Leadership and Vision: Insights from Lynne Sheridan, the Modern Day Fairy Godmother

Hey, my friends! I’m Hayley Hobson and I’m so glad you’re here! Welcome to the 10/10 Podcast where I help ambitious women, like you, look + feel younger, so you can achieve a 10/10 lifestyle (and unlock financial freedom).

You are in for a real treat today!

It’s been a minute since I brought on a special guest—literally like 3 or 4 months.

And I have to say, when this person popped to mind, I KNEW I had to have her on.

‘Cause she’s pretty much a modern day Fairy Godmother.

Like, if you have an aspiration in life… whether that’s having a hot marriage, or breaking out of a career rut, or overcoming a glass ceiling in your biz…

Her style of transformational coaching is like waving a magic wand and voila – what you imagined can become a reality.

She was my very first transformational leadership coach in the Heart Core training I’m always talking about—and I have to say, watching her work IS like magic.

Like better than watching any feature film. #notkidding

Because here’s the thing I love most about her.

She backs her shit up with results. LOL

Not just for other people, but with herself.

I mean, Lynne doesn't just preach about "having it all" or "making space for loved ones." 

She actually lives it.

Girlfriend has THREE full-time careers, so she’s an expert at time-management — AND ensuring love doesn’t give way to success.

In other words, she’s all about creating a 10/10 life, too.

I really appreciate her ‘cause she’s incredibly gifted at relationships, particularly marriages and intimate partnerships.

She is particularly gifted at helping people be leaders in their own lives and create a vision—work, marriages, friendships, finances, etc etc—and then

And that’s why I’m thrilled to have her on today.

So let's get to it — please join me in welcoming Lynne to the podcast!

Hey, Lynne. How are you? 

Good. How are you, Hayley? 

I'm great. We have been enjoying our summer and we've been, I mean, running around everywhere from, you know, some work here in the office to Jordan and Israel to Grateful Dead shows. Like we've been doing it all. How about you? 

Same. Yeah, I've been so enjoyed looking at your posts online from your trip and all your adventures. But as I was just saying, I had no idea you were a deadhead. So these are the things that come out.

Well, you know, it's funny because I would never, I don't know if I would consider myself like, well, I guess it depends on what your definition of a deadhead is. But when I was in college, we listened to a lot of Grateful Dead music. We were very into going to the shows back then. I did have friends who literally bought trailers for the summer and like made pasta and served it at shows to support their ticket habit. And I definitely went to my fair share of, I mean, look, I mean, it's been since 1987. So that's like, I'm like, you know, kind of embarrassed to say, was that 30 years or more, 35 years. So yeah, I've been to, I would say over a hundred shows.

Wow, that's impressive.

And nobody can understand it because they're like, isn't it the same thing every single time? And it's like, not at all, like every show is totally different. And it's not just the music because some people are like, I don't want like Wes, he doesn't like the Grateful Dead and it's it's not the music. It's the culture. It's the experience. It's the, it's just the whole being at the event. And when I was there this past weekend, I was like very nostalgic about what I had created in my life because I went back and was spending time with like four or five different people that I actually went to college with and it was so and I and by the way who I hadn't talked to some of them in 20-30 years and we just slipped right back into that like hazing, joking, having a blast relationship. And I was giving myself a pat on the back because I was thinking to myself, wow, like you really picked great people to be in relationship with back then who even though time has passed, they're still people I love to have in my life, which is a great segue for what I wanna talk to you about because I wanna spend a lot of time diving into why relationships and, you know, visions of our relationships are important.

Oh my gosh, so important. And you're saying that it really is, you know, I love that we go wherever we go when we have our conversations. I'm seeing a lot of like the whole younger generation cutting off people and their family and cutting off of relationships and people saying, well, it's a toxic person. 

There are no toxic people, there are no toxic babies. We don't get handed a baby and go, oh, this baby is toxic. What is not working in the relationship? 

What parts of me want to be in judgment? What parts of me want to exile this other person in such a way that I don't want to see that within myself?

