Simple Wellness Hacks Busy People Need (But Rarely Prioritize)

Today’s episode goes out to everyone with a busy, full life. 

So you know… YOU. LOL

We all say we want work-life balance… but it’s tougher than it sounds.

Sometimes it feels damn near impossible.

But the truth is… without protecting your most valuable asset – you’re at serious risk of losing it all.

And that most valuable asset is… YOU.

  • Your physical health. 
  • Mental health.
  • Emotional health. 
  • Spiritual health. 
  • Energetic health.
If you want a kickass biz… you gotta be firing on all cylinders. 

You can’t expect to have energy and drive if you’re exhausted AF. 

Or pounding down sugar, Doritos, and fast food on the regular. 

(Though pretty sure the rest of my fam would like to take me up on that challenge, LOL)

And as strong as our intentions are… there are days when we all feel like throwing a big old adult-sized toddler tantrum and go “I don’t waaannnna!”

Especially when you’re tired. Or stressed. Or overextended. 

Which happens a lot when you don’t take care yourself.

So what do you do when you hit this stage?

Well… step 1. Accept that you’re human. And this ebb and flow is natural.

And step 2… when that desire to kick and scream and be lazy hits (as it will), I encourage you to lean in.

Lean into your habits. Lean into your self-care. Lean into prioritizing your wellbeing.

Because for so many of us (especially women)... we tend to throw out what we need for ourselves when other things are calling for our attention.

The trick is to create a wellness routine that works for your ACTUAL life. 

So you can *show up* in your professional life/biz.

Which actually reminds me.

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More on that here in a few…

Let’s go back to just HOW to create your own wellness plan – one that works for YOUR lifestyle.

You don’t want to blindly follow a wellness routine you heard about from some quote unquote “social media guru”. 
Or just do what works for your friend. 

And for the love of everything holy, don’t follow some celeb’s routine.

They literally get paid to work out 5 hours a day. 

So let JLo be JLo… and you be you. 

Although with how rockin’ her bod is, I can see why you’d wanna do whatever JLo does. LOL

The point is… run your own race, my friend.

This is about you. Your life. Your work. Your schedule. Your balance. And YOUR biz.

Give yourself grace. Show yourself some compassion. Treat yourself like you would your own bestie. 

Because wellness is not something you earn. It’s legit essential for you to keep going – and be successful long term.

So how do you create the perfect personalized wellness routine? 

Well, you focus on the M&Ms.

Not the candy. LOL

The letters M – N – M.

Not the Eminen, the rapper. Although damn, that guy’s been around and killing it for a long time.  Who else is a fan?
I’m talking M - N - M.

As in… Movement, Nutrition, and Mental Health.

Let’s start with MOVEMENT.

Are you someone who has an emotional reaction to the word “exercise”?

After the last couple of years, A LOT of us are feeling the pinch of getting out of a daily movement routine. 

Guilt, shame, and poor self esteem have been coming up for a lot of people.

So I wanna offer this bit of advice if that’s your headspace right now.

Commit to a daily practice of MOVEMENT. 

It doesn’t have to be a 30 min jog around the block. 

Or a sweaty ass spin class. Or a HIIT video on YouTube.

Getting up and moving around could mean:

  • Standing up from your desk and stretching once an hour. 
  • Or going outside to walk your dog. 
  • Or even just parking farther away from the grocery store to get a few more steps in.
Maybe you’re someone who likes doing laps in the pool. Especially if you live somewhere hot.

Maybe there’s some other outdoor activity you enjoy. 

Like surfing, paddleboard, or some other activity you enjoy. 

(Can you tell I’m mentally at my house in San Diego? LOL)

Rather than thinking specifically about EXERCISE, I want you to focus on MOVEMENT – and its role in your wellness routine. 

And you gotta treat this as necessary to the success of your biz as hitting deadlines. Networking. 

And attracting your ideal customer or client consistently.

