The Power of Positive Energy: How to BE the Vibe in Any Room

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You know how you can meet someone for the very first time and just feel their vibe?Like, they have next level energy.

Or they’re super low vibe. 

And you literally FEEL it?

And it affects you too?

Like, maybe you notice yourself being in a better mood—even kind of giddy.

Or they suck the energy out of you—like an energy vampire.

ANYWAY… something happened to me recently and I wanted to share it with you today.

‘Cause it involves the transfer of energy.

And the fact that I believe: You get to DECIDE the energy you carry into the room.

You get to consciously choose your mood.

I know you may be saying yikes, but I’ll explain what I mean—AND how to do it.

For example, each morning when I prep my mood, I use aromatherapy as a tool.

Right now, I’m using what I like to call: The Creation Blend.

It’s got:
  • Lime – to encourage a balanced and energizing atmosphere.
  • Cardamom – for a sense of openness and possibility.
  • Siberian fir – which promotes tranquil, positive vibes.
  • And Spearmint – which is naturally refreshing, uplifting, and inspiring.
Plus, the combo of a citrus like Lime and a mint like Spearmint instantly makes you feel clean, pure, and AWAKE.

So you can see why that combo is ideal for setting positive, open energy for the day, right?

Vibing high.

BTW, I’ve pulled the oils for this blend together for ya at

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Ok, so the story I wanna tell ya about…

Recently I was in a leadership training. 

And we were wrapping up in a debrief meeting.

And it was a GOOD meeting.

The kind of connection, even over zoom, that makes you so bummed to leave—and thinking about it for days afterwards.

Yeah, you could say I was HIGH off that energy. LOL

I was feeling super GOOD.

So amped, so psyched, so fire!

Due to a tight schedule—and the fact that I literally didn’t want to leave LOL—I headed straight to the airport.

FULL of this amazing high vibin’ energy. 

Which, for many people, could have tanked the mood.

‘Cause if you’ve been to the airport lately, you know this energy is NOT the vibe most people have there. LOL

Especially employees.

So, I walked in feeling so good.

And it seemed like so many things were going my way.

I was joking around with the workers. Making them laugh. Making them smile. 

I could literally FEEL the vibration rise around me.

I was THAT girl – making eye contact. 

Complimenting people on their outfits. On their nails.  . 

Not inauthentic — because I literally couldn’t HELP it.

I noticed I got into WAY more conversations than normal.

Most of the time the world around us is head down, face in a book or their phone.

Have you noticed that “don’t talk to me” energy people often give off while traveling?

They’re kinda annoyed, rushed, or kinda disconnected.

Maybe that’s you. LOL

But I noticed my energy actually opened more people up than normal.

It was actually kinda fun to watch their reactions when I showed up in a vibe. 

The thing is…

You don’t have to wait for this energy to just HAPPEN.

To have an outside circumstance be the catalyst.

You get to literally CREATE your mood.

Like I mentioned, I consciously DECIDE the energy I’m gonna put off that day.

Whether it’s focused.

Or positive.

Or productive.

Or ALL the things.

The key is to decide… and then align your actions to the energy you wanna create.

It’s being AWARE of your thoughts and emotions.

Being aware of the WORDS you choose – the energy you carry with you into a room.

I’m not saying be inauthentic. Or lie.

Ie tell people everything is great when you’re going through some shit.

I’m saying it’s about choosing how you show up.

What you focus on.

‘Cause if you focus on negative stuff, guess what you’re gonna see.

More negative stuff.

And then what kind of vibe are you putting out?

Low vibe, right?

And now that you’re aware that your energy is contagious…

Think about what kind of vibe you wanna spread.

When a higher vibe is another option for you.

You may or may not realize it, but your energy is communicated through your body language.

The look on your face.

The tone of your voice.

Basically your overall demeanor. 

People pick up on these subtle cues, even if they're not consciously aware of it. 

So, even when you're not saying anything, your energy still impacts everyone around you.

When you consciously choose your energy, you create a positive impact on the people around you. 

Your energy has the potential to make them feel more comfortable, grounded, at ease. 

Maybe even more confident.

That means you’re inspiring them to pay it forward—actually make someone else’s day better, too.

Energy is vibration—and it creates a ripple effect.

Whether your energy is lit or low vibe.

It creates a ripple effect.

So here’s how I create the energy I wish to carry and put out.

HayI start with that aromatherapy blend I told you about.

  • Lime.
  • Cardamom.
  • Siberian fir.
  • And Spearmint.

Drop it into my diffuser before I start my day.

Sometimes while I’m doing my morning journaling.

Or meditation.

Sometimes while I’m getting ready for the day—with some amped up music in the background.

I kinda go with the flow on HOW I set the mood each day.

‘Cause creation isn’t linear.

Then, I tune into my body to see what feels good to me that morning.

Or what’s calling to me.

Stillness or movement.

I also ensure I put high quality fuel into my bod.

‘Cause when ya eat like crap, you feel like crap.

So I load up on higher vibe-promoting foods like veggies and whole grains.

And TONS of water.

Not to mention my doTERRA MetaPWR powder which is not only my secret anti-aging weapon, but it also gives me tons of feel-good energy all day long.

Not to mention it’s making my nails and hair look dope.

I also make sure to move my body.

I literally decide the energy I want…

And use movement in my bod to circulate it around.

I can’t think of a time when I left a workout in a worse mood than when I started.

When you move your bod, you produce endorphins.

Which actually reminds me of that line from Legally Blonde.

It goes: “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people don't kill their husbands. They just don't.” LOL

Still a classic. At least in my book.

So today, as you go through your day…

Be aware of the energy you’re carrying around.

And the quality of your thoughts.

And CHOOSE your vibe.

If you find yourself about to bitch about the slow person on the road in front of you…

Focus on something else.

Change your thoughts.

Change your mind.

Change your vibe.

When you do this… pay attention to what happens inside your body.

You’ll notice a shift.

It does take a little practice – but it’s totally possible.

Oh and before we wrap up, lemme drop the link for my Creation Blend again for ya.

When you pop over to that page, you’ll see I’ve loaded up all the oils for you there.

PLUS, passed along my wholesale discount.

‘Cause love a good deal, and figure you do too.

Ok that’s it for me today, friends.

Choose your vibe… and I’ll see ya online!