Mid-Year Goals Reset: 3 Steps to Achieve Your Goals in 6 Months or Less

June is a great time to check back in on the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year.
And it’s actually why I’m hosting my Mid-Year Goal Setting Workshop on Wednesday, June 15th.
And right now, you can get in free.
Just pop over to and drop your name and email.
That’s it… and you’re in.
This event is perfect for you if you’re looking to make serious progress on the dreams, goals, and projects you've been holding onto in your life and biz…
But haven't been able to achieve... YET.
Maybe they’re ones you set back in January. Maybe they’re ones you wanna do but haven’t prioritized yet.
In this online workshop, you’ll discover specific goal setting strategies designed with busy people in mind. 
It’s not about flipping a 180 in your routine… it’s about making smart tweaks to how you approach your days. 
To come at your daily experience with intention – and leverage a specific toolkit of strategies that align with YOUR unique goals…
Push you forward, rebuild your momentum, and help you keep on creating the life you deserve.
Pretty cool, right?
So let’s talk about why now is the perfect time for this.
Have you heard of my “New Year’s INTENTIONS” concept?Where instead of RESOLUTIONS… we choose INTENTIONS.
If ya ask me… an intention can be just as powerful as a resolution – but it feels more flexible. And accessible.
It allows for shiz to happen. Because it will.
The idea of an intention is that you’re working toward a desired outcome for yourself… but you’re not locked into this rigid plan for it.
It provides clarity. Vision. And you get to visualize what you’re truly aligned to… and what you want to make happen. From a soul-centered place.
And from there, you can map out a series of changes to get there – but you don’t have to ditch your plan entirely if you fall off the horse. 
You get to recognize “Ok, I got off track… and now I’m gonna get back on it.”
Your goals are still there – and with an intentional approach, you get to reassess them along the way. Pivot. Tweak. 
You can even completely revamp them if ya want. 
For example, let’s say your INTENTION is to get more fit. 
Because you want to feel better in your bod… have more energy… feel stronger… and keep your mental state in prime working order.
Now maybe at the beginning of the year you decided, I’m going to go to the gym 4 times a week.
And you started doing that… but you found it boring. So you stopped doing it.
With a resolutions approach, that’s it. You’re done. You failed… at least, according to that little voice inside your head.
But with an intentions approach, you can still totally pivot your action plan to still achieve your desired goals.
Maybe you find that you like Pilates better. Or spin. 
Or maybe you’re in a season where working out an hour a day outside of the home just isn’t feasible.
So you decide to approach your fitness with nutritional changes… meditation… and short walks around the house.
You’re still taking action toward your intention of feeling better in your bod… prioritizing your mental health… and having more energy…
But the HOW changed. And you’re still guilt-free.
The same goes for a goal you have in your biz.
Maybe your intention is to grow your biz by the end of the year. And you’re in – you’re committed.
So you come up with a specific goal.
Let’s say it’s to bring in 6 new customers a month.
Awesome – very specific and doable.
So HOW do you want to do that?Well, one option could be that you are going to focus on social media.
You’re going to finally lean into creating Reels and Stories… because you’ve probably seen how Instagram is prioritizing that content in your feed, right?
Which mean single photo posts just aren’t gonna cut it anymore if you wanna achieve your goals.
So maybe you decide to achieve get better at social media, you’re gonna sign up for my Instagram Mastery training – when it comes out next.
And you’re going to practice – even if it’s not perfect. You’re gonna put in the effort. Do it scared. And put it out there anyway.
You have an intention – a vision – of the success you desire in your life… and you then apply some simple goal setting techniques to get there.
Let’s talk about the 3-step process to take an intentional approach to create momentum toward your goals… while we’re here at the halfway point.
Step 1: Establish your goals for the next 6 months.
The key is to make a goal that is time-bound. 
So think about this as a 6 month roadmap.
What can you accomplish feasibly – with a stretch – in the next 6 months?
To keep motivated, your goal should be challenging… but still doable.
For example, if you want to pay down your credit card debt… that’s a really great goal.
You’d start by breaking down this overarching goal into practical steps.
Like, first… how much would you like to pay off?
5,000? 8,000? Come up with a specific number.
Then break that down into monthly mini goals.
How much per month would be ideal – and doable – for you to make progress?
Is it easier to go even across the board all 6 months… or do you know some months (like maybe December) you’ll have more expenses. 
So you want to aim higher the earlier months and keep December a bit lower.
Then, you get to figure out HOW you’re gonna achieve this monthly goal.
That’s step 2 – Evaluate your approach… and create an intentional plan.
As in what changes are you going to make to do this? 
What actual techniques… actions… will get you from where are right now… to that goal you have at the end of 6 months?

