Time Management Hacks with Nadav Wilf

I’ve got a really awesome guest today.

In fact, I actually hired his company a while back to help improve our operational efficiencies.

Maybe you can relate to this…

Do you ever feel like you need someone to just come in and tell you how to do things better… faster… and wayyyyyy easier?

That’s what I signed up for. LOL.

And it WORKED.

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These days, we’re all super busy, right?

Especially if you’re a mom. Or you have a career. Or you’re a mom WITH a career.

So I feel like we could ALL use some pro tips on how to brush up our time management skills…

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Ok so let me introduce today’s special guest.

Nadav Wilf is a spiritual entrepreneur. 

He has built and sold 2 startups in the online advertising space. 

Now he focuses on creating a world of abundance through exponential technologies and spiritual practices, so each person can live their passion. 

He’s the CEO, Founder, and Head Alignment Coach of the Lifestyle Perfected brand.

Which is dedicated to empowering company founders and their teams to feel good as a basis for performance.

They focus in the 6 key areas of life:
  • Time Creation.
  • Wealth and Business.
  • Physical Health.
  • Mental and Spiritual Health.
  • Relationships.
  • And Purpose.
Because as you know, we as business owners have many roles. 

So alllll of these areas are critical to our success – as partners, friends, parents, leaders, you name it!
We’re gonna be talking about how managing your time and tasks is a huge part of your success level.

And exactly HOW you can operate in excellence in both your personal life and your business. 

I’m really psyched for today’s convo… so let’s dive in.

Welcome Nadav…


Welcome to the whole you, where we take your passion for holistic wellness and turn it into a profitable reality. In other words, make some money. Now here's your host, Haley Hobson.

Hayley Hobson (00:10):
Hey, my friends I'm Haley Hobson, and I'm so glad you're here. Welcome to the whole you podcast, where I teach holistic wellness entrepreneurs and creative professionals like you, how to market and sell your products online. So you can live a healthier and wealthier life. Now I've got a really awesome guest today. In fact, I actually hired his company a while back to help improve our operational efficiencies. And maybe you can relate to this. Do you ever feel like you just need someone to come in and tell you how to do all the things way better and faster?  that's what I signed up for and it actually worked. And after all, if there's a way to do something in less time than it's currently taking me now without sacrificing quality, I am all in. And maybe you're like that too. If so, you're actually gonna love my reclaim your time challenge, which is a three day online challenge where you'll discover a brand new technique to get all the things done.

Hayley Hobson (01:13):
Plus revolutionize your relationship with times so you can stress less, do more and maybe even do less  and create a better flow and structure to your days. Because these days we're all super busy, especially if you're a mom or have a career, or you're a mom with a career. So I feel like we could all use some of the pro tips on how to brush up our time management skills so that we can reduce stress and overwhelm with without completely upending our lives to do it. And what's super cool about this live online challenge is you'll see, simple tweaks you can make to your existing routines and get so much time back. So the virtual event takes place June 28th through 30th, which is a Tuesday through Thursday. And you can sign up free at Yep. That's dot info. So what I want to do now is actually introduced today's special guest.

Hayley Hobson (02:13):
Yay.  my friend. ADA's a spiritual entrepreneur and he has built and sold two startups in the online advertising space. And now he focuses on creating a world of abundance through exponential technologies and spiritual practices. So each person he works with can live his or her passion. He is the CEO, founder and head alignment, coach of lifestyle perfected, which is dedicated to empowering company founders like me. And that's why I hired them.  and their teams like mine to feel good as a basis for performance. And they focus on, at least when I worked with them, they focus on a, we can get into it, the six key areas of life, which are time creation, wealth and abundance, wealth, and business. I should say physical health, mental and spiritual health relationships and purpose, which is all the stuff that you guys know. I love to talk about. And you also know that we as business owners have so many roles. So all of these areas are critical to our success. As partners, friends, parents, leaders, you name it. And we're gonna be talking about how managing your time and your tasks is a huge part of your success level and exactly how you can operate in excellence in both your personal life and your business. So I'm super psyched for today's conversation. Are you ready to dive in enough?

