Stop Settling for Less: How to Build a 10/10 Life

Hey, my friends! I’m Hayley Hobson and I’m so glad you’re here! Welcome to the 10/10 Podcast where I'm paving the way in the holistic wellness space for ambitious women, like you, to look + feel younger, so you can achieve a 10/10 lifestyle (and unlock financial freedom).

I’ve been thinking a lot about the difference between a mediocre life…

And a 10/10 life.

If you follow me on social, you’ve seen this is my rallying cry lately.

And it’s honestly because I’ve shifted my life so much over the past two years. 

From being in a place of complacency and oftentimes discontent, to a life that’s worth LIVING.

And as I’ve been doing this, I’ve also leveled up (and narrowed) my inner circle so I’m only surrounding myself with 10 out of 10-ers on the daily.

So to be real with you… I often forget most of the world doesn’t operate this way.

I’ll give ya an example.

I recently traveled over to Australia to visit with my doTERRA team and speak at a leadership conference…

And in the midst of my travel, I was actually struck by the feeling of complacency out there in the world.

A vibe of hopelessness… acceptance… or actually, a better word is resignation.

People who literally give zero effs anymore… give away their power. And are in zero per cent responsibility. Zero OWNERSHIP.

Like, for example, I was at the check-in desk at the airport and the woman behind the counter told me I needed a visa to get on the plane.

My flight was in 90 minutes.

So I said, oh wow, ok so how do I get that taken care of?
And she was like, I dunno.

I mean – WHAT??

You work for the airline – am I truly the very first person who has ever had this happen?

Highly unlikely.

Anyway, that’s the sort of complacency — of throwing your hands up like “that’s not my job so I’m not gonna be responsible” — I’m talking about.

Maybe you’ve experienced this too.

At a restaurant. Or the DMV. Or at the grocery store. 

Maybe your kids’ school. Or in a text thread with other moms. Or friends.  

Or, in your OWN life.

It’s everywhere.

And that’s why I’m so passionate about this whole 10 out of 10 life thing.

I’d say most people are OK with their life being FINE.  

They’ll accept a 5/10 in their life.

Whether that’s in their marriage. Or in their relationship with their kids.

Or the income they bring home.

They literally give away their power when they believe the story of “that’s just how it is.”

And I, for one, am calling bullshit on it.

We GET to create a 10 out of 10 in every area of our lives.

And RIGHT NOW is the ideal time to do it.  

Cause the world is going apeshit crazy RN.

So, if it’s YOUR intention to:
  • Show up differently in your life…
  • To grow your biz… 
  • Escalate your career…
  • Get stronger + healthier (in both your mind and body)… 
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So let’s get into what a 10 out of 10 life looks like… well, in real life, LOL.

A 10/10 life means living ON PURPOSE. 

Having a VISION.

And because you have a vision, it means you’re acting INTENTIONALLY.  

For instance, if you have a VISION and are COMMITTED to intentional ACTION, you’ll never have to worry about money.

Your purposeful passion will cause money to grow on your trees, no matter what. 

And you won’t stop until it does. 

So when your laptop craps out and you need to buy a new one?

No stress.

Or when your gas bill doubles, like it has in California?(I’m not even kidding, it’s insane — winter bills jumped from like $200 to $400 or $500 because of how cold this winter has been, and how many people have been using their home heaters).

Anyway, when that happens, it’s not gonna hit you hard.

You will not be the one deciding between paying that bill and your groceries, you know what I’m saying?

Getting to a 10 out of 10 takes vision… it takes committed action…. and yes, it takes concerted effort to get there.

AND to stay there.

But OMG it is soooooo worth it.

Getting to a 10 out of 10 means living a life worth living in every area. Not just at work, but at home as well.

Your marriage. 

(I can’t believe how many people have meh marriages. How do you live like that? I could not do that. Which is why I decided to be responsible change mine from a level 4 to a level 10).

It also means your physical health.

Having a strong immune system. Not catching the VID or the common cold every time it comes around. 

Not feeling like a train wreck every time you're on your cycle. 

It means mental and emotional health. Bouncing down the stairs in the morning because you LOVE your life.

It also means your romantic life.

Your connection to spirit.

Most people are fine with a quote unquote “mediocre life” – but I don’t believe that’s you.

It certainly isn’t me.

