Time Management Hacks with Nadav Wilf

I’ve got a really awesome guest today.

In fact, I actually hired his company a while back to help improve our operational efficiencies.

Maybe you can relate to this…

Do you ever feel like you need someone to just come in and tell you how to do things better… faster… and wayyyyyy easier?

That’s what I signed up for. LOL.

And it WORKED.

After all, if there’s a way to do something in less time than it’s currently taking me now – without sacrificing quality – then I’l all in!

Maybe you’re like that too.

If so, then you’re gonna lovvvveeeee my Reclaim Your Time Challenge.

This is a 3-day online challenge where you’ll discover a brand new technique to get All.The.Things done (plus revolutionize your relationship with time).

So you can stress less. Do more – or maybe do LESS. LOL. 

And create better flow and structure to your days.

These days, we’re all super busy, right?

Especially if you’re a mom. Or you have a career. Or you’re a mom WITH a career.

So I feel like we could ALL use some pro tips on how to brush up our time management skills…

So we can reduce stress and overwhelm – without completely upending our lives to do it.

What’s super cool about this LIVE online challenge is… you’ll see which simple tweaks you can make to your existing routines… and get soooo much time back.

This virtual event takes place from June 28-30th. Which is a Tuesday through Thursday.

And you can sign up free at

Ok so let me introduce today’s special guest.

Nadav Wilf is a spiritual entrepreneur. 

He has built and sold 2 startups in the online advertising space. 

Now he focuses on creating a world of abundance through exponential technologies and spiritual practices, so each person can live their passion. 

He’s the CEO, Founder, and Head Alignment Coach of the Lifestyle Perfected brand.

Which is dedicated to empowering company founders and their teams to feel good as a basis for performance.

They focus in the 6 key areas of life:
  • Time Creation.
  • Wealth and Business.
  • Physical Health.
  • Mental and Spiritual Health.
  • Relationships.
  • And Purpose.
Because as you know, we as business owners have many roles. 

So alllll of these areas are critical to our success – as partners, friends, parents, leaders, you name it!
We’re gonna be talking about how managing your time and tasks is a huge part of your success level.

And exactly HOW you can operate in excellence in both your personal life and your business. 

I’m really psyched for today’s convo… so let’s dive in.

Welcome Nadav…

Interview questions:

  1. Hey Nadav, so glad to have you here! 
  2. You’ve been a successful entrepreneur for many years – what’s a day in your life like now?
  3. Why is time management so important for balancing all.the.things?
  4. Do men and women approach time management differently?
  5. What rules or principles should leaders follow in order to stay at the top of their game consistently?
  6. How do you balance your busy personal and professional life?
  7. How can you prioritize relationships even when you're crazy busy?
  8. Why are you so passionate about the spiritual side of leaders and business?
  9. What’s your best pro tip for a biz owner or career professional who feels consistently overwhelmed?
  10. Is there anything else you’d like to share with our audience?
  11. How can people get in touch with you?


Thank you Nadav for being here with us today!

Told you guys it would be a fun convo!

Bet ya didn’t think time management could be so interesting, right? LOL

But truly… mastering how you spend your time and energy – and mastering your actual CALENDAR…

Is the secret sauce to bring more ease and flow into your life.

Which is what you’ll see how to do inside the Reclaim Your Time Challenge.

That event takes place across three days.

From Tuesday, June 28th through Thursday June 30th.

And each day builds on one another – so by the end of our time together, you’ll have a full blown blueprint that can actually help you get back at least an hour or more each day.

Or even turn your work day into the 4 hour work day. Or four hour work week. That’s my next goal. Lol.

For reals.

Grab your spot at 

Once I got the hang of the system and tricks you’re gonna learn, I was able to 

  • Attend every school function.
  • Work out every day.
  • Actually spend time with my friends.
  • Deepen my relationship with my husband.
  • Travel for FUN, not just work.
  • And still have time to read a book a week. #nojoke
  • I even sneak in Netflix time now and then. LOL
  • AND, still scale my biz.
And you can too.

Because we ALL need downtime. Rest time. ME time.

And best of all… you’ll learn how to positively transform your mindset around time and that seemingly endless to-do list. 

This is literally the secret sauce that’ll shift you from a “have to do” mindset to a “get to do” one – which is guaranteed to make you happier!

And without all the stress and overwhelm.

So don’t forget to RSVP at so I know you’re coming.

And I can make sure to send an action planner your way. 

Because yep – you’ll get an interactive guidebook filled with YOUR CUSTOM plan to reclaim your time.

Pretty cool, huh?

Ok friends… drop your name and email at so you can come to the online event free…

And I’ll see ya next week!