seeing how I can actually have the, but it's, but it's interesting because I think that one part of my business is so like, and maybe this is a belief factor that I get to change, but it's so like intimately connected to me and my personality. And that's just, I feel like the way the network marketing business is, is you're looking for a leader. It's like, it's like looking for a coach and not being able to know who you're coaching with. I don't know. But anyway, I get to examine that. But I guess my point that I'm trying to land is that a hundred percent intention is what's needed in order to make anything happen. So even if it's, even if it's generating leads while you don't have an intention, , you could have an intention to have your team have the intention for you. Right. Exactly.

Amy-Yamada (19:11):
Exactly. Exactly. Yeah. And I mean, I know that you were, even at the beginning of this, this podcast you were talking about, um, you know, even beyond business, you know, maybe you want to have the best relationship in your life or right. Like, or maybe you wanna travel the world and things like that. And so, uh, funny story, in my opinion, I, you know, I, I was married in my past life and, um, and went through a separation divorce back in 2015, which was of course difficult and painful. Um, and, uh, and you know, after that, you know, I kind of took some time on myself and then I had some colleagues and friends of mine who were just like, Amy, you gotta put yourself back out there. Right. In the dating world. I was like, I don't know. , I'm like, I dunno if I'm ready.

Amy-Yamada (19:51):
And, um, and really it wasn't that I wasn't ready. It was just, I had fear, you know, I was like, I I'm afraid of getting hurt again. And I, I don't wanna go through that. I mean, ultimately I, I'm not jaded when it comes to love, but I'm just scared, you know? And so I was journaling one morning and I knew deep in my heart. I, I wanted to have great love in my life. And so what I did was, um, I drew a circle, right? Like I just, I had a blank sheet of paper and I drew a big circle. And in that circle, I wrote down what my core values are because I realized that prior to drawing that circle, I would, you know, I, I might meet someone and date them because there was chemistry and, you know, like that excitement of a, a new relationship, but I wasn't.

Amy-Yamada (20:35):
Um, and I was thinking about what I wanted in a partner, but I wasn't focusing on what are my core values. What's important to me, you know, what are, what's a, uh, you know, a deal breaker. And so I wrote down these core values, and then I just made a promise to myself that if I choose to date someone or be in a longer term relationship with someone that doesn't align with these core values that are in this circle, then that's me being out of integrity with myself. And I'm not okay with that. And two weeks later,  I went on a date with this guy named Ken. And it was a different experience than any other experience of meeting someone new for me, where we just had this like intellectual conversation. We had coffee together and, and we we're just, it wasn't like sparks were flying and fireworks and all the things, but I really had this like great connection with him. I was like, I don't know what's gonna unfold here. But what I know for sure is that this is someone I want in my life. Even if we become great friends, you know, and as I went back to my circle, he had the exact core values that I'd written down and now we're together. You know, like we've been together for over five years. We lived together. His children are my soul children, you know, it's just like, and I know that that was through the power of intention.

Haley Hobson (21:54):
Oh, that's so good. I love, love, love, love, love, stories like that. So good. Yeah. So I hope you guys can see like how powerful it is to actually set intentions. So what's one simple tip or trick you could offer a business owner who may not be at the level of success that he or she desires mm-hmm  and is wanting to see that I was actually on a phone call with a friend today who was talking about all of the ways that she's disappointed in herself, where she is in her business, different people. And of course, you know, well, maybe not, of course, but to me it was obvious that there was levels of Le I, we call it, you and I we've been through the program leadership missing where she can think at a different level, rather than be in a place of hurt blame victim or unhappiness.

Haley Hobson (22:50):
But there's also places I directed in terms of where she could be receiving the support that she needs, but when people are, are not committed to taking or receiving feedback or coaching from other people, it's hard to make those suggestions. Yeah, I did my best  um, as a friend and I could have coached her myself, but I didn't want to cuz we had a friend relationship. Um, but you know, having somebody like what, well, I guess I'll just ask you like what, what would be the tip or trick yeah. That you could help people see in order to move next level.