Nadav Wilf (03:47):
Oh, I'm ready. As soon as I saw this on my calendar, I was like, can't wait for this day.

Hayley Hobson (03:53):
It's so funny. Cuz like here we are. We're both like, I think you're, you're, I'm sure you're like me like a nerd about your time, your calendar. And it's like, still happens. Right? The link that I gave you, it didn't work originally. The sound that quality on my computer, didn't start, we're starting 15 minutes late. I'm already starting to get the IBER Jers around starting late. I've got the calendar patted though. We have a little extra time, but like even when you're like dialing it in, there's still all of the room for error and uh, that's why I can't imagine not dialing it in

Nadav Wilf (04:22):

Hayley Hobson (04:24):
Yeah. So anyway, it was really, it's been, it's been fun. It's been fun. It's been a fun year. Like getting to know you, working with your team, you guys are amazing. And I was wondering if you could share from your perspective, like what you did for me and what you do for your clients, what you've done for my business. Yeah. And then share all your journeys that you're doing in Europe right now. Just Kidding.

Nadav Wilf (04:49):
Well, you know, after we completed your contract, we said, if we can coach Haley, we can coach anyone. So that was, uh, I'm just kidding. Just kidding. Um, so like saying, uh, it was a good setup. Um, our focus was around bringing awareness to, to you and your team, your mindset, uh, firstly, and you know, around time around systems, um, get each person knowing themselves and knowing each other because that's really, you get quantum leaps in business when you are really able to, to know yourself, share that with others on your team. So they know you and then you get to relate in a really real way. And you're, you know, you're, you're relating to, to who, you know, that person to be. And, and there are different ways and you're not guessing or hiding things from each other.

Nadav Wilf (05:58):
And so once that happened, a lot opened up and yeah, the result was you saying, Hey, I got like 15, 20 hours back every, every week now, what am I gonna fill it with? Right. And then, and then you went ahead and did that. Um, but the focus was really around a line automate achieve. So understand the mindset, bring it to awareness, understand the, the mindset that we want to have the desired mindset and establishing the desired mindset as the foundation for, for systemizing things. And so, and then working on the systems, you know, the, the, the, the calendar structuring the calendar in a way that works for each role and each, each person that part's really important and will map to the key performance indicators, achieving the goals you want and setting up that structure for freedom. That that's one of the things, you know, I, I love is I I'm a, I'm a freewheeling guy, like you said, I'm in, I'm in Europe right now.

Nadav Wilf (07:08):
Uh, but I have a lot of structure in the second half of my day, every day, the first half I leave, you know, really open. And so, uh, setting things up in a rhythm they're, they're Jack Welch from, uh, the CEO of GE late Jack Welch said, meeting rhythms are CEO's best friend. And you start, you know, really creating that structure. You start creating predictability. And when you have predictability, you're able to have freedom. And if you look at anyone you think is really free, like a dancer, you know, that rockstar guitarist that looks, you know, higher than ever, and just going crazy. Um, anything in nature structure, they have structure. Yeah.

Hayley Hobson (07:56):
They're committed to their training or practicing or whatever it is.

Nadav Wilf (08:01):

Hayley Hobson (08:01):
So, um, so it's interesting. I've got a couple things I just wanna unpack from what you just said first, what I, the, the, the most value that I got was around, like you just said, around creating structures. And I, and it's interesting because when I, when people first hear this, it doesn't sound like it's not like rocket science, so it doesn't sound like this big deal. Like, oh, let's create structure around meetings. Like let's create structure around the calendar. Let's create structure around communication. But what I noticed was that I was wasting hours a day and a week stuck in communication that either was redundant, wasn't landing was happening over and over again, calendars that weren't efficient meetings that were going on way longer than they, that they needed to be. And you're right. By the time we were done over the, over the six months I had, I probably gained about at least 10 hours a week, Monday through Friday, maybe 15 back in my calendar. And then I started, I was able to do other things. Like I started a Spanish class , I'm taking Spanish online,

Nadav Wilf (09:06):
I Know

Hayley Hobson (09:07):
Yeah, exactly

Nadav Wilf (09:08):
Who staff.

