Stop Wasting $$ On Supplements: How to Create a Daily Regimen That Actually Works

I have to tell you this story.

‘Cause I found it hilarious – and I totally thought of you when it happened.

I had lunch with a girlfriend the other day and she was like, “Wow your skin looks amazing! Did you get a new skincare line?”

I was like, “What? No! I’ve been using the same doTERRA anti-aging, hydrating, and moisturizing products for years!”

And then I realized what I DID start leveling up… My supplementation system. 

So I told her I’ve been using the MetaPWR supplementation system for the last few months – and I really feel like that’s the difference.

And she legit said to me, “Girrrrrrlllll… I’d love to get in on that too, but I already have a full-on supplement graveyard at my house.”

I was like, “Wait, A WHAT??”

And she said, “Yeah, I have an entire drawer of supplements I bought for various things – joints, inflammation, nails, hair, energy… and I just don’t use them. So I bury the bottles in my supplement graveyard.”

I laughed my ass off.

And it totally took me back to when that was my M.O., too.

Buying whatever was on Amazon that had decent reviews and wasn’t crazy expensive.

Then not seeing the results and being like, Why am I even bothering?

BOOM – into the supplement graveyard it went.

Maybe you have a supplement graveyard too.

I kissed a lot of supplement frogs before I found a brand I actually like.

And now I’m totally loyal.

Here’s why we have supplement graveyards.

We buy what may be trending online.

Or maybe cheap or mid-priced brands online. 

Sure, we do the homework on reading reviews… but those reviews come from people who are just as clueless.

We literally don’t know what to expect, so we’re like, “Yeah, this will work” When really it doesn’t

It’s only when you find a GREAT brand that you have that A-HA moment.

You see, a lot of those mass-produced brands COUNT on the fact that we have no idea what we’re doing.

So they add filler ingredients. Which means they water down the potent stuff to save money. 

Hence why they can offer it at a low cost AND get decent reviews.

Once I discovered the doTERRA supplements I use now, I realized, OMG THIS is what supplements should be!

You can literally feel the difference.

  • Better quality sleep so I’m more rested
  • And then less irritated
  • Or stressed
  • My digestive system is actually absorbing them
  • Which means I’m less bloated
  • AND my brain is functioning better
  • So I’m more efficient
  • And productive
That was a huge factor in my decision to add MetaPWR into part of my daily anti-aging protocol.

PS ‘cause I know you’re gonna ask, you can see what I love about MetaPWR by going to… or dropping the word REVERSE on any of my social posts.

I’ll hook ya up.

Anyway… during that lunch, I broke down my morning supplementation routine for my girlfriend.

At first, she was like, “Holy shit girl, you take a lot of supplements.” LOL

But when I told her what each one was for… and she looked at my skin again… (and she knows how focused and productive AF I am) and she was like, “OK this isn’t so bad. I get it.”

Her REAL fear was about adding to her supplement graveyard. 

And while, yes, part of getting results is actually being disciplined and committed to TAKING them each day…

It’s just as important to choose high-quality supplements that are pure and bioavailable.

Meaning your body can actually soak up the ingredients – which really comes down to HOW the ingredients are produced and encapsulated...

So you see results and actually WANT to keep taking them.

Then, believe me… you won’t have a supplement graveyard anymore.

‘Cause you’ll actually see the difference and build taking them into your daily routine…

Just like you do teeth brushing, showering, or whatever else you do first thing in the morning or before bed.

So I wanna to share what my morning supplementation routine looks like – and what I’ve noticed as a result.

Not to convince you to buy everything I use… (although you should, lol) but to give you an idea of what’s POSSIBLE when you choose the right nutrients for your bod.

‘Cause I feel like a ton of us don’t bother with supplements because we don’t know how to use them. Or what to expect. 

Ok, so the first thing I do is add MetaPWR’s collagen, NMN, and NAD powder to my morning glass of water.

(Which is one product btw with this holy trinity of ingredients in it).

It’s got an orange-lemon taste, so it’s super yummy. Not fake or chunky like a lot of supplement powders.

Texture is a HUGE deal-breaker for me. So I love that MetaPWR actually dissolves well. It isn’t grainy or slimy or gross at all. I actually look forward to it. 

The reason I take this first thing is to stimulate energy production.

This specific MetaPWR powder is 12x more bioavailable than other collagen products out there. 

So it literally soaks into the parts of your cells that produce energy – your mitochondria.

As we get older, those energy engines slow down. And this powder helps restore their function to fire the way they did when we were in our teens and twenties. #nojoke

After that, I take LLV – AKA Lifelong Vitality – which is a vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant pack designed to support MetaPWR and give me more energy, while taking down any inflammation in my body.

Not only is inflammation the #1 trigger for disease, it also causes brain fog, anxiety, stomach issues, and a whole bunch of other issues I’ve struggled with in the past.

I mean, I was basically sick for like the first 40 years of my life – and I refuse to going back. LOL

I also take two Mito2Max a day, which improves the performance of those mitochondria for energy, stamina, and endurance. 

Not only is this combo way better than coffee, they work together for total support.

If you’ve ever had stomach rumblings after eating a bunch of supplements at the same time, you know what I mean by that. *wink*

By choosing all doTERRA products, I don’t have those digestive upset issues anymore.

And speaking of which… because I have a history of digestive issues, I also take supplements for my gut health.

Like PB Assist+ which is a pre- and probiotic that helps support my microbiome. AND keep my immune system on point.

I know I’ve told this story before, but I feel like it’s worth sharing again.

I kinda have a funky intestinal situation going on.