Oh my gosh, that's so good because I was thinking, I was literally thinking to myself, Like, let's just say that again. I'm like, what parts of me do I get to exhale in order to breathe this person in? Because specifically, I was sharing this with Wes when I was at the show. One of the guys who stayed with me, I actually dated like my junior year in college. And then I ran into another guy at the show who lives in Boulder, Colorado, which is where I live, who I dated in my freshman year. And then I was on text message a lot. I always am when the shows are arrived with an ex-boyfriend who I was with when I was 25. And, you know, I didn't want to choose them as my life partner for various different reasons, but I still chose them to be in my life and be friends. And so I was able to exhale what I didn't want and bring in what I did want and still create the both and in those relationships.

I think there's even another level that anywhere my ego gets into resistance or struggles with anyone, anything I want to judge over there, anything that I want to make wrong, it isn't over there. It's within me. And so how do I hold what I don't want to hold, which is, you know, we're seeing whether it's violence and people in different politically viewpoints, or that we want to make that wrong over there instead of it's within me. 

It's the part of me that I don't want to acknowledge. 

And so how do I see that from love and through love in such a way that I don't get in a struggle or my ego wants to judge or make it wrong? 

Yeah, exactly. So, you know, kind of backtracking a little bit and then I want to come back and dive into relationships. You know, for me, when I met you, I was, and Wes and I were just talking about this because our neighbor had like a situation while I was gone in Boulder where the dad like literally destroyed every cell phone and iPad in the house, like literally stepped on them and the kids were going crazy with them and he was like, all right, we're done. And so Wes and I were talking about like how, I was actually glad my daughter was there and saw that so that we can like have a conversation about how these devices take over our life. But when I met you, I was very addicted to what I was creating and the work, work, work, work, like hiding behind, in a sense, what was right there in front of me to quote unquote, get things done, be busy. And what I learned a lot was that I got to have both and my vision was to recreate the intimacy and the connection with the people in my life, naming my husband, my daughter, my stepdaughter. A lot of my friends go much deeper into my relationships. And so, I wanna talk to you literally about what leadership and vision means, because I've been using these terms, throwing them around in my community and for a very long time now, a couple years now, and I thought it'd be really appropriate to ask you what you believe those words mean.

I so appreciate going back to basics and I love etymology. Etymology is where did this word come from? Where are the origins of the word to begin with? And so for me, that speaks a ton into what the word is really saying. So, you know, etymology behind the word vision is Middle English. it's the same in French, it's the same in Middle English, it's the same in Latin, it's something seen in a dream or a trance. It is derived from videre related to clairvoyance, a visitation, in other words, a vision doesn't come from us. Another way to say it, I say it, it's an imperative from within our soul. It's the voice of God. And our unconscious mind for me is really God. And so it's our unconscious imperative as to why we're on this earth. So we are all this piece of the divine. We are all, we all have God moving through us. It is what is my role in this and every human being, it boggles my mind to think walking the earth, everyone is somehow living their imperative. Even if my ego mind wants to make it wrong or judge it or say, what are they doing? They're living some imperative within them that is meant to come forth from the divine. And so really thinking about how do I allow for that visitation? It is not goal, it is not a goal, It is not a plan. It is not my design. 

It is listening deeper within what wants to come forth from my being and my soul into existence. 

And then leadership, you know, adding into that, leadership comes from to guide, to go. And it is one of the rare words that I find is interesting. It doesn't come from French, it doesn't come from Latin, it comes from Old English. So to go or to guide. And over the course of my years of working with people with vision and leadership, sometimes people say, Oh, I'm not really a leader. I'm not that's not really for me. Like they have an idea of their head of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. You know, someone, And I'm not that. Well...

We all are leaders. We all guide. We all go. 

We're going somewhere. So we're all going in whatever way we are. The Mother Teresa was a very different leader than a Nelson Mandela or Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Everybody's got different ways they're going and guiding. 

And some are guiding their children or their people in their intimate community. 