Hayley Hobson (09:09):
And, um, and then I decided to do, to, to staff and coach, uh, a coaching program for an extra 15 hours a week. So it's like, I, I can do the thi you know, you could go in, you could be with your family more, you could rest more, do more personal things yourself. But I, I was like, there were hobbies, there were things I wanted to do that I wasn't, I felt like all I was doing was working and talking to my team and it was like, it was a time suck. And so to have that kind of structure was so freeing for me, doesn't mean there's still not, you know, minor breakdowns, but that was huge. And I'm wondering if you can share from your perspective, like watching it happen, like what you saw and what you typically see with teams that are, you know, not as efficient as they could be in task management, calendar management, communication management slash landing mm-hmm . And then I have another question. I don't, I'm gonna just say it now. So we remember it. I don't wanna forget cuz it's interesting how you leave the front hand ha uh, half of your day free, and then you, you work on the back end, you schedule, I do the opposite. I'm like soon as I wake up, I like to go to it. That's my brain is fresh. I wanna have that conversation around like peak, performance and productivity at some point.

Nadav Wilf (10:29):
Yeah. Yeah. So, I mean, I, I think, uh, from a mindset perspective, I'm actually in my mindset library here. And, um, one of the it's divided between undesired and desired and one of the undesired is fear. I have a fear of leading my team towards failure. And actually if I, let me see if I can pull up your, your tool because we actually did a lot of this work, so I'm gonna, I'm gonna pull it up. But, but oftentimes there's this kind of innate fear around, around failing and it, and it, uh, it's a, it's a time suck basically because you start that's where micromanagement comes from. And micromanagement to me is, is kind of like a four letter word on both sides because, um, if you have understanding and compassion, then the person that's micromanaging, let's just say that getting in people's business really cares and really cares about the success of the organization.

Nadav Wilf (11:38):
They care about, uh, the success of, of, of the person that they're working with and they wanna support them. And the person that, uh, is, is quote, unquote, being micromanaged needs to understand that whoever they're in collaboration with, you know, really cares about them and, and they also, uh, get to enjoy that support together. But the other side of it leads to lack of systems because essentially what it's all about is how do I replace myself? How do I, um, make myself more efficient? How do I, um, you know, create an environment where every, every breakdown turns into a systemized breakthrough. And so the things that I saw initially with your company was you're a very charismatic and strong personality and you're the brand. So it makes sense that you want, wanted, or want the brand to be a certain way and things to run a certain way because it's representing you personally, it's representing your persona.

Nadav Wilf (12:53):
And what you accomplished was really systemizing those things, right. And starting to figure out how do I, how do I systemize myself? How do I, uh, start getting people clear on how the content should be written? So I don't have to rewrite it and how the post should look and, you know, the, the, the, the branding and, um, how I most like to be scheduled, how I most like to be reported to what the report should look like, what the agenda of the meeting should look like in the moment we started doing that, your time freed up, because, you know, things were set up in the way that you wanted and you didn't have to ask again and again, because we systemized those things and then your team got to really enjoy supporting you. And once they, they had the structure for supporting you, they could be more creative and they could actually shine more in, in that support role. And so it all sounds quite simple. And, you know, it's, it's not necessarily complicated, but there's complexities to execute on. And we did that over, over really. I think it, it was about four months. I mean, we went six months, but I think after about four months, we were kind of like, Hey, this, this is, this is set up quite nicely.

Hayley Hobson (14:17):
Yeah. It was really efficient. It was really great. The way that you guys do that, I wanna actually talk about like your, your systems and your app and what you've created since then. Um, but yeah, let's talk about time for a second. This is like curious thing that I have because my husband and I have such different, like, schedules that we like to keep. I cannot, I like, I mean, in my brain, I think I have anxiety about not getting things done. So that's one of the reasons I like to do things early, but I also find, I wake up very super energized. And like that's when I am the most creative and the most strategic and the quickest. And then I've noticed, I actually just literally recorded another podcast episode. This is solo podcast episode on it, but some people are not like that.

