5 Easy Ways to Detox Daily

Hey, my friends! I’m Hayley Hobson and I’m so glad you’re here! Welcome to the 10/10 Podcast where I help ambitious women like you, look + feel younger, so you can achieve a 10/10 lifestyle (and unlock financial freedom).

Today I’m sharing some simple, NATURAL detox techniques that you can incorporate DAILY into your life.

And guess what…

Now here’s the thing I’ll tell you about detoxing…

Our bodies are MADE to detox.

It totally isn’t necessary to run out and buy all these expensive detox programs and kits and pills and drinks and teas…

They’re not going to do much for ya.

Except take a bite out of your wallet.

What DOES work, though, is creating a regular routine to SUPPORT your body’s own natural detoxification superpowers.

In fact, I credit all of the health & wealth I’ve been able to accomplish to my dialed-in daily routine. 

From supplementation, to diet, to workouts, to all-natural products, I have a set list of things I do that help me look and feel amazing, PLUS age in reverse. 


I recently got my blood work done and it showed that I’m functioning like an 18-20 year old. 

And I’m a bit older than that. LOL. 

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But today, I’m gonna share 5 hacks that you can do at home to detox your bod, naturally. 

One thing to note here is that you don’t HAVE to do all these things at the same time.

The idea is to use habit stacking when making changes.

So, for these detox hacks, I recommend starting with just one…

Do it for a week…

And then add another one to your routine.

IF you feel like you’ve got the first one down and you’re able to make it part of your regular routine.

Because lemme tell ya…

If you try to do All.The.Things at once… none of ‘em will stick.

So go slow and come at it with the mindset of experimentation.

Way less pressure that way.

Now, the majority of today’s hacks come from Ayurveda.

Ever heard of it?

If you’re a fan of Deepak Chopra or Sahara Rose, you may have.

For those of you in the dark right now, I’ll break it down real quick.

Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old holistic healing system -- it’s rooted in Indian wisdom traditions.

In fact, the term Ayurveda actually means “The science of life.”

Pretty cool, right?

There are a few things I absolutely love about Ayurvedic medicine…

1. That it takes an integrative approach.

Meaning mind, body, and spirit are treated as ONE complete system.

Our current modern-day approach tends to focus on each one of those things separately.

I mean, think about it:

Your medical doctor most likely focuses on your physical health.

And there are tons of specialists and therapists for mental health.

Spiritual health is the one that I think most people neglect the most, but your connection to something deeper than yourself is super important too.

Meditation, yoga, exercise, personal development… those are all things I consider as spiritual health.

Or a reallllyyyyy good spicy cacao latte. LOL

And unless you go to an Ayurvedic or integrative medicine doctor… you don’t really get that kind of connected-system approach to health and wellbeing.

The second thing I love about Ayurveda is its root philosophy that nature is healing.

I’m a huge fan of essential oils so this is right in my wheelhouse.

If you follow an Ayurvedic diet, it’s primarily vegan… or at least vegetarian.

There’s very little meat in an Ayurvedic diet, so that appeals to me too.


And the third thing I love about Ayurveda is that it’s a personal approach to health.

It offers a lot of wisdom but it’s not a one-stop-shop.

AKA: It’s not a “take two pills and call me in the morning” type of thing.

BUT… the 5 detox tips I’m sharing today ARE great for everyone.

And -- quick disclaimer here…

I’m not a doctor. 

This isn’t medical advice, ok?

So always talk with a medical professional to make sure what I’m saying here is ok for you.

End. Disclaimer. LOL


The first detox hack on the list is: Drink warm water first thing in the morning.

When you get up, the first thing you grab to drink should be warm water.

In fact, closer to hot is better.

And you can add lemon to your morning hot water to really kickstart your daily detox.

Drop in a slice of fresh lemon or even lemon essential oil.

Sorry morning workout fans…

But you shouldn’t be downing ice cold water after your workout.

One of the detox principles in Ayurveda is that your digestive power is the key driver for everything you do.
And it’s described as a FIRE.

Think about it…

Fire burns things up, right?