  • Will you learn a new technique to get more traffic – AKA get in front of new people? 
  • Revamp your marketing approach in your biz? 
  • Put together some promos to create some buzz around the products or services you offer?
  • Commit to consistently posting on social media?
Are there certain wasteful tendencies that suck your money up that you could be mindful about?
If ya ask me, you don’t want to go into 100% deprivation mode.
That’s a recipe for disaster.
Like, let’s say Starbucks is your happy place. 
It is for my daughter. She loves the “pink drink”. Gross. LOL
So is it really feasible to swear to yourself “I will not get Starbucks AT ALL for the rest of the year to make this happen”?  
Proooobbbbbably not. At least not for her.
Going into all-or-nothing mode is why resolutions fail so often. 
You slip up once and feel like it’s all over… so you feel like “why bother trying again?”
So back to intention. Go back to flexibility.
Could you cut back to getting your fave chai latte just once a week instead of 3+ times a week?
Could you skip adding your brekkie sandwich on top of your latte – and eat something from home?
Could you find the recipe on Pinterest and start making them – or something similar – at home more often?
This is an opportunity to hack your habits creatively – without completely depriving yourself of something you love.
The third step is to monitor your progress.
There’s a saying that goes… what you measure you manage.
Which just means: if you don’t pay attention to the results coming out of your efforts, you can’t build momentum.
And when you DO see results – even small ones over time – you actually feel GOOD.
You want to continue with the efforts because you feel like you’re actually doing the damn thing.
And you wanna see it through to the desired conclusion.
Even if you’re not a super competitive person, we all have rewards centers built into our brains.
And when you track your progress, your brain is like YAY! Go us! LOL
And it releases dopamine. Which is a chemical that makes you feel good.
And this feeling can be addictive.
But, like, in a good way. A healthy way.
So when you hack your brain chemistry you’re actually way more motivated to keep taking action.
That’s what you're going to do when you set goals – ones that are challenging but also achievable with a little stretch… 
Make progress toward your goal… and track it…
You have distinct proof that you’re winning.
Voila… more dopamine for you.
And you’re amped – even from a brain chemistry perspective – to keep going.
Now, here’s what I know.
If you don’t prioritize your goals… and take action toward it on the daily… 
It can slip to the background.
Because the thing is – shit happens.
You get injured working out so you stop for a while to recover.
And you struggle to get back on the horse.
Or you get busy with work. And you decide you’re gonna take today off to focus on your biz.
Or your kid needs braces… so you prioritize that expense over your goal of paying off debt.
Then it slips your mind until the start of a new year and you’re like UGH – I’m still in the hole.
So go back to your intention.
Remember to stay flexible… to allow for pivots… and for life to happen.
And commit to imperfect action.
If you’re at a point where you’re like, aw man I could REALLY use a mid year reset on my goals…
And you wanna do it together – which honestly is way more fun – then you’re gonna want to sign up for my goal setting workshop.
It’s free to come – and you can get your pass at
Here’s what we’ll do together…
First, you're gonna get clear on your goals. Both personal and career slash biz.
Because they’re both totally connected.
And these aren’t just any old goals. Or a rewash of what you decided on back in January.

This is a process to create aligned, INTENTIONAL goals… that are meaningful to YOU. 
For me, intentional means leaning in – no matter what. Doing whatever it takes.
Not letting my ego run the show. Accepting that I’m not always right. And that my first approach may not always be the best approach. But to find a new path forward.
Maybe you resonate with that…
Once you have your intentional goals… then you’ll discover how to bust past the stories that's been in your way so far. 
And release the blocks you've been holding on to –- and don't need anymore.
On the tactical side, you’ll see how to apply a super simple hack around stacking your habits that makes achieving your goals easier. 
No matter what they are.
Plus, you’ll learn the practical, hands-on stuff that'll help you create mini wins so you’re motivated to keep going... all the way to the finish line. 
AKA: kick that dopamine reward system into high gear. 
So you keep showing up… keep putting in your energy… and keep seeing results.
And… when you sign up… you’ll receive a workshop planner so you can leave your screen with your own goal crushing roadmap from our time together.
And know exactly what to do for the final half of the year.
This is a really fun, interactive event… and you’re gonna be super inspired and motivated by the time we wrap up.
You don't have to let what's happened before with your goals (whether you've achieved them or not) stop you from making 2022 your best year yet. 
It's time to become a goal getter!
So make sure you take the first step… which is to reserve your free pass to the Mid-Year Goal Setting Workshop.
Which is on Wednesday, June 15th…
All ya gotta do is enter your name and email at
And you’re all set!
Because we still got a lotta year left to achieve our goals.
So I hope to see ya there.
Have a great rest of your week friends… and I’ll see ya online.