Hayley Hobson (15:01):
And I have, um, women that I know specifically that are distracted all day by kids and, and stuff at home. So their only option is to work in the evening and they'll stay up like, you know, until midnight doing stuff. And I'm like passing out at like 7 30, 8 o'clock at night. Like, and my brain just shuts off at a certain time. So why do you choose to create your schedule the way that you have with your mornings more open versus your like, I'm, I, I wanna be done by three. I wanna be done by four so that I have like my afternoons and I can relax.

Nadav Wilf (15:36):
Yeah. Well, firstly, whatever floats your boat, you know, for anyone who's listening, I wanna, I, I guess the first thing I would say is that, get to know what you prefer and then see what limiting beliefs are in the way of you doing what you prefer. And as an entrepreneur, you can say, well, you know, my clients are only up at this time or that time or that's, this is when is optimal for them. Or if you work for someone, you say, well, it's, it's corporate America, or, you know, whatever it is, it's this way. So I just want you to first understand, put, put aside the reasons for not having it the way you want and create your ideal day. And, uh, I just want, I just wanna say if, if you think your ideal day is chilling at the beach, you know, getting wasted on margaritas all day, that's gonna be over in a week.

Nadav Wilf (16:29):
You're you're gonna be in a week. You're no longer gonna, not, not for you, Hailey, but you know, anyone who's listening, that's not gonna last. You want to be in your purpose. So firstly it's, what do I love to do? And can I fill my day with those things? How do I fill my day with those things? And if, and if you say, yeah, but you know, my I'm in this job, cuz this is what I studied in college. Great. Well put one thing every day that you love to do, right. And start, start there and you can do that. E everyone can do that. Um, and then understanding what, what your schedule, you know, what you want your schedule to look like. And, and for me, for example, like I coach every other week, so this is a coaching week, but then for 12 days I'm not coaching anymore. And I get to focus on other aspects of the business and things that I like. And when I started, that's

Hayley Hobson (17:26):
Super intentional that you're doing it 12 days in a row.

Nadav Wilf (17:29):
Yeah. And I'm doing it three days every other week. So I, I coach six days a week, six days a month, sorry, three days a week, every other week. And it's really intentional. And, and guess what, when I decide to do that, I said, I wonder if my clients are gonna like that, or I wonder if that's gonna work because I'm not coaching every week, but guess what? It's actually great because the coaching is very potent and it ages over time. So actually we wouldn't need to coach every week because I don't think we'd have, have that much to cover actually. And, and, you know, today I, I got on with the client and their align score had gone up 18 percentage points. Since the last time we coached because they're a Slayer, they're, you know, they're, they're on top of it. They have awareness.

Nadav Wilf (18:23):
They're able to see their patterns. But at first I didn't believe it was possible. So I'm giving an example of, of what I've, you know, what I'm sharing. I think people should do figure out what you like and, and how you wanna do it. Um, in regards to work, I actually like I'm in, I'm in Europe and my clients remaining in the us. So I just, here I'm, I'm starting meetings at two and I'm completing at seven. But when I was in, on the east coast, in TLU, I started meetings at 10 and completed at four. So I'm essentially doing five to six hours of, of meeting time, uh, a day. So that's something that I, that I, uh, recommend. And so in the morning, I mean, I'm usually actually just, I, I also like to work in the morning. I really enjoy it, but I just, I have very unstructured mornings where if until 11, I kind of have it open and I'll go sit at a coffee shop and work on what I think's most impactful at 11.