It’s naturally regenerative.

It removes things your body doesn’t need anymore.
That’s why you get a fever when you’re sick…

Your body is lighting those germs and viruses up like FI-YAH.

So adding something cold and icy to your fire isn’t going to help keep it going.

Hot water with lemon helps flush out the toxins your body has been processing while you sleep…

And it helps reignite the digestive fire that slowed down overnight.

The second hack for helping your body naturally detox is tongue scraping.

Ever look at your tongue and notice there’s a yellow or white-ish covering on it?

Those are toxins!

And tongue scraping is a technique that gently removes those toxins.

There’s fascinating science about how your mouth provides insight into how well your body is running…

And when you have a coating on it, your tongue is doing a lot of talking. LOL

You can buy a tongue scraper for like $10 to $15 bucks online.

Or, just use a spoon.

The process is really easy.

First, brush your teeth.

THEN you can do your tongue scraping.

You’ll start at the back of your tongue and press the edge of the scraper or spoon down, gently dragging it to the front of your tongue.

Gentle is the key phrase here.

You don’t get any better results going all Edward Scissorhands on it. LOL

You’ll notice that some gunk -- yup, that’s the scientific term for it…

Is on your scraper.

Wash it off and keep going.

Do it about 10 times or until you stop getting gunk coming out.

Clean your scraper each time you use it.

You can use warm water and soap. 

Then let it dry.

You can repeat this practice when you brush your teeth at night, too.

Tongue scraping helps you have better breath, but there are some other cool benefits, like:

It helps improve your sense of taste.

And it helps with your overall health.

Remember how I mentioned your mouth is a window into what’s going on inside your body?

Tongue scraping helps get rid of mouth bacteria (yuccckkk) that can make you sick.

Which also prevents cavities, gum disease, and other mouth-related issues.

I mean, it literally takes like 3 minutes.

So why not?

This third hack is for your skin.

And it’s called dry brushing.

You know that skin is the body’s biggest organ, right?

That’s some 5th grade trivia shiz right there. LOL

So there are lots of ways to keep it healthy… even from the outside.

Step 1 is to choose a body brush with natural fibers.

You can find them at Target or drugstores… 

...on Amazon…

literally anywhere there are bath-type products.

I’ve even seen them at high end spas for ridiculous prices, LOL.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money.

Honestly, a $10 brush is just as good as a $200 one, if ya ask me.

Then, step 2… get to brushing!

Ideally you’ll do this right before you shower.

Your skin should be dry and you’ll want to wash off right after.

It can take 10-15 minutes for a good brushin’ so use that timeframe in planning out your routine.

Use long sweeping strokes to dry brush your arms and legs.

And circular strokes on your stomach, torso, arms, and legs.

A firm pressure.

Start at your feet and work your way upwards.


Take it easy on the sensitive parts, ok? LOL

But DO include them.

You’ll be exfoliating your skin to remove dry, dead cells… 

AND you’ll be promoting lymphatic drainage.

Our lymph nodes are the catchers for all the toxins our body needs to get rid of.

That’s why when you’re sick, you have swollen glands.

Your lymph nodes are full from fighting off the infection.

So dry brushing helps those lymph nodes clear out the toxins efficiently by increasing the production and circulation of blood, lymph, and other healing fluids.

PLUS, your skin looks and feels a lot better!

When you've brushed all your bits… 

hopefully on a towel cuz it can get messy if you haven't done it in a while…

You do step 3…

Pop into the shower to wash it all off.

Use gentle body soap.

Not that scrubby bead stuff… 

It’s not good for the environment anyway.

Then, you can dry off and apply moisturizer or a body oil, like coconut oil to help rehydrate your skin.

In most cases, doing this 1 to 2 times a week is sufficient.

I love having a Spa Night where I include dry brushing into the routine.

Especially in these dry, winter months.

Lizard skin -- begone. LOL

And while we’re on the topic of spa night and bathing…

Your fourth hack is soaking in an epsom salt bath.

This is another trick that’s great for your skin.