Because your body isn’t just your most valuable asset – it’s the engine for everything you do in life.

When you move your body, your body releases tension – and endorphins. Endorphins are “happy” hormones. They’re literally vital to your health.

Here’s a hack you can steal from my personal playbook… schedule movement time. At least 30 minute daily. 

By putting it on your calendar every day – and doing something FUN that you enjoy – you’ll create a consistent routine. 

And help clear away mental fatigue… boost those happy hormones… and help your body flush out toxins effectively. 

So you can hit that peak performance state consistently… and level up your biz with way less struggle and effort.

Ok so that’s the first M… let’s go to the N part of M&Ms:


Food is literally what sustains us. 

So why do I hear about people being so busy they forgot to eat lunch? 

Or there just wasn’t “time” for a sitdown meal so they pounded down snacks all day? 

What you eat matters. Food is fuel. 

And if you wanna show up and rock your biz, you gotta fuel up like a pro.

This is why you need to create your own nutrition routine that’s built into your wellness. 

First things first… get to know yourself.

Do you need a hearty breakfast to start your day off right? 

Does meal prepping or meal delivery on Sunday for the week help ensure you actually eat lunch everyday? 

Do you perform better when you do intermittent fasting? 

It does for me. I pretty much always skip breakfast and have my first meal of the day at lunchtime.

Are you consistently reaching for caffeine or sugar as a crutch – when what you really need is more sleep? 

And maybe some almonds – which are natural energy boosters. #nojoke

When it comes to food, it helps to look at it from a nutritional POV. 

Way too many people see food as comfort. As actual love. 

Switching your mindset to see food as FUEL actually helps you make better choices.

As does being mindful and AWARE of your daily habits.

If you haven’t done this before, spend 1 week creating a food diary. As well as how you’re feeling when you consume something.

Did you reach for chocolate because you’re feeling drained? Or stressed? Or annoyed?

Tons of us are emotional eaters. Pay attention to your current patterns… and write them down – without judging yourself.

Once you see what your current reactions are, you’ll be able to make conscious shifts that actually help you feel better in your body, mind, AND emotions.

Which is actually the perfect transition to our last M…


Your wellness is not just tied to the physical aspects like nutrition and movement. 

Mental health is a HUGE factor. Probably the most important one actually. 

Because when it comes to finding balance and feeling good, your mind is 100% involved. 

In fact, it’s the #1 factor that determines whether you stay the course… or slip back into unhealthy patterns. 

And it’s also the hugest (and most undervalued) aspect of what separates those who are quote unquote “successful” – from those who struggle with the grind day in and day out.

So lemme ask ya…

What lights up your soul? Helps break the tension when you’re feeling anxious… depressed… stressed out… 

Or whatever emotion is holding you back from performing at your peak?

Do you have a list of hacks you can reach for? Activities that make you happy and bring you balance?

Maybe it’s watching The Office for the 20th time. 

Or diving into a “so crazy I can’t stop watching” show (hello, new season of Stranger Things – talk about so crazy LOL). 

Maybe you find baking to be cathartic. Maybe you find your peace restored by snuggling with your pup. Or other people’s pups. No judgment. 

Although Xander TOOOOTALLLY judges me when I come home smelling like other dogs. I get the silent treatment… until I give him a treat. LOL

The truth of the matter is… emotions are temporary. I know it doesn’t feel that way in the moment.

If you have recurring, swirling thoughts… journaling is a wonderful tool to get your feelings out on paper. 

I’ve often noticed that recurring thoughts go away when they’re written down.

It helps the brain relax. And the little voice inside you feel heard.

You get to come up with your own mental health toolkit. 

You get to take care of yourself… put yourself and your own needs first. 

And you get to NOT feel bad about it either.

You are the foundation of your biz. You are the author of your life. You are the hero of your own story. 

And you have everything in you already to manifest anything you desire.

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So until then… take care of your M&Ms… and I’ll see ya online.