Nadav Wilf (19:21):
I go to the gym, then I make lunch at noon. And then I sit down at, at one and, and, you know, start meetings or get prepped for the day. So, so yeah, I think we're similar in that regard, when I was on the east coast time, I was getting done at four, go to the gym at four 30 and enjoy the sunset. I think that the key is really understanding, you know, what, what, what you love to do and how you like it. And then, um, and then sticking to it because what the mistake a lot of people make is, Ooh, I really wanna work with Haley. Haley can only meet me at 7:00 AM my time or 8:00 AM my time. And that's a slippery slope because then I also wanna work with Julian and also wanna work with, you know, this company and that company, next thing you know, you're messing up your, you know, what, what you created from an aligned place that that's the main, you know, the main, the main, uh, points I have around scheduling in that regard.

Hayley Hobson (20:15):
Yeah. It's interesting. Like my husband doesn't schedule anything. Like if I literally opened his calendar, it would be blank. And I don't, I don't know how he gets anything done. And mine, I wouldn't say it's like massively over heavy scheduled. Like I also everything's in a four hour Workday or five hour Workday today. It was 10. It was a little bit longer today, 10 to three, so five hours. And if I wasn't a calendar, there's no way there would be start stops. There was no way I would get, and by putting some like flex time in between each meeting, then if we have a tech issue like we had, or this morning I had a friend, I had a friend come in from outta town last night, who was like, Hey, can I spend the night? So I got to move a couple things and squeeze him a little bit tighter. So we could go out for breakfast coffee this morning. Mm-hmm  but without a calendar, I can't even imagine life. So I'm wondering what your, what your, what would you say about time management and like how to create, and I mean, I guess you can't manage time, but you're managing yourself.

Nadav Wilf (21:28):
Yeah. I always go back to, you know, I think, I think people really know what's best for them. That doesn't mean they're doing what's best for them, but people know what's best for them. And, and if it's, if it's working for Wes, great, if it's not working for maybe working

Hayley Hobson (21:42):
For him, but it's not working for me,

Nadav Wilf (21:44):
That's what I was gonna say. If it's not working for you, then, you know, he's got a problem. It sounds like,

Hayley Hobson (21:52):
Or I get to manage my responses on how he's showing up with his time. That's not, I mean,

Nadav Wilf (21:56):
Get or collaborating. Yeah, yeah. Or, or right. Collaborating on it. Right. But it just, it just, it's more like, does it work? Is someone showing up to, you know, in integrity, are they meeting their timelines? Are they showing up to the meetings on time? And, and that, that's how, you know, if it's working or not. Um, I am a Monday through Thursday scheduler and I'm a Friday through Sunday. I slower, I guess. And I feel in flow with my schedule, but more open, less, less scheduling things like that. That's exactly how so. Yeah. And I love it, you know, up on Friday, it's like Sunday night, I like to chill and then I love to go for it hard on Monday, go harden to paint, kind of like 10 to 14 hour day, Tuesday, you know, 10 to 12 hour day, Wednesday, 10 to 12 hours, Thursday, maybe eight to 10 hours. And then Friday, I usually cook keep open. Although these days I'm, I'm, I'm pushing a little hard or so I'm doing Fridays as well, but in the morning, I, I don't have any meetings and, and you know, I keep it, I keep it pretty open and chill. So the, the way the thing I'll, I'll underline again is, and I'm gonna read some of these patterns. Cause I have them here in front of me.

Nadav Wilf (23:28):
It's getting alignment. And once you get alignment all the time blocking and the books and the strategies are there, but undesired feeling scarcity belief, I feel scarcity when there is enough time in the day to get everything done, desired belief, abundance. I am shifting my mindset into feeling time abundance as I become more efficient. So notice that aspect where you go I'm, I'm not gonna spend more time doing it. I'm gonna figure out how to be more efficient. Another one is deservedness. I feel deservedness in doing what I love and being successful. Deservedness I feel deservedness to consistently do more and more of what I love and empower others to do what they love. Resignation. I'll just do one more feel re I feel resigned about creating my schedule in a way that is aligned with what's best for me and my company. A lot of people who either are grinding entrepreneurs are there, um, you know, you work in for someone else and you're resigned about your schedule empowered. I feel empowered to create schedules that embody my passions, life balance and accomplish my goals according to timelines. So it all starts with mindset. We know that, right? If, if we have the right mindset, we get to shape more and more consistently. If we allow our mindset to be shaped by influences that aren't what we want.