Yes, and you know, we sometimes have leaders as it needs to look. There needs to be age with leadership. Well, that's not true. There are very, very wise kids that are leading and guiding our world right now. Well, leadership needs to come with money or power now, and everybody is leading, guiding and going, however they're guiding or going. 

Yeah, what's coming up for me is how...

We're literally guiding the people in our own home. And every single thing we do from the way that we speak, from the tone of our voice, from the way that we move around to the way that we treat people, that's what they're seeing. These young generations, that's what they're seeing. 

And that's what they're gonna adopt or take away. Like there were, we had a little barbecue here yesterday for about 15 of our friends. And there was a family that came over. Our mother, she's recently divorced and she brought over three kids. And she was talking to me privately about how the kids were just at each other's throat, like bickering, like she's like, I'm ready to kill them. And so we all kind of sat in a circle. And one of the girls was 15. And I said to her, so what does it feel like to you when you act like that? Like when you scream at your siblings, you show up like that, do you like yourself? And it was interesting to watch her shift and see like, wow, like this is what, even at that age, like this is what I'm creating in my family, and this is what I'm creating for my siblings. And I shared her, you know, with her some other stories to make the point hit home, but like to your point...

A lot of people don't see themselves as leaders unless they're running a company or they've got some type of quote unquote leadership role in their church or community and everyone is leading someone. 

Like the way that you walk into the coffee shop and order your coffee, you're leading the people that are standing around you, observing you ordering your way of being.

Yeah, yeah. I have a friend and I was reading her post in Paris, I think you probably know her. And she was saying, gosh, I've experienced nothing but love. And the whole thing about French people are so rude, especially Parisians. And I said, yeah, I know last year when I was in Paris, nothing but love, nothing but joy, people going out of their way, kindness. And that's really consciousness, greeting with a bonjour, monsieur, you know, a smile and then you get back what you're putting out that's everywhere. So we are leading in every interaction and there is no time out. That includes when I'm alone. 

Just because people are not around me doesn't mean my energy is not going forth for me. And so if I'm in my fear or anger at the world, then that's going force from me energetically into the hole. 

Yeah, that's good. I was at the airport a couple months ago and I was in a really good mood because I had just come out of a space and I was like, it was just an amazing couple days and I go to the airport and I go and I'm early. So I have like all the time in the world. I feel relaxed and I'm lit up and I'm making some jokes with the guys who are checking the bags. And I told the girl who was taking my ticket and let her nails look great. And I was just happy. And it was like shocking to me what their reactions were. Like they were like, they were surprised at my positive energy, you know, because it's like not being affected in our world.

No, it's unbelievable. I get comments all the time. I get upgrades on international flights sometimes. People are like, you just have such a good attitude. You were being, and I read an article recently of a guy and he was the only one on the flight and everybody was saying, you know, you were so good about all the delays and so we didn't have any resentment about coming to work and flying alone, you across the nation because we were, he was alone on an aircraft. Yeah, great, right? But the crew was so joyful about waking up in the middle of the night and getting back on another flight to fulfill because he'd had a bunch of delays. But he, he had just posted on his feed, you know, attitude is everything. And he's like, this is such a good example of attitude is everything. Every I had a best time. The crew was still texting him four days later. You know, they became friends. 

So yeah, that's a great story. 

Great, right? 

So yeah, well, let's jump into the conversation for about vision for a second, because I heard you talk a couple minutes ago about it's like, it's not the goals like I think our community, our society really like goal-oriented and when they don't make their goals they get really down on themselves they beat themselves up and...

They don't set new goals because they've talked themselves into the fact that there's tons of evidence why they don't hit their goals.

And my personal opinion is that goals are irrelevant if you don't have a and you talked about this a little bit more like something more inside of your heart your like a vision of where you get to be in your life and I didn't know that this was a thing when I was growing up, but now I know that I was actually following my vision my whole life. Like thank God I had the intuition to do things that were scary or uncomfortable or that left me feeling really like agitated in my body because I navigated my life boldly and here I am and I've created an incredible, incredible life for myself and so many people these days are they call themselves 'stuck'. They are not moving forward. They are living in a life that's uncomfortable but afraid to move out of the uncomfortableness to be also uncomfortable into what could be possibility. And you do this. You help people on a daily basis create vision, whether it's vision for their marriage, whether it's vision in their career, whether it's vision in their relationships. You do this on a daily basis. Can you share a little bit about how and what you do?