A mediocre life would mean going with the flow – but not because you're easygoing. 

It’s because you’re drifting. 

You’re not willing to stand up and disrupt societal norms. 

You’re in a place of complacency.  

YOU are not driving YOUR life.

And the truth is, if you want to see a change, YOU are responsible. 

No one else is responsible for your life but you. 

So let me ask you…

DO you want more?

Or is it something you just talk about?

A lazy dream. 

A dream without heart. 

Without purpose.

Without intention.

Like, if you really wanna travel, WHAT are you doing to make it happen?

Are you waiting for something to happen?

For you to “get your shit together”? 

Cause I’ve got news for you….

You're not gonna get your shit together doing the same thing that got you into your shit to begin with. 

You're not gonna get your shit together BE-in the same person who got you into your messy shit to begin with.

You get to stand up in the drift.  

Make a declaration.  

To upgrade your life. 

To the 10/10 life model.

Where you actively identify where you are on a scale of 1 to 10 in the key areas of YOUR life…

And then create a plan to get to a 10.

Not an 8. Or a 9.

But to a 10.  

BTW, it’s way harder to give 90%... than to go all in and give 100%. 

100% of the time. 

And when you start living life by this model, it means you’re probably going to be adjusting every area of your existence…

Because mediocrity won’t cut it anymore. 

Not because something is necessarily broken (although I bet a lot of things are). 

But because you want more.

And nothing’s gonna effing stop you.

The thing is when you go all in…

You WILL have more.

I’ll tell ya a quick story.

A couple of years ago, I had this crazy schedule. 

My daughter was still in preschool.

People were joining my community in droves thanks to the boom in online entrepreneurship.

I was addicted to the hustle. 

The hours I was keeping on my laptop were insane.

Which meant I wasn’t getting enough sleep. 

I was stressed. 

Disconnected at home.  

Actually, in all of my relationships.

And just downright exhausted…

And I remember one day thinking to myself,

How did this happen to me?

‘Cause it didn’t feel good anymore.

I’m laughing now because I created it.  

I was responsible. 


Keep your eyes open… 

Because every breakdown can lead to a breakthrough. If you're open.

And my breakthrough was that I got to have it all. 

✔ A career and a family. 
✔ A family and personal freedom. 
✔ Freedom and financial abundance.
✔ Financial abundance and my health. 

Check check check. I wanted it all.

So I decided to go into committed action on THAT vision. 

There really are people out there who are living an extraordinary existence – not because they got lucky.

But because they created it. 

It’s because they have vision…

And stay committed to action that aligns with their vision. 

They strategically execute on their goals…

And how they do one thing is how they do everything. 

The 10/10 life doesn’t care about where you are or who you are…

You simply declare it.  

And then go into committed action. 

And be consistent

Then BOOM.  

Results happen. 

Disclaimer: it doesn’t hurt to elevate your community. 

That’s exactly why I created the 10/10 Club

Which is a private mastermind-style community of ambitious women who are saying yes to themselves.

They are in VISION.

They are creating their dream life… 

Practically. Systematically. Step by step.

With intention. And purpose. 

Not living in the “Drift” of mediocrity.

So in the 10/10 Club, you get a new inner circle – of level-uppers (is that a word? Let’s make it be one, LOL).

Others who see you for who you are now – and celebrate the vision of your 2.0.

And literally help you achieve it.

I’m certainly gonna help you achieve it.

With anything and everything I have in my toolkit I can offer you.

My network…

My connections…

The actual resources from my biz…

The woo-woo wellness hacks I use on the daily to actually age backwards…

To fit into the jeans I wore in college…

And what I’ve done to create a relationship with my 13yo daughter so she invites me out with her and her friends… and not just to bring the credit card. LOL

(She’s texting me as I record this, asking me to return all the Snaps her friends are sending me on SnapChat #coolestmomever).

And it all starts NOW.

Well, actually this week at the special launch party I mentioned earlier – which you can get your hands on by dropping the word CLUBPARTY on any of my social posts.

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The official 10/10 Club launch party is this Wednesday – April 5th at 1pm Pacific… which is 4pm Eastern.

I know… I know… we’re cutting it close here, but it's not too late to get in!

I can’t wait to see you there so you can feel the vibe and we can level up together!

See ya inside!