Nadav Wilf (24:57):
That's what we're gonna have.

Hayley Hobson (25:02):
Yeah. It's good. It's good. So you've got probably lots of people are coming to you who are company founders, company owners, company leaders. And basically you're, you're coaching them. You're working with them to stay on top of their game, basically. Mm-hmm . And what I've noticed about you is not only do you stay on top of your game and teach other people how to do the same or coach other people to do the same or give them the strategies and the tips, but you also seem to have a very full social life and like personal life. Like, I, I, I love like, hearing about just the things that you're doing, where you're traveling, where you're going, where you're living, you're very nomadic you're in relationships. And, um, how do you, like, what's your mindset around like navigating that and being able to have both end cause you play hard at work in your business. Yeah. And you still have a full like life that many people would look at you and go, I envy that.

Nadav Wilf (26:11):
Good. I want them to say I'm inspired by that. I I'm inspired by that. And I want to have my own version of that. And how, how, how can I do that? Um, well, brings me back to some words of a wise man. And he says, you can always make up a test, but you can never make up a good party. And, uh, you know, that, that's something I lived by for a long time. I partied, I partied quite enough, but you know, I, I still like to do, I was outta castle in Germany this weekend with 400 people. It was like a retreat during the day dinner, then concert and then DJs all night. And it was, it was wild. It was quite wild. It was, it was really amazing. But, um, I think it comes back to that structure. So I feel very balanced because again, Sunday I'm chill.

Nadav Wilf (27:15):
I'm getting my, my workouts in four days a week. And, uh, my schedule is balanced. Like today I had coffee with someone for, for an hour and it's, it was just open, you know, and I could have just worked through that time, but I had a great conversation with this person. I got to connect with them. And then, um, Monday I usually don't do much Tuesday night. I don't do much. And Wednesday is kind of the first night that I'll, I'll go to dinner and then Thursday, Friday or Saturday, I let myself free flow. So it's really just that balance. It's like, I, I never everything's in its right place. If I, if I started saying, yeah, Monday, let's just party or I'm gonna work, you know, all day, Saturday and Sunday, it would be IMB balance for me, but I feel that we deserve to, to, to enjoy and have fun. And we, you know, we, we get to do that. So to me, it's, uh, it's just a perfect balance. And, and I, and I believe that I deserve that balance. And that's, that's part of the deservedness um, also being present is underemphasized. I think.
Hayley Hobson (28:34):
Do, do you feel like, do you feel like you have clients that come to you that I'm sure you do? Like, I don't even know why I'm asking this question that actually don't believe they deserve to have that grounding time, relaxation time, social time, play time, party time. And they're just completely in, full on like, yeah.

Nadav Wilf (28:55):
It's the second, most popular limiting belief that I have in our, in our app line. So, because self love is a huge part. And so if we, if we don't have a level of self love, we don't have deservedness. And, um, so that's a huge part. And then, uh, this idea that you have to grind so hard and you have to, you know, you're not present, so you, you know, you're undeserving this and then you're not present in those times where you're not working and you feel guilty and things like that. So again, it's all about, it's all about understanding. Like what's most aligned to me because maybe you'll have fun chilling for a week. Maybe you have fun chilling for a month, but you're gonna get back to wanting to do what you're passionate about. And I

Hayley Hobson (29:57):
Actually, I actually felt like that for a while when I first got done with you, I, I, I, because I had all this time that opened up around my calendar, I was like, like I was having like these issues, like with my self worth and like, what am I doing here? Just like chilling out at the, at the kitchen counter, like in the middle of the day, like not having something to do. And, um, and then I realized I could fill it up with things that were not work related that were, I didn't have to just sit there. Right. Like waiting for my, to come home. But that's when I was like, okay, I'm gonna learn Spanish. And I've done. I've now I've done like a 90 day streak every single day. I have not, not had a day. Some days I put in an hour, some days I put in 30 minutes, some days I put in 15 minutes, some days I put in an hour and a half, but like every day for the last 90 days, I've put in some Spanish and, um, you know, getting involved, like I said, it could be like another workout meeting, more friends, whatever.