Well, I really have it that I show people themselves. My job is to hold up a mirror. My job is to have someone see their language, first hear their language. What are the words that are coming out of their mouth? Because our linguistics are revealing our paradigm. So our words are revealing how we're painting our entire world. And someone, you know, the joke that everybody knows is, you know, Freudian slip. That was a Freudian slip, you know, but I didn't mean to say that. I love when people will say to me, well, I didn't mean to say that. Yes, you did. And there's nothing wrong with what you said. The way you said it is perfect because it gives you a chance to see how you've really got it. And so, by hearing our language, we get a chance to see how do I really have it because my head may wanna think I'm somewhere that I'm not. And then how do I, how am I showing up? What's my body doing as I'm speaking? How am I, what are people experiencing from my energy, from where I am? When people have a chance to see themselves, we have a chance to really see how do I have it. And then also it's, we get a lot by pretending we don't know. We get a lot by acting like we're stuck or that I don't know where to go or I don't have a vision. But I find when I just ask a lot of very good questions everybody's pretty clear on their vision. They are very clear on their vision. 

It is easier to pretend we don't know, to act confused, to say I'm stuck because then we don't have to move. We don't have to do anything. 

It's a great way to stay safe, protect yourself from possible failure, possible success that we can just hover in. I don't know.

So what are the specific questions you asked to unravel? Because what I hear is people saying, I don't know all the time. 

And we do know. So if you did know, what would it be? And for me, when people are really not clear on their vision, I have so many games to play but one of my favorites that is really silly and not silly what are your three favorite movies so we can play this you know what are your three favorite movies and then if you have if those movies have a commonality to them what is a commonality so my three movies appear very different i'd love to hear yours but they appear different but really the message with all is there is nothing written in stone.

We are the writer of our own story and who we become.

And that is really my life. My life purpose is having everybody get awakened that they're writing their own story, that nothing is set, yeah? So I think it's along the lines of being with questions like that, or what are the things that I've gone through in my life that have awakened me in what way? 

Because the things that are usually our worst stuff in our life have the greatest goal to them.

And so what is in that, how did that change me? How did that alter me now that I see the world different? Somewhere in there is your purpose.

So then you usually, are you spending the majority of your time awakening people in their vision and their purpose to improve their relationships?

That's an interesting thing. I think the majority of my time, if my purpose is so simple, every time I attempt to add more to it, no...

My purpose is to awaken people to who they are.

That's it. Whether it's in my relationship work or Badass Women's Leadership Summit or transformation in the first step, It's awakening to people to who they really are and what they've got within them. 

So what are some of the things that you've seen? Like when you do awaken people through your work, like tell me some of the transformation that happens, like some examples about mentioning things. 

Oh, yeah, I recently did an article. They're like, define success for you. And I'm like, ah. So success for me is the impact I'm making towards shifting people on our planet. And what that looks like, and what I get to see with regularity is people creating, for people who want to be multi-millionaires, multi-billionaires, whatever, creating that. Not necessarily what drives me, but I have a ton of people that I've created tons of wealth for, or people who are creating charities in different nations, or people that, oh gosh, I love the people who are like in their 60s and they always wanted to go to medical school or law school, and they just decide, screw it. I'm going to go back to school. And in their 60s, or a kid who their parents don't back them on something, and they end up leaving and becoming an actor in Hollywood, you name it. I have millions and millions of results at this point in terms of people and what they create. And I never know what they're going to create. That's the most exciting thing. Like I don't have an agenda for any of the people. It is just being there and reflecting them back and then them diving into who they are.

That's incredible. So you have two different groups that you're, or two different ways that people come into your space. One is the Badass Women's, is that mostly a women's group?