Unlike most people, my digestive tract is on the wrong side, all twisted and twerked up inside me… so I actually have to be more careful about what I eat, how I eat, and how I treat my body.

Hence, why I was sick for so long.

I didn’t know this for a LONNNNNG time. But now that do, I make better choices… or I know I’ll pay the price. No bueno.

Along with that, I use TerraZyme – which is a digestive enzyme that helps with my metabolism.

I actually take anywhere from 3-5 TerraZyme with every meal. 

P.S. you should be too. We lose our digestive enzymes as we age. So if you feel like absorbing the nutrients in your food (and not feeling bloated or gassy after you eat), you should probably be taking these too.

And since we are talking about digestive unrest… gas or bloat (or both), I’ll tell you about DigestZen, which I use for digestion support on the daily. 

It’s also really soothing if you do experience stomach discomfort every now and then. Everyone I’ve ever given it to is shocked with how well it works.

So those are my foundational supplements.

But I also take a few others to help with inflammation, premature aging, and mental health.

Like Turmeric.

This herb has been used as a health tool for literally thousands of years. It helps cool down inflammation and tackle oxidative stress. 

Plus, it’s really good for cellular function and joint health.

As a former triathlete, I’m still super into fitness, so keeping my muscles and joints healthy and strong is how I’m able to work out daily and keep up with my husband.

And because I DO have a lot on my plate as a mom, wife, and owner of two businesses… stress can be an issue.

I mean, even if you don’t have all that going on, we live in a stressful world, so DUH, handling stress is the key to staying sane.

So I take two Adaptiv softgels every morning and use the oil on my body in the AM and PM.

I really notice I carry less tension, anxiety, and worry when I use it daily.

Plus I don’t bite. Lol.

I saw a t-shirt yesterday that said “I bite.”  

I was like, “Should I get that”?  

People were telling me for the LONGEST time I was intimidating. 

And with all the leadership work I’ve been doing, I think I’ve become softer. So not sure the t-shirt works. 

But in terms of stress and tension, I mean, at this point,I’ll take all the help I can get. LOL

And speaking of all the help I can get… I’ve really gotten into skincare lately. Especially anti-aging skincare.

My ideal situation would be to look like I’m 20… but have the wisdom and experience of being 50.

That’s the dream, right? LOL

So that’s why I take my Yarrow|Pom Capsules, in addition to using the essential oil on my face.

They’re designed to improve skin firmness, reduce imperfections, and give me a natural glow.

This is in addition to my 8-step skincare routine I do twice a day.

Don’t freak out. LOL

It literally only takes 5 minutes. I’ve got it down pat now. LOL

And like I mentioned, the newest supplementation system I’ve incorporated into my morning routine is MetaPWR.

In addition to that collagen, NMN, and NAD powder that goes into my first glass of water each morning…

I also use Metabolic Assist about 30 min before my biggest meal – which for me is lunch because I do intermittent fasting, so I skip breakfast.

It helps break down the sugars/insulin rushing into my cells from my food – while revving up my metabolism.  

So not only can I wring out more nutrients from my food… but my body can actually process it better.

There are a couple other metabolic support supplements in the MetaPWR system that help with that too, especially when it comes to cutting cravings.

Like, if you’re someone who eats something salty and then immediately wants something sweet… MetaPWR essential oil blend (in oil, beadlet, gel cap, or gum form) helps stop that.

So not only do you feel fuller and more satisfied from your regular meal… you don’t really crave sugar or caffeine to keep your energy up.

Which means you consume fewer calories WITHOUT feeling like you’re depriving yourself.

It’s legit a miracle. LOL 

Now maybe you’re sitting there listening to this going…

“Ummm, Hayley? That’s like 15 supplements. There’s no way in hell I can take that many!”

And to that I say… you may be right.

No one says you have to do EXACTLY what I do.

Or to do it all at once.

I’d say if you wanted to start small… start with LLV and MetaPWR.

The two systems are designed to work together… and you DO see results.

You definitely feel more energy… you’ll definitely make progress toward fitting back into your skinny jeans, if that’s a goal for you…

You’ll definitely notice an improvement in your skin quality and texture.

And at least for me, I’ve noticed my thoughts are clearer – and my memory is better.

Clearing out inflammation and restoring those mitochondria really make a HUGE difference in the performance of literally every other system.

I mean, I’ve even noticed my hair and nails growing longer and stronger.

My hair stylist even commented on it last week.

Now, I didn’t go into taking MetaPWR with those goals in mind.

But they’re awesome perks I’m thrilled about!

By the way, when you go to – you’ll see that I worked it out so you can use my 25% off retail discount.

So you can try it out for yourself. 

Or drop the word REVERSE on any of my social posts on IG, FB, or TikTok… and I’ll shoot ya the deets that way.

What I can pretty much guarantee is… once you start using high-quality supplements CONSISTENTLY…

You won’t have that supplement graveyard anymore.

When you finally toss them all out you might feel like me…

Half annoyed that you wasted all this money on them… half thrilled that you have A TON more space in your bathroom drawer. LOL

And here’s a pro tip if you have a 13yo daughter like I do.

Don’t let her know there’s suddenly more real estate available in the bathroom.

If you do, you’ll likely discover a treasure trove of Korean skincare or trending Sephora products she stashes there because she claims she needs more room.

Or maybe that’s just me. LOL

Anyway… again, the link to get the discount on MetaPWR is – or drop the word REVERSE on any of my social posts.

If you’re ready to clear out your supplement graveyard… check it out.

Until next time, my friends… I’ll see ya online.