Hayley Hobson (30:47):
But I went through that for a second.

Nadav Wilf (30:51):

Hayley Hobson (30:53):
It was interesting.

Nadav Wilf (30:55):
Yeah. There there's, again, you know, it might sound a bit like a broken record, but it's, it's about that balance because people say we're not human doings, we're human beings. And it's like, yes, we're human beings. And it's, it's important to connect to, to the being and doing is fun. Like we are here in the manifested world on the leading edge of creation to do cool and, you know, do things that we enjoy. And, uh, but when we have a momentum, energetic momentum of doing, doing, doing, and associating our self worth to doing that's, that's not ideal. Right. So can we calibrate? It's all about calibrating. It's different seasons for different stuff. You know, I, I did a lot of chilling two or three years ago. I mean, two or three years ago, I was only working Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. And I was like four day weekends.

Nadav Wilf (32:05):
And it was like festivals and gosh, that was fun. But yeah, you get to a point where, where, you know, I was ramping it up and I decided to ramp it up and, and, and I enjoy that. So, um, and now actually ramp down a little bit. I'm still, I'm still focused and putting the time in, but I've, I've, I've slowed down things a little bit. Uh, also just, you know, the way the world's going right now, just, just kind of cutting things, optimizing things a little bit, but, but it's important to, to, to be present, to listen to your body, listen to the world around you understand, you know, listen to your, your inner child, your inner being and, and decide what's best for you. And, and if you're coming from a place that's aligned, that's what matters.

Hayley Hobson (33:02):
So tell us about speaking of a line. Tell us a little bit about the app, like what you've created.

Nadav Wilf (33:06):
Yeah. Well, it's a line So if somebody wants to check it out, it's a line and you can go ahead and schedule time with us and we'll, we'll take you through it. Um, was a bit, bit of an experiment. That's now become probably the fastest way to shift. And what we realize is that every area, anything you focus on, so you have 12 areas of life, 12 areas of business, and anything you focus on. There's a common of feelings and thoughts about it. There's a common, there's common mindsets, and those mindsets are undesired and desired. And so within about five minutes, you can understand your mindset.

Nadav Wilf (33:55):
And once you understand your mindset and you understand how, how you want your mindset to be your desired mindset, we're seeing in like 14 days massive increases towards mindset, because it brings awareness to your mindset really quickly and helps you understand which actions to take. So, yeah, I can just say, you know, I, I love it. And I was with a bunch of clients today. They're just like, they absolutely love it because it makes mindset so easy. And, and look, one of the reasons I made it was because I think the coaching industry, and, and I don't know if, what you're gonna think about this, but it's, it's one of those things where it's like, you know, I, as much as we want to help, we have some level of, of misaligned business model where we're saying, I know this I've spent money to know this. Now you spend money to know this. And what I realize is like, what we know is really available in its ancient wisdom. So can we put it into a way where we can democratize emotional intelligence, really make it available for everyone and, and, uh, help everyone be a coach, be able to coach themselves, tap into their inner intuition and, and then go next level faster.

Hayley Hobson (35:15):
I love it. I can't, I can't wait to see it. In fact, you guys were actually gonna get off and we're gonna go to a little demo, but right now, so, um, Dov, thank you so much for being here today. Can you, besides the free opportunity for them to check out the app, is there another way that they can get in touch with you or is that how they, how you

Nadav Wilf (35:30):
Want them to, yeah, they can go to Instagram and, uh, @Nadavwilf is my Instagram. Yeah.
Hayley Hobson (35:41):
Cool. All right. Well, you guys, I told you it'd be a fun combo. Um, you know, I don't know about you. I geek out on it. I don't know that time management is so interesting to all, but for me, productivity, time management, living, the balance that you get to create and align with is all my jam. And, um, I think like truly mastering how you spend your time and energy and mastering your actual calendar is the secret sauce to bringing more ease and flow and happiness into your life, which is what you'll get to see inside the reclaim your time challenge that I'm hosting for you. Ooh,

Nadav Wilf (36:16):

Hayley Hobson (36:17):
Over the three days, Tuesday, June

Nadav Wilf (36:20):
Getting down.