I have multiple ways that people, I mean, you know that I'm a independent transformational contractor. So I do transformational trainings, the first level training and many, many different places on this earth. And I am grateful to work with lots of companies and do that work and be the first step for people who someone like you has done it and it's changed their life and been impactful and they share with people. I'm grateful that I get to meet lots of people around the world in that way. I have the Badass Women's Leadership Summit that I run with Lisa Kalmin, my best friend, who is a transformational trainer, a breakthrough, a second level trainer. And she and I do a summit in July where we have women that are not usually on summits that have been doing transformational work for a very long time, a mixture. And so super excited, we're having it July 6th and 7th And we have 12 women that millions of lives
they have transformed in lots of different ways, lots of different people in different ways. And so that, and then in October, we do the in-person retreat where it is a lot on a tribe of women lifting each other up, supporting the divine feminine. And then we do a manifesting six-month project afterwards where it's not from driving, from effort and pushing in the masculine, but from space. And wow, to see what people create, it is miraculous what people create when they're in that flow, not sacrificing their relationships for their work or anything like that. And then I also have my four levels of my couples retreats and my breath work. So I wear lots of different hats and people always say, oh, you're only supposed to one, no. This has always been me. You know this. I have three careers. I like being drawn to like lots of different things. My transcendent breathwork is a partnership with Jeff Cosby, who's been a transformational trainer for 48 years. And then I have my partnership with Lisa and then the couple's retreat, which is in November. 

That I want to hear a little bit more about right now. And I actually have my husband sitting in the back and I want him to hear about it, too, because I'm super interested in attending myself. So will you talk to us about that? 

I will. My first level, most people who've done a lot of work, including people who have trained and done other stuff, are blown away by the couples retreat. The first one is called awakening intimacy, couples awakening intimacy. And it's about, really, how do we see each other, feel each hear each other so that you're it's not top-level skill stuff it is really...

The core wounds that we've had in our life and how we end up attracting a partner who's gonna wound us in the ways that our parents wounded us unconsciously.

And so that it won't seem like there when we get them and we hire them for the job it seems like they're the opposite and they're you're with them long enough, absolutely. The same feelings we had as a kid that were so intolerable are awaken through our partner. And most people divorce. Most people walk away and they say, I can't do this anymore. When, if they really get, that's why I brought this person to me so that I could heal this from my childhood and I could heal theirs from their childhood and it is the graduate school of life. It is, there's no harder work you will do in your life than being in a long-term committed partnership. And there's no better way to transform yourself because anyone can be or act transformed, but when you're in the trenches with your partner and you're frustrated with each other and you've just hurt each other in a horrifying way, because it is really humbling, that is the real work. You're chipping off any parts of you that cannot join and be fully intimate with another human being.

Yeah, I mean, it's interesting because I don't know a lot of couples who have a phenomenal relationship. Wes is raising his hand and saying that he does. There are some, there are some, there definitely are some, and they're great energy to be around. And when we met Shanda and Ash originally, and I saw that in Shanda, her wanting to continually create that in her own life, that really inspired me to actually go through the first leadership training. But when I'm in my world, because I'm coaching other people, I've got people in my community, I've got people in my space, I've got people in my doTERRA business on my team, I've got a lot of people following me online, and most people actually don't have that. Because they comment, they tell me, like, you know, I wish I had that or, you know, wow, like watching you create that, wow, the progress that you made. 

Most people do not have a 10 out of 10. 

They've gone through life together and they're partners and they have become over time resigned.

And so maybe they may not be like at each other's throats and triggering each other on a daily basis, which I know very well, because we used to do that with each other right here, but they don't have a 10 out of 10 relationship. And I know plenty of people who actually can't stand their partners and are still with them because of kids or money or whatever's going on. So this whole conversation really intrigues me because to recreate like a relationship that at one point was great and then you know fell into a place where it wasn't and then was stagnant that place for sometimes 10, 20, 30 years and then bring it back up again is fascinating to me. 

