Venting vs. Advice: The #1 Way to Be Heard the Way You Want

Ok I have a really JUICY story for ya today.

And it involves a challenging conversation with my husband.

SHHHH don’t tell him.JK, he gave his blessing for me to share.

But before we get into that, I have a big announcement!

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Ok, so you’ve been very patient.

I shared a little bit of this story on my Facebook Live… but it hit such a nerve with people that I wanted to go deeper here.

So a few days ago, there was a situation with my husband.

He had gotten a text from someone and it bothered him.

So, he asked me if he could read it to me.

And apparently I didn’t give him the reaction he was looking for.

I think that he wanted me to side with him… to buy into his story, his interpretation of what was going on his mind related to that end of the text message. 

Well, instead I asked, “Would you like my feedback?”My intention was to help him show up in a way where he understood how this other person was feeling. 

He said yes.  And so I shared.

And then he got pissed at me. And didn't want to talk to me. And then he walked away. 

So I guess he didn't really want my feedback after all. 

I’ll be honest… this situation bothered me because it did NOT go at all the way either of us expected.

I mean, we weren't in a fight or anything but I’ll admit, I was a little blindsided.

Like, what the hell just happened?

So I gave him some space… 

And then went up to him and asked, “How did you receive that? What was it that you wanted out of me at that time?”

And he's like, I just wanted to vent. 

I mean LIGHTBULB. Hellooooooo!

Once he said that, I got it.

I saw my mistake.

And so I wanna give you a little quick piece of advice on this. 

Because I feel like we ALL have been in this situation before.

Before you chime in with your two cents on a situation… ask what THEIR intention is for sharing it?

Like, do you just need to vent? Or are you looking for my feedback?

And yes, even though I did ask Wes if he wanted my feedback – we both made assumptions about what that feedback would look like.

What he REALLY wanted was for me to side with him.

To use my ears, and not my mouth.

He wanted to vent.

Or purge as I like to call it.

This goes for you too.

If you wanna get something off your chest, let the other person know that up front.

Like, “Can you please hold the bucket so I can word vomit in it?”

LOL, just let it out. 

Clarifying this intention works WONDERS.

Has this ever happened to you?

Something annoying happens and you unleash it on your partner… and he/she starts going into fix-it mode instead of supportive listener mode.

It’s annoying AF, right?

Like, you usually feel worse.

Or turn your annoyance on THEM.

When you don’t communicate your intention – and you get a response you aren’t actually open to – it can actually cause MORE stress.

Amplifying those stress-driven, triggering emotions even MORE.

However, when you communicate your intention in advance, maybe by saying “Honey, do you mind if I vent to you for like, three minutes?”

You are much more likely to get your desired result.

Now, I get that this can be hard. Especially when you’re all fired up and in the moment.

But becoming CONSCIOUS of your emotions AND your intention is actually a very healthy move.

And it’s more likely to release the stress in a way that feels actually GOOD to you.

BTW, yes, we’re fine now. Like I said, we weren’t in a real fight.

We talked it out and realized where our miscommunication came from. 

And we’re both committed to being more intentional going forward.

Always a work in process, my friends. LOL

We all carry these thoughts and feelings we need to purge every now and then.

In fact, it’s actually healthy to do… if you do it in a conscious way.

If you’ve ever read The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron then you’ve heard about “Morning Pages”.

The idea is that first thing in the morning, you purge out all your thoughts.

She says that it’s like getting the sludge out.

And you’re to write three pages, stream of consciousness, every single morning.

To get those vomity words out.

So you’re clear. And they don’t stay with you all day.

And if you and your business NEED a revamp… or an energy boost… or a fast cash injection or email list jumpstart…

I would highly recommend a purge. Get any vomity words out – any negativity you hold about growing or investing in your biz...

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That’s it for me, my friends.

Please bring this advice vs venting concept into your own life… and I can promise ya…

Your relationships – and stress levels – will be better for it.

I’ll see ya online.