Hayley Hobson (36:20):
Yeah, June 28th, 29th and 30th. So I've done this before a couple times and it is so popular. People love it. We used to host it over five days and I've actually consolidated the content and got it even more efficient Nadav into three  and to three and each day basically builds on another. So by the end of our time together, you'll actually have a full blown blueprint of how you can also get at least an hour back more in your day. So I've got a workbook for you. We'll get to work together and you can even turn your work week into a four day or three day like Nadav  my, my next goal is, is, um, right now I said that I have like these four to six hour work, like in intense, like works, um, meeting days. And I'm gonna get that down to like, uh, there's a book like the four hour work week.

Hayley Hobson (37:13):
, that's my next goal. Right? Anyway, you guys grab your spot at reclaim your And what I will say is to kind of summarize what we spoke about today. After I worked with Nadav  and after I've, after I've worked with my own, um, my own life, my own balance, my own creativity, my own strategy over my calendar. I have now found time, no shit to attend every school function for my daughter, work out every day, have a full social life, spend time with my friends, deepen my relationship with my husband travel, not just for work, but also for fun. Still have time to read a book a week, not kidding, no joke, and even sneaking in. I just I'm about to finish Bridger 10, which was like a two series 10 episode or 12 episode each and still scale my bits. Okay.  so you can do that too, because I know I need, we all need me time, rest, time downtime, and best of all, time to positively transform our mindsets around time with the seemingly endless todo list.

Hayley Hobson (38:22):
So this is literally the secret sauce that will shift you from a, have to do mindset to a, get, to do mindset, which is guaranteed to make you happier without all that stress and over overlap. So don't forget RCP reclaim your So I know you're coming and, um, I will send you, I'll send you a planner your way, you get an interactive guidebook, like I said, for your custom plan to reclaim your time. Pretty cool. So drop your name, drop your email, reclaim your time, reclaim your There's there. So just so we're clear reclaim your So you can come to the online free event. And I will see you! Thanks Nadav!


Thank you Nadav for being here with us today!

Told you guys it would be a fun convo!

Bet ya didn’t think time management could be so interesting, right? LOL

But truly… mastering how you spend your time and energy – and mastering your actual CALENDAR…

Is the secret sauce to bring more ease and flow into your life.

Which is what you’ll see how to do inside the Reclaim Your Time Challenge.

That event takes place across three days.

From Tuesday, June 28th through Thursday June 30th.

And each day builds on one another – so by the end of our time together, you’ll have a full blown blueprint that can actually help you get back at least an hour or more each day.

Or even turn your work day into the 4 hour work day. Or four hour work week. That’s my next goal. Lol.

For reals.

Grab your spot at 

Once I got the hang of the system and tricks you’re gonna learn, I was able to 

  • Attend every school function.
  • Work out every day.
  • Actually spend time with my friends.
  • Deepen my relationship with my husband.
  • Travel for FUN, not just work.
  • And still have time to read a book a week. #nojoke
  • I even sneak in Netflix time now and then. LOL
  • AND, still scale my biz.
And you can too.

Because we ALL need downtime. Rest time. ME time.

And best of all… you’ll learn how to positively transform your mindset around time and that seemingly endless to-do list. 

This is literally the secret sauce that’ll shift you from a “have to do” mindset to a “get to do” one – which is guaranteed to make you happier!

And without all the stress and overwhelm.

So don’t forget to RSVP at so I know you’re coming.

And I can make sure to send an action planner your way. 

Because yep – you’ll get an interactive guidebook filled with YOUR CUSTOM plan to reclaim your time.

Pretty cool, huh?

Ok friends… drop your name and email at so you can come to the online event free…

And I’ll see ya next week!