Well yeah no and...

A lot of people will just make a silent agreement to keep the status quo, even though it doesn't serve one or both of them, they will tolerate it.

They'll keep going through the motions on it. And I do, it is easier to be in a drifty relationship than a conscious marriage. It is tremendously challenging to be in a conscious marriage. Harville Hendrix says it this way, is one that fosters the maximum psychological and spiritual growth of both partners. That doesn't mean it's gonna be easy. That means I've gotta show and say everything and be transparent and want you to be your biggest and want me to be my biggest. It's not a mess or reliant on each other. It isn't one person swallowing themselves so the other can step forward. It isn't acting that way in front of other people and then not having it be that way. And that's really hard work. It's really hard work, you know?

Yeah, so what comes out of that level one training though? Like once people go through that few days with you, what's created? 

One, our had in this last one, and I always have this, I have people that were ready to end it the next week. They were really ready to end it. And what comes out of it I will never ever threaten to end it again. Ever. I'm super clear why we're together. What comes out of it is compassion for my partner's wounding in a way that is not my head. That I can see in that moment what is going on for them and not react or respond from a small place, but be loving for that part of them deeply. What comes out of it is commitment, not being a feeling, being in it for the long haul, that I'm willing to communicate everything, be completely transparent, have them communicate everything, which we don't usually do. 

You ready, Wes? You in?

Have you got a question? Have you got a question? You could ask it.

I'm just asking... Do you have a question? Do you want to ask a question? Do you want to come behind the mic and ask a question?

You know I love him.

Are you going to come up to the... No, he's good. He's good. I'm enrolling him and going with me.

You know, a lot of the times there's one partner that may be more resistant to going. why you would go where you both get to think about is...

What do you both want more of in your relationship? What do you not get enough of?

And neither one needs to argue or defend it. It is how do I really hear what does he not get enough of? What does he want more of? And what do you want more of? That's why you go. And inevitably people are like, ah, you know, and then they, you know, and I sometimes have the guys that are walking in that way, you know, most of its the guys. And then by the end of day one, it's not, because there's a place where people can, to hear other men, especially open their heart from vulnerability and being, God, I get frustrated, I get sad, I feel emasculated when you do this, but to speak it from their heart, God, our men don't have that space in our world, where they can really hear other men and talk about what it's like to be frustrated or sad and have empathy and understanding of someone else going through something similar.

Yeah, and I'm a really, I'm a stand for, I think that a lot of people are like, well, it's good now and our marriage is good now. It's a hundred times better than it was when we stepped into our first module of leadership training. And I'm a stand for the fact that everything can even get better. Like I want to every day improve our relationship. I want to every day improve myself, my relationship with myself. I want to every day improve how I'm showing up in the world. So I wanna go just because I'm always ready for the next step of like what else, like what other door can I open? What else is possible? It's so fun for me to like step into the next phase of anything. 

And I wanna be really clear that...

The statistics are that most people go to marriage therapy six years too late, six years too late.

And a lot of them have already decided it's over or leave. When my husband and I got together when we first were getting married, I said, listen, we're gonna work all the time. We are working all the time. We're never gonna wait until it's bad or we're in trouble. We're going to work all the time. So how do we approach our marriage? Like we do our careers or being a parent that we're not sitting resting on our laurels where I was reading parenting articles or how do I do this in social media or how to leverage my career? But we come home every day and we expect our partnership to just roll along. No problem. Instead of no, no, no, no. We got to put in the effort, learn, always grow. 

All right, well, Lynne, I want to thank you for spending time with us today. And it's just been a great conversation. It's always so fun to see you and hear your voice. And I just want to know if there's anything else that you'd like to share, any way that people can get in touch. Do you have links to anything special that's going on that I haven't asked you about yet? Absolutely. I have a quiz. I think you have it already. I'm super excited, it is a 50 question, comprehensive, speedy, comprehensive relationship health diagnostic. So, it is quick 50 seconds, you just answer off your gut, and then you're going to get where are you excelling, where are you doing a phenomenal job, and then what's your lowest area and some specifics that you can put in immediate action to improve your lowest area, because we are always working. And it isn't just one answer. Yes, of course, the retreats. But there are multiple specifics I can give us to what you can do to move the ball forward today. Always all the time. And then the badass summit, which is July 6, and 7th and making sure that you've got that link. 