You could do it after dry brushing, but I kinda imagine the dry skin cells are floating around in the tub with me.

Maybe I’m weird, but that’s where my brain goes. LOL

Showering after dry brushing is my preference.

I save baths for another time.

Epsom salt baths are SUPER rejuvenating and healing.

Got stress?

Take an epsom salt bath.

Eczema acting up?

Epsom salt bath.

Sore muscles from a workout?

Epsom salt bath for the win.

This special salt is loaded with properties that help reduce inflammation. 

It helps draw out toxins from your body.

Plus it helps with swelling, pain, and tension.

Pretty magical, if ya ask me.

To take an Epsom salt bath, run the water in your tub at a warm to hot temp.

Under the running water, you can add 2 cups of Epsom salt.

It’ll dissolve quickly this way.

No one wants to sit on chunky, grainy salt, right?


The water should feel kinda soapy…

And you’ll soak in it for at least 15-20 minutes.

But longer is fine, too.

Lie in the water so you’re almost completely submerged… from the neck down.

Put on some soothing tunes…

Bliss out with some aromatherapy while you're at it.

When you’re done, rinse off with cool water to close your pores and be sure to drink lots of water afterward.

Here’s my pro tip for this one…

Don’t jump right back into something stressful or energizing after your epsom salt bath.

You’ve just taken time to detox your body AND your mind.

Use this post-bath time to continue your relaxation and pre-bedtime rituals.

You’ll go even deeper into detox mode when you slide into bed right after your bath.

So a regular epsom salt bath I just described is fine as-is…

BUT... I’m all about next-level baths, so here’s how to do that.

1. You can add essential oils.

Which you know is my fav.

Choose soothing oils, like lavender or eucalyptus for day-spa vibes.

It’s important to dilute these oils before putting them on your skin… combine them with a little carrier oil, like coconut before using them in your bath or on your skin.

Option #2: You could drop in some olive oil.

Yep, you heard me right.

Real, from your pantry, olive oil.

You can add up to half a cup of it under running water in your bathtub.

Olive oil has healing antioxidants and helps soften the skin.

Be SUPER careful though, as it can make your bathtub slippery AF.

Do a really thorough job cleaning your tub if you go this route.

      And upgrade option #3. Sprinkle some baking soda into your bath.

Does it sound like I’m mixing up cooking tips with detox bath tips? LOL

Well, baking soda has lots of known antifungal properties… this hack is great if you sometimes suffer from things like athletes' foot, ingrown toenails, or nail infections.

Plus, if you are prone to dry, stiff, or itchy skin, baking soda works wonders on that too.

I can’t believe it but we’re already at the final daily detox hack for today…

And that’s…

Go to sleep by 10pm.

Ayurvedic wisdom introduces the idea that there are cycles for… 

Well, pretty much everything.

And the evening cycle is when the greatest amount of natural healing occurs.

Between 10pm and 2am to be precise.

This is when your body is in prime detox mode…

So if you’re awake, your system’s energy is being diverted away from this process.

Sleep is our body’s #1 healing mechanism…

And detox is definitely part of the healing process.

If you’re a night owl and the thought of a 10pm bedtime makes your eyes bug out…

It’s ok, you can totally back your way into this.

Start by going to bed 30 minutes earlier than normal…

Do this for a few weeks and see if your body starts adjusting to the new schedule.

And here’s the secret to this…

You have to WANT to do it.

If you crawl into bed earlier just because I’m telling you to… 

Chances are you’re not going to be successful.

The intention has to come from within you for it to work.

So, take your new bedtime in 30 minute chunks until you actually get to your desired 10pm lights-out.

AND… be sure to include wind-down time before slipping between the sheets.

Most people can’t jump from activity to sleep immediately.

I’ve only seen ER doctors, narcoleptics, and my husband do it successfully. LOL

So tell me…

Are you going to try any of these easy -- and CHEAP -- detox hacks?

I’d love to know.

And listen… I’m the QWEEEEEN of hacks that make you look + feel better, from the inside out. 

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My friends, I hope you got value out of today’s episode.

I’d love to hear what you think.

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