Amy-Yamada (23:26):
Yeah. I mean, I think the first thing I would wanna look at, um, even for myself, is, am I willing to be open to seeing it from a different perspective? You know? Like, like, like even if, and if I were talking to, you know, a client or a colleague or friend, if I would say, are you, are you willing to be open to another perspective? Like, cause how attached are you? You know, like I wanna say to them, like how attached are you to holding onto this story? You know? And, and really thinking about like, do you, are you open? Cause cause sometimes people are just not open, you know, they're just not, they're like they're so it's like, they're cling on, uh, there's like the coach said to me the other day, like, like there are people that are she, she called it people who are on the struggle bus.

Amy-Yamada (24:08):
Right.  she said she was even talking about it from a, um, from a marketing standpoint, she was coaching a group of us and she said, stop pulling people off the struggle bus and what she meant by that was that there it's not that we can't love these people, but if they're clinging on to the struggle bus, they're clinging onto a story of, of lack and scarcity and like seeking evidence that it's true, then it doesn't matter how good of a friend, coach, colleague, you know, mentor, whatever that you are. They're not going to let go go of that grip, at least not right now. Hopefully they will at some point. And so the first thing I'd wanna know, like either if I was asking myself or asking somebody else, like, are you open to seeing it from a different perspective? And if not then, okay, how's that working out for you? You know, like with love, like, do you wanna keep feeling that way? Do you, I mean, if it might, you know, upset someone, it might trigger. I'm like, well of course not. I'm like, okay, well, the only way to shift is to be willing to see it from a different perspective.

Haley Hobson (25:11):
Yeah. That's good. It's, it's, it's interesting how attached people are to their story. And once they realize that they're stuck in story and they are open to receiving feedback and then navigating through change, which is oftentimes painful, but worth it on the other side. Yeah. How things really shift. I love that. I love that. Yeah. Well, I wanna, I wanna thank you for being here today and I wanna ask you how people can find you connect with you if they wanna, if they wanna go deeper with you personally.

Amy-Yamada (25:40):
Yeah, for sure. Um, well, my, my, uh, Instagram is just under my name. So if you just look up Amy Yama, that's my handle. Um, so you're welcome to connect with me there and send you DM and would love to hear from you.

Haley Hobson (25:52):
All right. You guys, do you feel lit up to this conversation? Just filled me up with a ton of energy. I could literally talk about mindset and how you show up the energy that you bring into a room all day long and how it affects and propels your life in your business. Literally like 24 7. And it was really easy. It's always really awesome to connect with other people like Amy, who vibe the same way. I love how she explained how intentions are kinetic connected to success. And it really is the secret sauce to the entire thing. And so many people miss that, they focus on tactics on doing when really it all starts with being how you are within yourself. In other words, the intentions you hold and how you show up. So I wanna remind you about the free gift free ha that I have for you.

Haley Hobson (26:38):
It's a free ticket into my next virtual summit. And the online event will show you brand new systems, routines, and processes that protect your most important asset, which is your mental health  so that you can have the energy to do the things that you wanna do. Be productive in ways that make you happy, fulfill your soul and create your dream life. And you can get that ticket right here at, on the on the Okay. Friends. I can't wait to see you really more importantly for you to see how success shows up for you when you make this have a great week.


You guys… do you feel lit up too?

That convo just filled me up with energy.

I could literally talk about mindset… how you show up… the energy you bring into a room… 

And how it propels your life AND your biz… like, 24/7. LOL

It’s really awesome to connect with other people – like Amy – who vibe the same way.

I loved how she explained how intentions are connected to success.

It really is the secret sauce to the entire thing… and sooooo many people miss it.

They focus on tactics… on doing…

When really… it all starts with BEING.

How you are within yourself – AKA: the intentions you hold.

And how you show up.

So I wanna remind you about the free gift I have for ya.

It’s my free ticket into my next virtual summit.

This online event will show you brand new systems, routines, and processes that protect your most important asset… your mental health. 

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