Well, I think that one is not going to work because this is not going to be aired till after that's over.

We'll have the retreat in October. We'll have the retreat in October.

Okay, all right. So definitely get the download for the quiz and I will definitely post it in the show notes. Do you have a link you wanna just share here out loud? I can definitely post it in the show notes. The link for the Badasswomensummit, so one S, not two Ss, dot com. And that will be in October. That will be, we'll have that summit retreat. We'll have a link there to the retreat in October and you can, anyone who finds me online, Lynne E Sheridan will see all the goodies and all the good stuff and I'm always doing little stuff on relationships and things that we could do to move the ball forward all the time. 

Okay, great. All right, and the quiz and the freebie, is there a link for that or should I just put it in what I have in the show?

Okay, we'll put everything in the credits for you guys, so get on head over there and thank you.

Thank you. I'm delighted and any support, anyone wants or questions, please write me. You know that I will always make space for people to improve themselves, period.

Isn’t she so insightful?

She’s actually the master facilitator in the very first module of our leadership training program, so she sets the stage for the entire program.

It’s an incredibly important role.

Think about it—what happens when you join something new?

You’re totally excited, but also a bit nervous.

You may be wondering if you made the right decisions.

So having someone who is living the work… inspires you and confirms YES, you DID make the right decision…

And DAMN… your life is about to shift in incredibly positive ways…

It’s really compelling, right?

It gives you the fuel to lean in and keep going when you hit those rough spots.

Which we all do.

We align so well on the idea that 100% is possible, 100% of the time.

I mean, she literally explains why being successful doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your relationship(s).

Which often happens when people focus in on elevating just ONE area of life.

Like a relationship OR a career.  

A career OR a family. 

Financial security OR health. 

The thing is, everything works together… and this leveling up holistically is how you maintain that success.

In fact, HOW you do that is exactly what we’ll be diving into together inside my special event, 100% Is Possible, 100% of the Time.

Which is taking place Thursday, July 27th at 10AM Pacific / 1PM Eastern.

If you missed out on this event earlier this year—you just manifested its return! LOL

Cause there is going to be some great coaching available for you.

When you attend, you’ll walk away with a clear roadmap on how to raise your own vibration, expectations, and truly create a life you’re completely obsessed with. 

And live a life worth living. 

I will warn you. There are no replays. Just ‘cause of the nature of it.

It’s not a “class”. It’s an experience.

A guided experience. And I’m your guide.

And each attendee gets to raise their hand and receive the coaching that will break them through the blind spots they haven’t been able to see. Up until now. 

And there are limited spots available. I haven’t been promoting it.

I’m not running ad traffic. 

My intention is to create a very intimate experience where you walk away with vision.  And a plan of action. To create a truly exceptional life. 

If you can commit to being there and ENGAGING – AKA: block out your calendar, show up, and be on camera the entire time, then I’d love to have you there.

If not, I’m not attached. Just please don’t sign up so we can save a spot for someone else.

And if you DID come to this event last time—you get to come back… ‘cause each session is different—what you RECEIVE and get out of it is so different—depending on who shows up and what each of us chooses to process.

And because it was so popular—seriously, the feedback I got literally blew my mind—this time there IS an admission fee.

But I worked it out so it’s super affordable. Just $47.

Seriously, the last time I hosted this event people told me it was worth 500 or 600—but I wanna make it totally accessible.

So pop on over to the special link I set up for you to score this rate. 

Or comment the word ONEHUNDRED (spelled out, all one word) ONEHUNDRED on any of my social posts OR via DM.

Then I know you’re part of my inner circle.

So that’s it for me today, friends… 

Thank you again to Lynne Sheridan for joining us, and I’ll see ya next time!